Happy Ending replaces Bombay Velvet on November 28

The release of Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet has been postponed to mid-2015. Saif Ali Khan’s Happy Ending, which was previously scheduled to release on December 5th, will now release a week earlier.

Reason: Mumbai Mirror quoted Anurag Kashyap as saying “We have just realised that it will take us a long time to finish the VFX which we had not anticipated. I’m recreating a bygone era but I had not imagined that it needs so much of post-production. I’m finally learning what it takes to make a big film”

A source close to the film said “The Mumbai you will see is very different from the city we know today. It will be January before the VFX is completed. Even the background music is still to be recorded”

Initially scheduled to release in theatres during Christmas, Bombay Velvet was preponed by a couple of weeks after Aamir Khan decided to release ‘PK’ on December 19th.

The film will now release in April or May 2015. It would be Ranbir’s first release after the ‘Besharam’ debacle last year. The gap between the two films would be more than 18 months.

Meanwhile, soon after it was announced that Bombay Velvet would be postponed, the makers of Happy Ending – starring Saif Ali Khan, Govinda, Ranvir Shorey and Kalki Koechlin – announced that their film would release on November 28th, giving it two open weeks at the box office.



  • Oh no!this can’t b true.I hv been waiting for bv for past 2 yrs and can’t wait more. Bombay Velvet would have marked an excellent end to wat has been a fabulous year for youngistaan.bv is a sure shot 200cr blockbuster wid huge critical acclaim.

    • We request people who comment here not to use short forms for films like ‘BV’ for Bombay Velvet. Hundreds of people read comments, not many will understand what BV is..


  • Bombay welvet should have clashed with PK..we will find his real value….anyway PK is gonna be a sure shot flop…may be work in bhojpuri states like Bihar and UP…….OVerseas PK gonna be a big disaster

  • 2015 Jan, Feb,Mar,Apr is already book only may month is available.
    May is also not bad release date at all.

  • My ratings for RK films(6.5+ means thumbs up)-
    Bachna ae haseeno-7.5
    Wake up sid-7.5
    Anjanaa anjanii-4.5
    Rocket singh-7

  • maximum chance is that akki baby movie Will release in May or March.
    so bombay velvet will definitely release in May.
    but June is better for movie bcoz cost is going over 100 cr.

  • so ranbir line up
    Roy – Feb 2015
    Bombay velvet – May/June 2015
    jagga jasoos – Aug/Sept 2015
    tamasha – Dec 2015.

  • Somemore one flop from SAIF because last year release Besharam Raja i means Bullet Raja same date of Happy Ending. Oh god save saif career. I’m very sad for bombay velvet. Bombay velvet should be release April.

  • Roy should release in 2014, tamasha might postpone for 2016, Bomby velvet n jagga jasus will release in 2015, rk rocks

  • Bombay velvet was preponed coz of PK now postponed coz of the same. Someone tell the great Anurag Kashyap the result won’t change!

  • @indicine, yes, and people may misunderstand BV to bivi, (wife in english), hahahahaha

    I hope now Anurag understand what it took Directors to make big movies. Earlier he used to criticise all and sundry.

    I also dont know why Ranbir and Ranveer are not doing back to back movies?

    I mean, what the heck, here we have Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor, who have like a film every 3 months releasing.

    Also, though Ranbir and Ranveer have fan following, they are yet not established stars like Aamir, Salman, Srk or Hro that they do one film a year, and get a grand opening.

    You have time to do all this pick and choose later stage in the acting career, now you should grab every opportunity that comes your way.

    I feel this stragegy of theirs might just backfire on their career in the long run, while Varun and Arjun would surely reap the benefits.

  • @MYANMAR YANGON: salman namastey also release november end, n don’t worry no one can beat saif in ROMCOM, happy ending music looks chatbuster n it will be super hit, Saif rocks

  • I still remember the hue and cry Anurag made when PK was releasing on Xmas, and now his own product is not ready. What irony.

  • Bombay Velvet will not be a crap (as some people are claiming), both Ranbir and Anushka have strong characters in it, its story is also intriguing and something different. It could be one of the best films of 2015.

  • I think ranbir made mistake to work with anurag.He did not know how to make a commecial film and with a big star like Ranbir.Bombay velvet will be film made for nich audiance and to get critical aclame.

  • @king you should pray dat people to get confused btw hny and happy ending and by mistake shud view hny trailer by its name and increase d view count of BOMBED trailer of crapy new year
    Dont wory bout Pk it is already full on hot wid just 2 posters ready to rock on 19 dec

  • Whenever it comes..I hope it does well..since anurag kashyap`s name is associated with this film we can expect a qualitative movie and even ranbir kapoor has made really great career choices except his last debacle

  • Ohhh… so bad .. no movie of rk on diz yr

    im nt his fan bt aftr wacthin Barfi i rspct him.. he is good bt not best

  • I am thoroughly disappointed with this,bombay velvet could have been the best of this year…
    Not interested in happy ending.

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