Happy New Year Advance Booking opens at select centres, good response!

The advance booking of Happy New Year has begun at select few centres in India. About 6 theatres in Hyderabad have opened sales and the response has been terrific already.

A select few theatres in Bangalore have also opened ticket counters for the Diwali release, most multiplexes here will begin selling tickets tomorrow onwards.

In New Delhi, about 4 theatres are selling tickets, the response is good even though not many are aware that the tickets of Happy New Year are on sale.

Multiplexes in the Mumbai circuit will start selling tickets from Wednesday.

A PVR Pictures executive has also informed us that the response to their ‘Pre-booking’ has been the best for any release so far this year.

Starring Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah, Happy New Year releases in theatres on October 24.

Shahrukh Khan still from movie Happy New Year

Shahrukh Khan still from movie Happy New Year



  • my prediction for hny
    1st day — 34 cr
    2nd day — 29 cr
    3rd day — 31 cr
    1st week — 150cr
    2nd week — 25cr
    lifetime — 180cr.

  • It is all set to become the biggest opener ever..the only question remains is how big??
    Happy new year will have advance booking as good as dhoom 3 if not better than it

  • You know what is irony??
    Salman fans talking of class, Akshay fans talking of Box office and Aamir fan talking of stardom..

    Waiting For 24th oct..

  • Salman- Being Human
    Aamir- Satyamev Jayate
    SRK- The only Khan who does not seek publicity out social issue. A silent gesture is enough..

    waiting For 24th oct…

  • My prediction- after the release of HNY,the haters will find no place to hide. :-) All the best King Khan! Waiting for blywd’s 1stest 200cr grosser and 300cr lifetime. :-)

  • biggest grosser of hindi cinema all the bb highest grossing in india n overseas
    domestic… 400 cr
    overseas…. 30 million $

  • All the haters are hereby notified to find out a place to hide before box office super cyclone crashed every records…. :-)

  • Have you ever wondered why Salman, Hritik, Aamir,Akshay etc are only compared to SRK and not with each other. Well the reason is the same as why every king in the world is compared to Alexander the great, well because he was the greatest and in this scenario King khan is the greatest. SRK is like water, no matter how many acids and bases are there water always is the most important and all acids and bases are compared keeping water as the reference.

  • I hope srk will take some lessons after flop hny. whatever I predicted that will be never change. I guarantee it hny will be flop. movie will not cross bang bang. weekend collection shows everything. after that no one wants to watch this film. I repeat don’t expect from farah khan. I hope after watching hny srk fans will give us honest review. not like hr fans who gives us 4/5 for bb.

  • SRK films always been HUGE in Hyderabad and Bangalore but Before 5 days….SOLD OUTS in Advance is Unbelievable #HNY #Satakli

  • srk abs will not save this movie. all r losers. Big Big flop.
    Biggest disappointment of the year. movie will get golden kela awards.

  • Contentwise —
    ungli >pk > hny
    collection wise —
    hny > pk > ungli
    that is why , srk is king of bollywood.

  • 24 oct ko blast hoga blast….indicine plese tell me, is ticket price is hike or not?because its a very big factor for opening day

  • I am huge fan of SRK sir , i hope the movie will do the good bussiness , as of they got u cerfificate i must say it ban break record of Dhoom 3 coz it it totally family movie like always SRK sir Movie does just want to say all the best for moive and upcoming movies days too for him he is vest ACTOR in global today .

  • shaggy u only comment on indicine to get some likes (or dislikes ) though your comments doesn’t make any sense

    You will be hiding after HNY release that’s my word

  • Biggest Remake Flop off All Time coming this Diwali since Bong Bong…

    HNY- remake of flop films like Cash + Players
    BB- remake of flop Knight & Day

  • paid preview–8cr
    1st day–43cr
    secound weekend–35cr
    secound week–60cr
    remaining week 50cr
    total—around 290 cr and overseas–200cr
    overall total almost 500cr
    All time blockbuster

  • @samar Who compared anyone with Srk? Srk doesnt know acting he overacts in all films. In terms of boxoffice Salman, Aamir and Hrithik are miles ahead of him.
    Every film of Srk except CE failed to beat Ready LOL

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