Hanuman Da Damdaar Trailer

The trailer of ‘Hanuman Da Damdaar’ is out and it features Salman Khan who lends his voice to what the makers call ‘India’s most loved deity’ Lord Hanuman.

The superstar, who played the role of Bajrang Bali ka bhakt inBajrangi Bhaijaan, does complete justice to the voiceover as the audience will recognise his personality through the character.

There are others like Kunal Khemmu, Javed Akhtar, Raveena Tandonlending their voice too. Check out the trailer:



  • Good…. Selman’s Voice is perfect…

    By D way MPBT Chahunga on loop… Great singing from Great Arijit Singh….. Epic….
    Mean Time There is another New song called ” meherbaan ft. Shalmali & shekhar ‘”
    Guys Listen 2nd one it’s fresh

  • After listening MBPT Chahunga…
    1st Time — disappointed
    2nd Time — wait sounds good
    3rd time — wanna hear it again
    4th time — arijit U beauty

    N Time — All Time Chartbuster

  • Salman khan is a Brand….. No matter what…. Only Salman Rule…….reigning Megastar In India

    Remember The Name Salmaaan Khan…….

  • My top 10 songs this week….#1-10

    MBPT Chahunga Ft. Arijit……..Meherbaan Ft. Shalmali…….Maana Ke Hum Pyaar ft. Pari…..baarish half G…….Zubi Zubi ft. Sukriti……Gulabi [ Retro Mix ] ft. Sonu Nigam……Haareya ft. Arijit…..,,woh subah ft. arijit & shreya….,,,murshida ft. Arijit…..hai zaroori ft, prakriti

  • Other Songs I’m listening these days….
    Kal HNH Title….Tu Jahaan Salaam Nams….Dard dilo ke ft. Irfan..,saathiya ft. Nigam…sau dard ft. Nigam…sanam Teri Kasam title Reprice..,…dil ibadat ft. KK….tu hi Haqeeqat ft. Jaaved…bolna K&S

  • @indicine we srkians don’t care if you call salman a megastar .. Because every one in Hollywood every big channel like BBC the guardian .. Or Wikipedia .. And every Indian news channel call srk a king khan and worlds biggest star .. When srk honoured in San Fransisco almost every Bollywood site news site sites covered that .. But u dint wrote a single article on that .. This is the only place for salman khan fans where they can feel happy .. Otherwise almost everywhere srk rules .. I don’t what happened to indicine for this rude behaviour for srk .. May be indicine is doing this because during raees promotion srk did a #asksrk at that that indicine asked him a question regarding karmisena attack on sanjay leela .. But srk dint replied .. So may be indicine is angry about that .. ! We srkians know srk is worlds biggest star .. Your work is to give news about Bollywood but not to impose your views on us .. ! Ask your eid Khan or so called megastar to release on non holiday period with clash and earn as much as raees .. I will surely call him what you call ..!

  • Other Songs I’m listening these days….PART 2
    Kabhi ANK title….Meri Duniya hai ft. Nigam…,dil kyun Mera ft. Kk….sun Zara ft. Nigam…beete lamhein ft. Kk…,bhaage re Mann ft. Sunidhi…Tanhaiyaan ft. himesh…ye dooriyan LAK…bewajah Sanam TK….iktara….main Tera dhadkan ft. Kk…mar Jaayen ft. Atif…phir mohabbat ft.arijit…soniyo ft. Nigam….tera Mera milna ft. Himesh….tere dil ka ft. Nigam…Tum mile title…, Zara Zara Bombay J……

  • It’s looks a Funnnnnn film unlike most of the other films based on Indian mythology.. Bhai’s voice is the best part of the trailer.

  • Over the world people are creating such unique stories via animation while our desi directors are busy making movies on krishna, hanuman, Create something new and original.

  • The engaging part is its language… They use modern language in it (Hindi+Urdu+English) and didn’t stick to Sanskrit+Hindi. It will definitely help the film to appeal a larger section of audience.

  • I am a die hard Shahrukh Khan fan. At times i do get disheartened when SRK’s films dont match up to Salman or Aamir’s films. Yes i do get envious.
    But those feelings aside, you just can not take Salman’s likeability and adorability away from him. I wish him all the best for this new adventure and hope his midas touch turns this film too into box office gold.

  • Poor animation. Why they don’t try to make in 3D version. 3D version with lending voices of big stars will make the movie a profitable venture.

  • Consistent Actor in Bollywood from
    1991 to 2017 Ranking
    1 Shahrukh Khan
    2 Aamir Khan
    3 Salman Khan
    Salman is no 3 because from 2000 to
    2009 in consistency he was disappear
    Aamir khan is no 2 because from 1998
    to 2006 in consistent he also disappear
    while Shahrukh Khan through out
    his career shinning

  • @3:48pm

    “almost everywhere srk rules”…… Maybe your pluto king rules plutopur, paglapur, bakrapur etc…. But as far as Box office and India is concerned your plutoboy is nowhere close to others.

    Let’s have a look at major Box Office Records (Since 1980)..

    1. Highest Grosser Of The Century : Salman Khan (HAHK)

    2. All Time Highest Grosser : Aamir Khan (5)

    3. Biggest Hit Of The Decade : Salman Khan (2)

    4. Highest Grosser Of The Decade : Salman Khan (2)

    5. Highest Grosser Of The Year : Salman Khan (9)

    6. Top 2 Grossers Of The Year : Salman Khan (4)

    7. Top 3 Grossers Of The Year : Salman Khan (1999)

    8. All Time Blockbusters : Aamir Khan (5)

    9. Blockbusters : Salman Khan (14)

    10. Clean Hits : Salman Khan (29)

    11. Successes : Akshay Kumar (45)

    Sum Up :

    Salman Khan 8 Records

    Aamir Khan 2 Records

    Akshay Kumar 1 Record

    Global king a Big ZERO.

    And BTW, If you really don’t care what #indicine says then WTH you are wasting your time here by posting lengthy nonsensical essays????

  • Best part that it makes in a fun way, with the combination of Hindi and English, which fits for todays generation……

  • @irfan; bro no one cares what you think, and can you plz give me the name of one site from “those almost all everywhere” where Srk is ruling right now…….Bro show some guts and accept the reality that Salman is ruling right now and stop criticizing Indicine everytime, let Srk collect close to Salman movie then ask Indicine and others to praise Srk……Izzat Kamani padti hai, Bhikh mangne se nahi milti……

    And why would Salman release his movie outside festival when he can get it easily. If you or others have problem then come and clash with his movie, no one is stopping other actors, ooh wait last year srk tried but run away from EID date as soon as Salman release his movie Sultan Teaser, and wait SLB also announce his movie Padmavati for Christmas 2017 but he also preponed his movie as soon as Salman announce his movie TZH for the same date (and don’t forget he is the same SLB who badly defeated Srk Multistarer, Masala movie Crapwale)…….LOL

  • I think India has a market for animation films if makers do good investment in it with a proper and unique script instead of making cartoon kiddish movies. The Jungle Book was pretty much an animated movie using CGI technology and it did whopping 188 crores in India.

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