Haider First Week Collections

Haider has done well in its first week (8 days) at the box office. The film has crossed the 40 crore mark and should eventually cross the 50 crore mark too.

While the film held up well on Monday (holiday in parts of the country), business fell Monday onwards. A huge chunk of business is coming from high-end multiplexes, especially in the north.

Haider First Week Collections

  • Thursday (Day 1) 6.14 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) 6.94 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) 6.38 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) 7.23 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 5.03 cr
  • Tuesday (Day 6) – 3.57 cr
  • Wednesday (Day 7) – 3.07 cr
  • Thursday (Day 8) – 2.75 cr
  • First Week (8 days)- 41.11 cr


  • gd collection.so its a hit with super hit verdict possible while bb is a semi hit with hit verdict possible.happy for the exhibitors as combined business of these two films is 176cr from 4400-4600screens

  • @babaji @nipun stop shouting everywhere that bb underperformed due to haider.the truth is haider has underperformed bcz of bb.in Kolkata there r 2 elite single screens called priya and navina where queen and highway ran for 5 weeks but haider unfortunately couldn’t release even in 1 show bcz of bb.

  • I also watched haider.it is a good movie.shahid did good performance but not extraordinary….hritik was extraordinary,fabulous,briliant,awesome nd so on in guzaarish…..guzaarish is one of the best movie in the history of bollywood..

  • if haider hd got a solo release then its 1st week would hv been 55cr.yet this stupid babaji is blaming haider for bb underperformance when the truth is exactly opposite

  • @babaji ka thullu, now I am tired of this @arjun kapoor. He is tagging us in his comments even when it’s not necessary.

  • @arjun kapoor: What crap? Did me and @babaji tell @UTV to clash their movie with BangBang?
    Had haider got a solo release, it would have become a superhit with a collection of more than 70 crores easily. Also,BB would have become a blockbuster with more than 220 crores. Now,it looks like BangBang will be a hit with 170 crores or bit more and haider will be a hit with 50-55 crores. BangBang booked oct 2nd first.
    So stop blaming me or babaji all the time.

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR:Calm Down…you are getting mad now..U don’t know whom to support,whom to thrash..

    So a piece of advice for u—Better stick to youngistaan

  • @arjun overshadowed kapoor: blame utv instead of me and babaji. We didn’t ask utv to postpone haider from 12th sept to 2nd oct. But you must have been happy as on 12th sept,haider would have destroyed finding fanny and made it a disaster.

  • @nipun @thullu go through ur old comments.once u even said haider release on 2nd oct is a conspiracy of khans to make bb underperform

  • @nipun, thats a really wrong comparision, how can BB get 220cr if Haider not released and vice versa for Haider getting 70cr?

    Both are of different genre and hence the audience are surely of different taste.

    Hence, blaming Haider or BB for collections of either is too far fetched without any base.

    The only difference would have been max 10% in collection for either of them.

  • Outstandinggg collections cosidering its 1200screens against a 4300screens released movie with Katrina….

  • Superhit hai bossss, is saal ki sab se alaaaw movie HAIDER, ready to go OSCAR to represent INDIA

  • @nipun @babaji yes.. He also tags emmi on saif ali khan article unnnecessarily n forces us to speak truth for arjun kapur.

  • In parallel news — shahid kapoor and emraan hashmi have been confirmed for drug mafia thriller udta punjab by director abhishek chaubey.

  • @nipun kumar

    Bang Bang wont be a hit with 170 cr collections- semi hit is best verdict now…. Huge budget n huge expectations (from Jaaduland mainly) so giving it a hit verdict for 170 cr business is a joke…

    Haider has suffered n crashed now- still using it as an excuse to save Bang Bangs poor failure is shallow

  • 175cr from both films in first week is indicative of how poor both films have performed- two underperforming films that left audiences underwhelmed….

  • The negativity before the release of Haider damaged its collections…..
    It should have crossed 50 crore in 1 week

  • @nipun dont b jealous of my popularity in indicine.I still consider u as my guru but after reading ur excuses I am feeling like changing my opinion

  • @jc:
    i feel BangBang would have received better reviews,responses if it hadn’t clashed with haider. Agreed dat Genre are different,but the excellent reports over haider and at the same time mixed to negative report over BangBang has affected it somewhat. Also,the number of shows per day were reduced due to clash. So i feel BangBang would have done over 220 crores and atleast over 200 crores.

  • @arjun kapoor: i said that before the release of movies, the time when trailer of haider released. But I was telling about “utv”, not haider!

  • @nipun @babaji
    now tolerate this arjun overshadowed kapur. Tumne iss ko sir pe bitha ke rakha tha … I know this guy is chameleon and knows how to change fan clubs to suit flop youngistaan.

  • The screen count of #Haideris less than half of the screen count of #RRajkumarn the BO collections r almost same n d trend is Positive!!

  • @dinesh i also watched gujaarish it is an ok movie,hrithik did a good job but not great,but Haider is brilliant film and Shahid was extraordinary in Haider and if everything goes Shahid might get his first national award which your hrithik never got.

  • @indicine you are not posting my above my comment,it’s ok for someone like @dinesh to talk shit about Haider and Shahid but when i said the truth that hrithik was good in gujaarish but not great so is the film gujarish which was ok and Shahid was extraordinary in Haider and Haider is brilliant film you don’t post my comment why is it so? So only hrithik fan has the right to talk shit about Shahid but when i say the truth still my comments doesn’t get publish.i think this is a hr fan site and i as a Shahid fan don’t have right to express my views right?thati is why you are not posting my comment.

  • @Arjun Kapoor
    U seems to be very confused
    U bashed Singham returns in one article and praising in other articles
    U must be suffering from ADHD
    U R behaving like nipun and Babaji are responsible for Haider and bb clash

  • In Australia #BangBang has collected huge 2.1cr approx in Week One which is just short of 2.75cr approx lifetime of #KICK!!!

    LOL now bhaitards will bark that Rentrack has also manipulated the figures haha! keep barking khantards, keep barking, you bark better than street dogs. K3 rules at no. 2 (244 cr)

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