Gunday First Week Collections

Gunday has collected Rs 63 crore in its first week at the India box office, which is a fantastic total for a film starring Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

The film started very well on Friday (holiday in parts of the country, as well as Valentine’s Day), dropped on Saturday. Sunday business wasn’t upto the mark, as the all-India numbers were lower than Friday.

The YRF film held up well on Monday, but couldn’t sustain over the remaining weekdays with drops between 10 – 20% every day.

Today, with the release of Highway, the film has dropped further and should add only about 2.25 crore to the total.

The 100 crore club is now out of reach. The film is likely to finish with lifetime business of around 80 crore.

Gunday First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.12 cr
  • Saturday – 12.63 cr
  • Sunday – 15.18 cr
  • Monday – 5.85 cr
  • Tuesday – 5.15 cr
  • Wednesday – 4.53 cr
  • Thursday – 3.62 cr
  • First Week Total – 63.08 crore




  • Guys please help Gunday as it may find itself in the top 100 worst movies in IMDB.It has a rating of 1.5 by over 13000 voters.Many of the reviewers are saying the story Manipulated the Bangladesh’s Liberation War .But gunday doesn’t deserve to be there
    But surprisingly,it is having over 400 reviewers.It means the figures have increase by more than 400 reviewers just overnight and most of them are saying the same thing

  • Lets see if HNY can beat Gundays collections. Srk has to do some great promotion else it may end up below 100 crore

  • @aeeyy
    I can’t beleive this dude…
    I watched the film on monday,it is a good film,fantastic performances by arjun -ranveer,the film is always gripping..3.5/5 from me
    Don’t know who is doing this..

  • Gunday has been voted by more than 14000 people on imdb,more than jai ho and krrish 3..which i think is only possible if some groups are coming in huge no. to vote for it without even seeing the film.
    In coming days it might even surpass D3 which has been voted by over 17000 people.

  • @indicine please post this review.
    @baba ji ka thullu and @gunday hai hum please listen here is a review from an IMDB user and the review has been found useful by more than 1500 people.i am gonna post this now:
    I just began to watch the movie (though I do not watch Hindi movies a lot) but in the beginning, the timeline of 1971 war between Bangladesh and Pakistan (Which was later changed as Indo-Pak war 1971) was full of lie and manipulation. Bangladesh was never born from the war between India and Pakistan, 1971. It was a long history and clash between Bangladesh and Pakistan since 1952 Language revolution. Later India joined the war (3 December, 1971) and helped the Freedom Fighters’ of Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi, I am not denying the fact that India helped us a lot that time, but its my right to protest against the proper manipulation of a country’s birth history! It was our great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who declared the independence of Bangladesh in 26 March, 1971 and after that the war began between East and West Pakistan. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh, a sovereign state. Along with 90000 soldiers Pakistan army surrendered to the commander in chief of India and Bangladesh joint forces. The instrument letter of surrender clears the fact. Anyone can search in internet and even in wikipedia for the truth :
    here is another review:
    Haphazard of the fact of history about war of liberation of Bangladesh ’71. You don’t have the right to misrepresent the core birth history of a nation for bollywood business, crap. Total waste of time and money! I’d rate as -1. This movie shows that people of Bangladesh used Hindi as their language which is totally fake. Freedom fighters here shown as involved with illegal activities which is also misrepresenting the best children of a country. furthermore, the War of Liberation has shown as mere fight of India and Pakistan which isn’t true. Bangladesh isn’t by product of any other two country’s war. Come on people, grow up, show guts to face the truth.
    @indicine please post this article.. thank you

  • Gunday was’nt aimed at telling the story of bangladesh freedom,its title is Gunday,it tells story about 2 orphan child who developed as powerful gundays,their freindship,their love,director has just used some story of bangladesh independence to tell their past.Also this part is just in the few opening minutes of the film.

  • @aeeyy
    These are bangladeshi people who are saying that the film is manipulating bangladesh indepedence history.Also some are are claiming that it is’nt a real story…
    So my question is,can’t they understand the meaning of the work of fiction???
    We were taught from childhood that the war of 1971 was between ind and pak,and bangladesh was born out of it.

  • @babaji yeah that’s what i failed to understand.So muslims who always portray as terrorist in movies should be considered as terrorist in real life.There is much difference in these two things and i hope they stop but they won’t stop
    It is just a small group of people who have created more ids for people to see that the story is false but sometimes people use imdb to decide which movie we should watch

  • gunday rating on imdb is 1.2 , which is #1 the Bottom “100” list of imdb. what an achievement :D Please indicine post my comment :D

  • now where are you haters this movie will not collect more than 80cr despite of starrerranvir singh post ramleela success also it was arjun kapoor means two promising actor after so many times was in the movie and also priyanka chopra,yrf production,huge promotion,superhit music,but jai ho was non of these advantage except salman and also it was social movie as i seen earlier social movie never work in india well.also it was bad music,unpromising promo and actress,bad director,bgrade look of movie,low ticket price and also huge negativity around salman and movie despite of these huge disadvantages which is must for any movie to collect even 60cr as seen with boss, but it still manage to collect 115cr just because of only salman.i bet no any other actor can manage this.that is the huge starpower of salman which take the movie to safe zone.hatsoff bhai.

  • told you guys Gunday is a pathetic movie….yashraj has fooled the public by crisply editing the trailer which drew large number people to theatres to watch Gunday… on weekdays the real verdict of Gunday is out, which is flop… will do max 70 .crore lifetime, the verdict is average courtesy yashraj production’s cheating tactics with the audience, we will see how long they can fool the audience…..

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