Hamari Adhuri Kahani Photos: Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan

‘The Dirty Picture’ on-screen pair of Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan will try to recreate the magic of their previous film in Mohit Suri’s Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted the first look picture of the film “First Look- Humari Adhuri Kahani.. An illicit love so pure that it touches the heights of divinity. Releasing 12 June”

Sources say, Vidya Balan is playing the role of a woman trapped in a loveless marriage with Rajkummar Rao. Emraan plays her love interest.

Humari Adhuri Kahani release in theatres on June 12 2015.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani first look

Hamari Adhuri Kahani first look

Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan on the sets of Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan on the sets of Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Vidya Balan Hamari Adhuri Kahani on location

Vidya Balan Hamari Adhuri Kahani on location

Vidya Balan on the sets of Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Vidya Balan on the sets of Hamari Adhuri Kahani



  • Fantastic man ……. Emraan hashmi is fantastic actor ……. And he is god of hit songs n dialogs…….. Excited for gabbar , …. Also excited for all emraan hashmi movies ………….!! …

  • Make way for dark horse of bolywood . .. I am much looking forward to Mr.X 3D on 17th april..

    Dark horse is back .. Underrated excellent actor…

    Damn eager Mr.X 3D on 17 april ..
    HAK on 12 june .. FDFS ..

  • Hey emmraaaaannn……! … Just one to say u one thing in valentine week …


    U r awesome my jaaaaaannn… Mr.X HAK tigers. .. Muuaahhh…..

  • I dedicate u …. One song from film gangster i know i will never get you ….– Hamari adhuri kahani because True Love Stories Are Never complete !! ..
    :* :* ….

  • If rumours are to be believed , emraan hashmi might be there in ‘ No Entry Me Entry Sequel ‘ ..!
    Emraan has strong line-up .
    Mr.X 3D
    Film with salman .

  • Their pairing has been so artificial! Their onscreen chemistry is very weird and lack that natural click! But fingers crossed! Vidya and Eenran are already way to far in terms of still awaiting a hit status after series if flops! Wish Eemran luck!

  • Eagerly waiting for HAK,should be a better film than Mohit’s last film Ek Villain…

    Btw,Vidya’s look is similar to her Bobby Jaasoos look.

  • Emraan n Vidya ‘s kissing scene was one of the best ever.
    Vidya can beat all others in term of hotness n sexiness if she wants.

    100 cr for sure. Max 150 cr if everything goes right.

  • I m big big admirer of emraan … I m eager to watch emraan every film …… I like murder2,awarapan,jannat,ghanchakkar, jannat2,raaz2-3 , once upon time in mumbai , dirty picture , the killer , the train , tum mile , natwarlal , dayan , Gangster , zeher , aksar , Murder …… I like each n every movie n also songs n dialog..

    I am big admire n praiser of emraan ….

    Emraan deliver career best performance in HAK n Mr.X .. I hope .. As he is the best …

  • I am waiting for this movie just because the makers predict that its music will be one of the finest music of all time in bollywood.

  • Only three persons in B’Wood actually do justice to their characters
    (1) Shahrukh Khan
    (2) Aamir Khan
    (3) Emraan Hashmi
    … and Shahid Kapoor to some extent .

  • @sani D very weird cmnt i must say , vidya-emraan chemistry was the only good thing in loosely edited ghanchakkar. In dirty picture also, it was there chemistry n songs which set BO on fire.

  • @soumya yaa ,,emraan shows total honesty when playing a character . even emraan’s ghanchakkar,dayan might have not clicked with the audience because of the out-of-box content , emraan potrayed his role very well in those films.

  • plz publish roy adv booking report and collection needed to become hit @indicine

    roy should open big bcz of rk name attached to the film even though rk hasnt promoted the film at all

  • waiting eagerly foh this one… in sha Allah emran will deliever his first blockbuster
    neva liked him b4… but after watching jannat in theatre i watched all his movies including disasters like rush n footpath. he is one hell of a talent
    will be a superstar soon(though he still is)

  • Emraan hashmi is the only substantial talent we have in the new young lot of actors …. His spontaneity is amazing …..this film has powerhouse of talent….
    Vidya balan is treat to watch anywhere she is … Bobby jasoos was watchable becoz of her superb catchy performance…..

    Emraan hashmi is the most growing (rather established n proven) talent in industry …. His script sense n choice is different from the cliche n typical …..

    Way to go emraan! U r going to rule bollywood for next 20 years..

    Dammmn eager to see Mr.X 3D n HAK n Tigers n Azhar biopic !

  • @arjun table fan take ur flop roy talks to yourself …….!! …. Get out ….!! ….. Meet u tomorrow… pint-sized buffoon ……!

  • ..@Arjun TableFan
    Roy promotion had begun from 2 months…… Roy promo was airing everyday more than baby ……..!! …..
    See the headlines of magzines n papers ……
    1) ranbir won’t promote roy…..
    Because he has 20 min role….
    2) ranbir has 1 hr role….
    3) ranbir will promote roy…..
    4) ranbir not allowed to meet katrina on fitoor set…
    5) katrina not allow meet ranbir o…
    6) ritu kapoor yes to katrina ranbir wedding ….
    Etc etc ….
    This all media hype n affair rumours …. Spread by media to promote roy…..
    N still idiots saying roy is not promoted……
    Ab kya logo ke ghar pe jaake bolege ,, plz roy dikhne aaoo..!! Allah ke naam pe ticket lo….!?

    Ranbir is media created star ……!!
    Infact baby buzz got affected because roy promo aired more than baby…..!!

    Ranbir promoted roy ….. Don’t xcuse u buffoon ….!!

  • @damnn hahaha ur comment completely cracked me up.

    emraam hasmi will soon become a superstar!!!

    hahaha omg I can’t control my laughter.hahaha buhahaha hohoho

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan I said he already is a superstar beg ur pardon .. He is much much beeter than ur flopstar arjun kapoor. Hahahahahah buuuuhahahahhah

  • @element…sorry if it gutted u but just spoke my mind. 1st to b honest they didn’t click wit ghanchakaar…. It was a flop and its not solely cos of a poor editing.. Many thing went against it. 2nd ly ….d biggest song of d movie was ooo lala… Vidya and Naseerdeen shah. May b if one of d movies they acted together was a hit then okay but all their paired movie didn’t do well…despite both of them being so talented! Eemran is one of d Mr personality in Bollywood today I admire him a lot so nothing personal…

  • Also 4me…dirty picture was a full time Vidyas movie….little credit to Nasser Eemran and Tushar in pecking order

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