Gulaabo Song Video – Shaandaar

The much-awaited first song video from ‘Shaandaar’ starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead. The song has been sung by Vishal Dadlani and Anusha Mani.

The music has been composed by Amit Trivedi. Watch the ‘Gulaabo’ song and tell us what you think.

Song Video: Gulaabo
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singer: Vishal Dadlani and Anusha Mani

Gulaabo Song Still from Shaandaar - Alia Bhatt

Gulaabo Song Still from Shaandaar – Alia Bhatt



  • Awesome song
    Aftr a nt so good year bollywood really making a strong comeback in the slogovers

    first welcome back
    then katti batti
    great grand masti

    excellent list

  • Wow excellent song.
    Anusha Mani is back after Lazy Lamhe one of my favorite songs.

    Shaandaar 100 crore for shahid very first time.

  • Paused it on 1.34. Had to stop watching it. What’s happening to our lyrics directors these days? You just can’t compare classic bursters of 90s and 2000s with 2010-2015. My perception that’s how I feel. Yes good looking in fact very handsome and beautiful girls very nice and modern beats. Lyrics? Song content. Nothing to take home with.

  • Just imagine cinema matarmaa ji or tung flop tung type of songs. Crappy! Waste of energy location allowances and song choreography. That’s the main reason songs don’t last up to 3mins these days.

  • Karan Johar and Dharma Productions films have nothing new to offer in terms of content. They are just recycling rom-coms and presenting old content with a different packet.

    There formula to fool audiences especially urban male and female:-

    1) Pick any rom-com. Borrow its plotline of a bubbly actress(especially Alia) and an actor who has nothing special to do(especially hamming varun or a non-actor in Arjun,Imran,sid or Ranbir).

    2) Put 1 party song or a rap song of Dharma style. All sound the same from Badtameez dil to Saturday saturday to Drama Queen or D se Dance etc.

    3) Put some unfunny tasteless gags in middle between boy or girl. These gags are so dumb that urban girls love them to the core. Arghh!!!!

    4) Some kissing scenes to force the situations and a melody track.

    5) A wedding song to finish(this wedding song should necessarily be a Punjabi song with english lyrics..) WOW what a creativity!!

    6) Market them everywhere with exhorbitant marketing strategy of Dharma style. (Fool public with same old wine in new bottle type content).

    Believe me, the wannabe intelligent but in reality foolish multiplex audience come in numbers to watch such shitty films!!!

  • Lyrics r just plain shit…
    What is happening to bollywood these days??? What a bakwaas song!!…

    Katti batti also having flop songs ..
    Hero songs r bad too…

    Shanndar tops the cherry.with another ghatiya track..

  • October movies having wonderful songs
    First tung tung baje
    Then Singh aur kaur
    Then baandeya was decent
    Now cinema dekh mama and gulaabo.
    My predictions-
    Pyaar ka punchnama 2-13cr

  • Song isn’t that good but video is amazing especially shahid.
    Shahid&aila alia perfect Jodi who can match the level of srk-kajol

  • This is seriously a bad song..Never expected this from Amit Trivedi who has given beautiful songs in the past and the lyrics is just awful!!
    Might be “Classy” for some as it is coming from a respected Music composer and a film that is quite hot but not for me,i will enjoy the crazy Cinema Dekhe mamma anyday over this crap

  • @Jatin Tripathi:: Lol True,Agree with you and when they tried something different with Brothers,these urban people did’nt came to watch it!
    These “Plex ” genre films have made it very easier for some non actors to exist in bollywood,young girls love to watch them and blush aww so cute and some shit like this.

  • Meaningful lyrics are associated with emraan hashmi songs. ..they r purest form of melody.. But these songs r just ruining quality of music..

    Such kind of music just lasts till the release date of film.. No longevity at all.. The reason why such songs vanish after few months..

  • Listen & Forget Type Song….some may say This 1 Classy…but sorry; I can’t agree with Them!! What Music Directors are doing!!! :-( This Song doesn’t have neither melody/soul nor foot-tapping energy!!!
    must say last Good heart-touching Music I heard in Dum Laga Ke Haisha & Hamari Adhuri Kahani!! Rest are ‘Use & Throw’ types!!

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