Haider, Queen or PK – Which film deserved National Award?

The results of the prestigious 62nd National Awards were declared yesterday. Queen was declared the best Hindi film of 2014 (not to be confused with Best Popular film which went on Mary Kom), ahead of more acclaimed films like Haider (which won several awards in other categories), PK and Ankhon Dekhi.

Surprisingly, Rajkumar Hirani’s PK was completely ignored and a mediocre film like ‘Mary Kom’ was given the National Award for ‘Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment’.

In most year-end lists, Mary Kom wasn’t even amongst the Top 10 films of 2014, let alone the best of the year.



If films like ‘Mary Kom’ get National Awards, filmmakers in the future would simply make films on famous Indian personalities like Mary Kom, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhyan Chand or Abdul Kalam to win arguably the most prestigious award in the country.

Which film do you think deserved the National Award for ‘Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment’? Tell us.

Which film deserved National Award for Popular Film?

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  • TBH queen was undoubtedly best film of the year, but as it already won best hindi film, I think the popular film award should have gone to PK as it was much better and much much more entertaining than Mary kom!!!!!

  • We Bhai-fans think, JAI HO should win National Award .
    … for ‘Best Popular Film Providing Whloesome Torture’ !

  • PK is just a entertainment.
    Not like NATIONAL AWARD Winning movie.
    Oh My GOD is 100 time better then PK

  • Unarguably it shud b given to Pk. Its a satire on religions thats why it didnt get national award. Bcoz 90% Indians dont hav brains to understand PK. And we all knw 10% of Indian population is enough to make it biggest grosser ever. Thats what happened. But Hindu terrorist groups like RSS VHP and bajrangdal tried their best to stop the film’s success. But they couldn’t. I am happy for that.

  • I will vote for haider from all aspects. pk will be second if pk was made before omg I would go for it.see in pk and omg only story was different but theme was same seriously Mary com not in wildest dreams.
    my vote haider.

  • if a film become ATBB 340 cr beyond reach of any1…. watched n liked by all sections in india… rare film to grab attaintion of so many people… ausm performances..great direction..no vulgarity…clean…. i didnt give it most popular award…u gave it to meri kom..just because priyanka went to gym kind of strories?… idiotic choice… shame,. grow up modi gov ur religiously painted gov affects all things now…including national awards….

  • All 3 of them would have been better choices than “Mary Kom”. Seriously, I don’t think they even saw “Mary Kom”, they probably thought is was a biopic, so it would be as good as “BMB”, but it was not, not even close. Or, it was simply rigged, which would be a shame since it’s our most prestigious award.

    They used Mary Kom’s name and made a masala film in the name of a biopic.
    Personally, I would have given it to Queen or PK.

  • Obvious pk..it was the best film of 2014 without any doubt.. And aamir khan deserves a national award for his performance in that film

  • PK was good but overrated movie, Haider was awesome but too much slow & not entertaining as well..
    But Queen Had everything on it.. Entertainment,Story,Awesome direction, Awesome acting..
    Queen is most deserving & way ahead of the other 2 movies

  • It has to be Queen. Was there anything bad in the film? ?

    Haider gets tiring in a few moments while PK gets less enter taining in the 2nd Half.

    And Mr. @Indicine: Can you tell me how you told Haider was more critically acclaimed than Queen?
    Let’s have a check on Critics rankings of best film of 2014:

    Anupama Chopra:
    Queen: rank 1 , haider: rank 4.

    Rajeev Masand:
    Queen: rank 1, Ankho Dekhi: rank 2, Ugly: rank 3, Haider: rank 4, PK: rank 5

    Shubhra Gupta:
    1st rank : queen, 2nd rank: Ankho Dekhi

    anirudh Guha:
    1st rank: Queen, 2nd rank: Ankho Dekhi, 3rd: Ugly, 4th: haider, 5th: Highway.

    According to me, the awards should have been like

    Best Hindi Film: Queen
    Best Popular Film: PK
    Special Mention: Ankho Dekhi.

  • the thing for giving popular title for mary kom was that film was representing India.. just wake up people..

  • Marykom didn’t deserve any award.

    My ranking of 2014 films:

    1. Queen
    2. Filmistaan: it had alread got a National award for feature film in 2013
    3. Pk
    4. Haider
    5. Dedh Ishqiyaa
    6. Finding Fanny
    7. Khoobsurat
    8. Hasee Toh Phasee
    9. Mardaani
    10. Rang Rasiyaa
    11. CityLights
    12. Highway
    13. 2 states
    14. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniyaa
    15. Mary Kom

    Yes, There were many better films than MaryKom. I haven’t watched Ankho Dekhi, Ugly, Hawaa Hawaai etc.

  • Queen is overrated movie,it was carbon copy of several Bollywood old classics,only difference was the main antagonist is heroin not hero and ofcours gaalia double meaning words,lip-kisses F se fantom are masters of adding these things in their movies to give it multiplex look,but otherwise it was nothing more than b grade movie

  • Director John Woo likes Aamir Khan’s PK

    Hollywood director John Woo known for his films like Broken Arrow, Face/Off, Windtalkers recently sent a long mail to director Rajkumar Hirani wherein he mentioned that he watched PK and ‘liked it a lot’.

  • mari kom was an average film…the award should have gone to pk which was far more entertaining than mc

  • Pk deserved the award but due to controversy they did not given award to pk and i think that was good decision because u can,t give national awards to controvesial movies but marykom was also don,t deserve for national they should given that award to queen

  • all politics….pk was made out to be anti hindu and there was huge controversy surrounding it…..sad that even national awards are not totally unbiased!

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