Happy Birthday Shraddha Kapoor!

The new rising star of Bollywood, Shraddha Kapoor celebrates her 26th today birthday today. After the super-success of ‘Aashiqui 2’ in 2013, Shraddha continued her good run at the box office with films like ‘Ek Villain’ and ‘Haider’.

Not many are aware of the fact that Shraddha, apart from acting, loves to sing. A version of ‘Galliyan’ was recorded in her voice and the song went on to top charts.

Her next release is ‘ABCD 2’ with actor Varun Dhawan. The Remo D’Souza directed film releases later this year.

From the entire Indicine Team, we wish Shraddha Kapoor a very Happy Birthday. We hope 2015 continues to be as successful as the last couple of years.

Some pictures of Shraddha Kapoor below. Right from her birthday picture that she tweeted today, to the sets of ABCD 2 and a few pictures from 2014. Enjoy!

Shraddha Kapoor Birthday Picture

Shraddha Kapoor Birthday Picture

Shraddha Kapoor on the sets of ABCD 2

Shraddha Kapoor on the sets of ABCD 2

Shraddha Kapoor - BIBA India

Shraddha Kapoor – BIBA India

Shraddha Kapoor Dabboo Ratnani 2015 Calendar

Shraddha Kapoor Dabboo Ratnani 2015 Calendar

Emraan and Shraddha Ungli song Dance Basanti

Emraan and Shraddha Ungli song Dance Basanti

Shraddha Kapoor at IBJA awards

Shraddha Kapoor at IBJA awards

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor at an event in 2014

Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor still from Haider

With Shahid Kapoor in Haider

Shahid Kapoor with Shraddha Kapoor

Promotes Haider with her co-star

Shraddha Kapoor at Filmfar press meet

Shraddha at Filmfare press meet

Shraddha Kapoor on GQ Magazine Cover

On the cover of GQ Magazine Cover



  • @kshitiz yes I was trolling u as @I m kshitiz bcz u always wanted me to behave as an akki hater which I m not.I only criticise akki for his betterment.

  • Always looking gorgeous and beautiful. But 7th pic is awesome.
    Happy birthday #SHRADDHA KAPOOR# from a Die hard fan.
    Waiting for abcd2

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan aka sambuddha: You critisize akki for his betterment,can I ask who the hell are you???
    First concentrate on making your career rather giving vague advice to a supremely successful bollywood star..

  • @Arjun kappor fan….
    Whatever… But will not make up for the said words…….!! … All time flop actor arjun Kapoor …!
    HBD shraddha ji..

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan
    Abe Dhakkan !! Who r u to advice bro ? .. Akki is already establish himself for 20 YEARS ! . GO N WATCH THE DRAINING CAREER OF GUTTER ACTOR ARJUN KAPOOR.!!

    Gabbar is coming BABY !! . And happy birthday shraddha babes. . But will not watch abcd2 because its flop!..

  • Happy birthday shraddha. Please don’t work with Fatso Floppy actor Arjun Kapoor…
    Waiting for Gabbar ..
    @Arjun Kapoor Fam .. Instead of pointing finger on Akki,Emraan,salman ,ajay devgn ,, u should Point finger on why last 7 films of have not become a hit….
    And why alia bhatt took away all praise of 2states? Why arjun kapoor work is not praise at all..??

    Why arjun Kapoor career has sinked away without any trace

  • Wow!! She is stunning!! I just wanna have those cream which is smeared on her face in the 1st pic.. i wanna lick it away & then kiss her…

  • Hey, thank you so much Indicine and all readers. This birthday has been very special for me.
    Was busy with the shoot in Las Vegas, but I came across this article, so decided to check it out.
    God has been very kind to me, and I hope to keep up with what I’ve done and entertain you all more through dedication and hardwork.
    Heartfelt thank you to all. Love, SK

  • @indicine:: was that really real shraddha kapoor’s comment???
    But even if it was how will you get to know her email id,anyone can make shraddhakapoor@gmail and comment…lol

  • Happy buff day Shrada… She has a real promising career ahead…don’t b surprise to see her collecting a Filmfare award in less than 2years!
    Versatile too I must say!

  • @shaggy… Look @ d names u called with d exception of talented but not same lge wit due respect Eemran.
    Akki Salman Aamir Ajay???? In last 5years their total contribution to box office accumulates to about 65+%…with …3..7..4…5 100crores movies each respectively with 23.5….24…27..27… years of CONSISTANT superstardom ascending careers to date in Hindi cinema…with all d 4…having MINIMUM of a particular year either HIGHEST or 2nd HIGEST GROSSING MOVIES…….
    @Shaggy… Wit all these just pre-indroductary statistics u still wanna take @Arjun kapoor words serious?? TEACH WHO?? SANITIZE WHO? After Attaining highest cadre of elites actors for SoSo long in d industry! Come bro u must b kidding!! Move on with life with what u cherish more…there’s always that saying….IF U R NOT BASHED CRITIZED TALKED ABOUT HOLDING GRUDGES etc..then it means u r NOBODY.. so FREE d CRITICS man!

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