Happy for Barfi, angry Vicky Donor wasn’t considered: Sircar

Shoojit Sircar is happy that “Barfi!” has been selected as India’s official entry for the Oscars this year, but at the same time he is upset with the producers of “Vicky Donor” for not sending it for the jury’s consideration.

The Film Federation of India (FFI) announced Saturday that Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz starrer will be India’s official entry for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

“I’m really happy for Ranbir Kapoor, Anurag Basu and the whole team of ‘Barfi!’ on the film’s selection as India’s entry to the Oscars. Congratulations!,” said Sircar in a statement.

“However, as far as my film ‘Vicky Donor’ is concerned, I’m very disheartened, disappointed and angry that one of this year’s most original high concept story was not even considered by the producers of the film to be sent for the jury’s consideration,” added the director.

Actor John Abraham’s JA Entertainment co-produced “Vicky Donor” with Eros International. Made at a shoestring budget of Rs.5 crore, the film on sperm donation rocked the box office by collecting Rs.45 crore.

“I was in complete shock when the jury told us that they have not received the film from Eros for consideration…this purely shows their disregard for a film that brought them commercial success as well as critical acclaim,” Sircar said.

“I would also like warn all directors to beware of producers and watch out for their films at every stage. For somebody like me and the kind of films I make, what makes me happiest is the critical acclaim much more than the commercial gains. I sincerely hope that Eros in future does not repeat this mistake with any other film,” said Sircar.



  • In india becoz ranbir is star kid and media want make him superstar thts why and ayushman is not a star kid…barfi is copied from so many hollywood films and critics gud reviews..hypocrisy at its level best

  • the dirty picture would have been a better choice. Barfi have no chance. There r several international movies like barfi.

  • Ridiculuos man! Barfi for oscars commitee took money for selection everything here so cheap and fake,pan singh tomar is correct film for oscars

  • WTF just becoz media want elevate as big star thy r doing,vicky donor or kahaani deserve thn copycat barfi.critics r such big liars and money makers givin gud ratings copied movies frm hollywood

  • Yes india did it again everything is fake here copied movie lik barfi highly publicsizd and giv positiv review and now send to oscar! Even independence we r lik this, my choice pan singh tomar

  • kahani and pan ssingh tomar r ryt choice,if we want indian cinema move forward this is not right direction.i saw videos of hollywood movies scences r not inspiration just lifted frm there

  • pan singh tomar is ryt choice even kahani is gud but barfi dont evn deserves to big hit&its copycat pritam songs also copy!

  • Ranbir is going srk way? In india everything is manipulated…i wonder if lagan is not aamir khan film thy would hav sent kabhi kushi kabhi gham tht year

  • Barfi is a very nice movie and deserved to be sent for oscars..Now it is sent..so as Indians, you should pray and help the film to be get nominated.. (Im not even Indian and Im praying as an asian..) so, get together and pray as a team..for the movie guys

  • instead of prayin undeserved we shd pray for change in system esp in india and whole asia..pan singh tomar is deserved thn copycat barfi

  • Hmmmmm…barfi is just another movie inspired or we shd say copied frm from hollywood, we sendin it to oscars? pan singh tomar is rite choice

  • hahaha.. Barfi enters Oscar?!! the judges are not idiot.. it won’t win coz of the flaws in the film, and winning oscar is nothing to do with stardom..even a junior actor’s film could win.. it’s all about the script, direction, performance of the cast and nothing else.

    Yeah.. Vicky Donor deserves to enter Oscar, Heroine too

  • Shoojit Sercar has all the right to be angry coz the Indian filmmakers don’t know which type of film may win the Oscar award.. If I was one of the judges at Oscar.. I’d have selected Vicky Donor as best foreign language film for the following reasons: a good concept, a new script, good performance by the cast, entertaining and not boring at all, no flaws in the film

    So if there’s still time… please let it be.. introduce the film for Oscar.. it may win but Barfi won’t win for the following reasons: they copied one full scene from their movie, hollywood famous movie (The Note Book)..Priyanka’s character was also copied.. there’re some flaws.. and it’s a boring film

    So it won’t make it at Oscar.. if TZP couldn’t win.. then Barfi will win?!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d scream loudly at the filmmakers of bollywood and would say: Hey.. u all.. wakeup..it’s a shame that so far u didn’t win any Oscar award and some boring silly films of other languages could make to oscar.

    Open yr eyes and brain, and see what would satisfy hollywood judges, not what satisfies you!!

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