Gunday Monday Box Office Collections and Tuesday Update

Gunday has drop in business on its first weekday at the box office. The drop is around 63% from Friday and around 54% from Saturday.

The film has collected around 50 crore in its first 4 days and should cross the 60 crore mark by the end of week 1. The word-of-mouth seems to be mixed, but the strong opening has already taken the film to safety.

  • Friday – 16.12 cr
  • Saturday – 12.63 cr
  • Sunday – 15.18 cr
  • Monday – 5.85 cr
  • 4 day total – 49.78 cr

On Tuesday, the film has dropped further by around 10-15% from Monday. Single-screens are holding up well, but multiplexes in big cities are witnessing bigger drops.



  • now this flim will not cross 90cr mark.I am waiting for highway.but unfortunately this year good flims are not doing well.

  • it will be above average and lifetime will its clear salman is biggest star who does not need any advantage to cross 100 even in worst case as seen in jai ho he is able to cross 100cr even aamir was failed last year with talaash that too with big heroine and gap of 3years also after three idiots where as srk need big holiday,big director,big banner ,big heroine,big music director,superhit music with smooches to cross even just above 100cr.

  • I told you guys that Gunday is one pathetic film, like i said it dropped heavily on Monday….now the lifetime will be around 70 crore max…..verdict below average……

  • It was very apparent from day-2 drop that movie will sustain but at a low level. I am disappointed as I expected Gunday to cross 100cr. Movie had every thing going great start, open week but content was a let down.

  • Watever business gunday wil do it wil b a hit..because its budget is not much I guess..
    @Indicine wat is gunday’s budget.??
    Lifetime I guess wil b anywhere between 70-80 crores

  • Q. With Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots emerging the top grossers in Overseas is Aamir Khan now a bigger star than Shahrukh Khan overseas?
    Ans.Shahrukh Khan is still top as he is the most popular star in main overseas markets and his films reach where other star films don’t unless content is there. Aamir Khan is no doubt the second biggest star overseas and the dominance Shahrukh Khan had 5-6 years back is gone as other actors are putting up good numbers while earlier only Shahrukh Khan films grossed overseas..

  • Biasssed site towards Kapoors and Khans over others. Khans over Kapoors. SRK over other Khans! You don’t allow my comments.

  • @sagar lollll, if ticket price huge, jai ho easily cross CE. CE ticket price triple huge than JAI HO.So don’t compare jai ho other movie. Jai ho still mark top ten weekend opening.. Got it….. haters

  • next pr article of ranveer singh wil be he replaced aamir in rajkumar hirani next and replaced salman in sooraj bartagya next and replacd hritik in krissh4

  • The fact who is the bigger star between SRK and Salman on big screen remains still debatable and subjects to arguments. But it is undeniable that Salman is a superstar on small screens too, while SRK is an utter flop on TV. Simultaneously, it should be admitted that SRK is a smart businessman who puts business and stardom ahead of everything.

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