Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Saturday Box Office Collections

Gori Tere Pyaar MeinPunit Malhotra’s Gori Tere Pyaar Mein continued to disappoint on Day 2 at the box office, as the film collected just 3.25 crore. Multiplexes were up by around 20% on Saturday, but the starting point on Friday was so low that the film has no chance of recovering its investment.

The response at multiplexes is somewhat similar to Akshay Kumar’s Boss, as the audience in cities simply haven’t given the film a chance. The reviews weren’t too bad, the reports from theatres was pretty good too, but it seems like a majority of people have decided to give this film a skip.

Also, quite surprisingly, not many were even aware of the fact that Gori Tere Pyaar Mein was a Dharma Production. Karan Johar was unavailable during the promotional campaign, as he was busy scripting his next directorial venture.

First weekend business is likely to be around 9.5 crore. The film should finish with lifetime business of less than 20 crore. FLOP.

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 2.8 crore
  • Saturday – 3.25 crore
  • Total – 6.05 crore


  • Feel very much bad, when a young team of good peoples put lots of efforts for a particular Job an in minutes people rated there work with negative mouthwords

  • Kareena left ram leela for this movie. .i guess she did a very fine job and we should be grateful to her for doing this or else the fate would have been somewhat similar for ram leela too. .credit also goes to kareena for ram leela success.

  • Good to see some improvement fpr GTPM.
    After Rakeshji’s statement it is clear Krrish 3 has crossed 230 crores.
    Krrish 3 is the highest domestic grosser of Bollywood

  • Good to see some honesty from GTPM makers. They dont inflate collections just for records.
    Not like insecure makers who inflate BO figures by 50 crores lol

  • Its entertainment and Holiday collections will be lower than this.
    Akshay is struggling to cross 50 crore. Hope Holiday earns at least 30 crore lifetime

  • People decided to skip this film when the trailer was released. It didn’t create any excitement in the audience. The promos were not funny at all. The music also took some time to grow on audience. Moreover its because of the director(punit). He doesn’t have a good comic sense to make a enjoyable Romcom.

  • Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is great wholesome entertainment.
    Go with your family and take hot tasty delicious samosas and a nice coke and enjoy the film in the cool air condition.
    Whether you like the film or not, will go home satisfied and happy. Thats what movies are made for :)

  • @Liam You moron everyone in the industry knows Krrish 3 figures are faked. Each and every newpaper and channel published this.

  • Kareena and Imran have more of a brother and sister chemistry not a romantic chemistry. This two together in a romcom will not spark. lf they are cast together again it should be as relatives not lovers

  • It will arrive on T.V next month for sure.
    “World television premiere Gori tere pyar mein” coming soon.

  • Best of luck bebo for next year, after holding no1 spot from 2007 to 2011, in 2012 katrina ahead of bebo n probally 2013 year of deepika

  • @Ajay: fool dude let your fav actors give blockbusters we dont care about them.All we know is the best in terms of acting.Even aamir tried thriller/suspense after 3yrs but it didnt work, akshay did sp26 and it worked which was after 1 and half monnths khiladi 786 was released.No one can match him in comedy let alone action.Shahrukh is the best in romance but akshay has shown is ability in romance.Even if holiday collects 1cr he is better than your fav actor.And tell me a film released on 16th oct which has fared well.When his film does well you say it is a multstarrer or remake but when it fails akshay has no star power fool. He is the best and we akkians love him.We are just waiting for his gabbar on holiday which will be entertainment.

  • “Garam Samosa” you are right i like your statement kareena is very good actrees and for any film is the chance that the film win or not like Ram lelle the cast not very popular but it work
    but this year for me Krrish 3 in the top

  • Now this is clear that krish 3 figures was manipulated becaz BOI figure and other sources fig of GTPM are same. Now que is tht how this make difference in case of krish3

  • Gori tere pyaar mein is an awesome movie. People please give it a try, u would love it. Please don’t give in to the negativity created by a few people, the movie is really good.

  • SSTG collected 9 cr in two days while GTPM collected 5.50 cr in 2 days.

    Both films are badly bombed at boxoffice, although sstg is critically aclaimed than gtpm.

  • 9 things we learned from the movie by bobbysingh
    Certain films raise not one or two but several questions in your mind about the team behind its making and their basic thought structure before going ahead with such tasteless, ridiculous and uninspiring kind of script without giving it a second thought. So instead of writing a usual review, here I would like to share my conclusions after watching this ‘quite hard to see’ romantic comedy, wherein I neither found the romance nor any comedy as calmly promoted by its makers with a pretty bad song.

    1. “You are a born film-maker!” Now this phrase can be interpreted in two ways. One when a person has a great, gifted talent of film-making in him, which he has developed through his own efforts and hard work, working in the field for years before being called a Film-maker. And Two, when a person has simply got born in the family related to film business or movie-making and therefore obviously becomes a Film-maker by default. (And the same theory goes for the actors too in many cases)

    2. Sometimes a project just gets all the needed approvals from a corporate house without any objections raised, simply because of the big names backing it from the front, even when there is no script, storyline or an idea shared about what actually they are approving and putting their money in.

    3. In such ventures, even the actors don’t know what they are actually being signed for, since the script is yet to be given a thought after finalizing the entire schedule and dates.

    4. And when the need of the script arises, they just mix and match few of their senior’s famous films hurriedly, as if there are only fools coming to the theater and they can be served anything in the name of a film with some glossy faces and songs.

    5. Such projects try to incorporate everything which is trending around without any set vision. So if Punjabi is the in-thing, they get a completely insane and horrible song written around a Punjabi word used for the ‘Bums’ and just don’t care to enquire about its actual use in the language at all! (And it was this song, questionably written as “Tooh”, which simply left me with jaws open in disbelief and disgust like never before in all these recent decades honestly. In fact I cannot remember a Hindi film song falling to this sick and ridiculous level ever to say the least.)

    6. Normally in the first day shows of a film, all the theater attendants, caretakers and torch-men are also very much interested in watching the new film, standing quietly along the wall with their eyes on the screen. But in a film such as GORI TERE PYAAR MEIN, even they walk out of theaters after an hour or so and never return back even post intervals.

    7. When film-makers who perhaps have never been to any real village or remote areas, try to show a village in their film as per their forced-in script demand. Then it’s pretty obvious that it turns out to be completely artificial, senseless and fake, since they haven’t got the vision to portray such earthy elements on the screen in reality. And that is possibly the reason why GTPM truly becomes unbearable in its second half as it shifts into a fake village wherein a bridge is to be built in a pure LAGAAN or SWADES style by the star architect.

    8. A film like GTPM does teach you a valuable lesson of life too, that sometimes even when there is everything available on the table to make a delicious dish, the cook still may make a silly mess out of it due to his over-confidence or no fear of a failure at all (read no-work) in the near future.

    9. Lastly, GTPM strongly makes you wonder that did its makers really knew that for whom or for which target audience they were actually making this film and Why?

    To end with, if a newcomer (or a struggler writer) would have gone to any of the production houses related with the film, with this SCRIPT in hand to make a movie on. Then either he would have got the rejection right away in hours or the script would have been thrown in the bin as soon as he has gone out of the office after reading only its few opening pages.

    Anyway, searching for the only silver lining in this black cloud, there are 10 odd minutes of beautiful Shraddha Kapoor in the film, which are watchable. And in case you are too serious to watch her on the screen post AASHIQUI 2, then just see the film at a lower cost ticket before the intermission and simply walk away or wait for GABBAR

  • Any fool who thinks that Talaash “didn’t work” needs a reality check yo

    Show me another suspense drama which has grossed more than Talaash

    The ppl who think that Talaash didn’t do well are the same ppl who think that Dhobi Ghat should also hv crossd 200cr LOL

  • Firstly Kareena selected wrong movie, she refused Ram Leela due to her PR, bcoz they only thinks abt money making and donot bother abt role, story, director, star cast. They hv done blunder. Bcoz Imran Khan does not know acting his acting goes flat.

  • @vicky imran khan has acted impressively in this movie. You are nothing better than a troll cursing on someone’s hard work with no point of objectivity.

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