Good to see you so happy, Hrithik tells Akshay

Hrithik Roshan, who has ensured that two of his clashes (with Haider in 2014 and Rustom in 2016) have been largely controversy-free, has congratulated Akshay on winning the clash against Mohenjo Daro – which was in the making for nearly 2 years.

Responding to a celebratory tweet posted by Akshay, Hrithik said “Good to see you so happy man! Enjoying your success is also a talent! Happy is a practice. Bravo:)”

The two actors live in the same building and are good friends too.



  • Thats why I am his fan. A true Gentleman.
    One of the rare actor in bollywood who is loved by all fan base. Bollywood is lucky to have him as he deserves hollywood. One failure cant affect his stardom.
    A True Superstar
    Anyway Congrats Rustom.

  • ahah what is akki doing,…lost his mind…LOL..aree yaar its just a 100 crore movie..don’t behave like are a star…

  • Same thing happend Chennai express vs OUATIM clash
    Akshay returned his movie fees.
    But Hrithik thinks that his movie get positive reviews.
    Indicine crying for Hrithik very sad. Mohen Jodaro movie is good then audince apritiate that but
    Mohen Jodaro seen looks animated & dull & all in all no emotions in the movie.

  • Nice gesture..
    Hrithik fans(not all, those who were degrading akki and Rustom) must learn something from their fav superstar..
    He will bounce back with Kabil.

  • Hit toh sabhi superstars dete hi rehte hai but bade dilwala superstar toh ek hi hai -Hrithik Roshan

  • Never had any doubt in my mind that Rustom producers tried to sabotage MjD and take advantage of the clash.

    They have been successful. But DON’T forget that there is something called Karma that will hit you back one day.

    SRK did same thing to SLB… Saawariya vs OSO… but was humiliated a few years later. There is someone out there watching all this and when he gives back, it’ll be a massacre.

    Akshay fans and all those who are celebrating… remember this. You will get it back very badly one day.

    Love you Hrithik.. my love for you only increased after reading your tweet :) :) :)

  • Good to see last two clashes of Hrithik being largely controversy free. Expecting the third one (Raees vs Kaabil) to be the same way.

    Even though I still want and believe that the clash will be averted and one of the movies will shift. Both movies deserve a big solo release and I want both to perform at their maximum.

  • What if kabil clash with crack then who saves crack :-P everyone is know hrithik still has upper hand on akshay

  • Tomorrow Sushant Singh Rajputs Ms.Dhoni may open to 16 cr, more than housefull 3, does that mean Sushant is bigger than Akki? Ofcourse not. The whole perception of opening that it depends on star power only is sheer codswallop nonsense.
    Look, just because MD opened lower than Rustom doesnot necessarily decide who the bigger star between Hritik and Akki is. Buddha Mar Gaya had opened more than Marigold the same day, next Diwali we saw All The Best opening more than MAMK. Now see who Salman is? Did that imply Rakhi or Ajay are bigger than him? That does not mean Rakhi Sawant was a bigger star when Salman was going through a bad phase. Of course not

    There are a lot of backings to substantiate it:
    1. The plotline:
    Who wanted to know about Mohenjo Daro? Audience had absoutely no interest in it. However the infamous incident of K.M. Nanavati ad taken nation by shock and the talk is still hot, it grew audience interest towards Rustom.

    2. Music
    MD had a boring music, Rustom’s music was a rage.

    3. Trailer, promo
    MD had boring trailer, it didnt seem to be a interesting story at all. Rustom seemed to have a good story as far as trailer is concerned. Think, which gives more goosebumps
    i) Before Christ, Before Mugal, in 1600 B.C.
    ii) Patriot? Traitor? Murderer?

    Ofcourse the second one

    I dont want Raees and Kaabil to clash. If Raees fails, SRK will now seriously be in a heavy trouble. Majority of fanbase want to see him fall and are celebrating his failure. He is an apple of discord in everybody’s eye. Hritik is no different. I want both SRK and Hritik to be in compeition

  • Hrithik type golden heart superstar never happens in any filim industry.He is still superstar and rule boxoffice after 3 Or 4 Years.My respect to hrithik increase day by day.

  • What if Kabil clash with crack then who saves crack :-P everyone is know hrithik still has upper hand on akshay so I wish kabil vs crack happen

  • Oh man!
    Why these man keep tweeting About Akshay when on other hand He took a dig at Akshay recently ?

    And what does he mean ‘glad to see you happy’? Means Akshay was sad before Rustom success? Papa’s boy is showing his frustration even in this tweet .

    This is Akshays 3rd moment of happiness this year . Wat about you ? When was last time you was happy? Back in 2013,krish 3? Buahaha

    3 hits that Shocked the Haters..!

  • This guy deserves better than what he is getting!!!
    I hope this is like a Yuvraaj(salman-42) for HR and in 7-8 yrs we see him reach another level like biggest Star.

  • @Rustom Sunny.. is taking all this frustrations of last 4-5 years here.. This is the first Akshay film that has performed.. that too only because of clash and Akki’s begging

    Baby opened 7 crore
    Special 26 lost to ABCD (LOL)
    Brothers was a disaster
    OUATIM was mega disaster
    Housefull 3 opened same as Welcome Back
    Gabbar is Back was 80
    Boss was 50
    Joker was 20
    Holiday opened very poorly compared to all post IPL and did just 112

    Where is highest grosser of the year? Where is 20 crore opening? Akki has nothing and these fans are celebrating like he won Olympic medal.

    Next Jolly LLB will prove that Rustom only worked because of clash.

    Why you cmnt from so many names? I can catch you anytime.

    And Rustom music was rage? Only tere sang yaara was A HIT. And all foolish reasons. Silly and frustrated human being award goes 2 you .

  • @Neeraj

    H3 – 15 opening
    TMK – 13
    GABBAR – 13
    BROTHERS -15
    SIB – 20
    BOSS – 13


  • @Neeraj brothers opening was 22 was 2nd dau although but only national holidays are the reason of 20 cr for hrithik so? And if brothers would have been first day holiday than 25 was achievable as on 2nd day negativity affects a lot, while not on 1st day . OK get lost. Please nobody mention me unless you are saying something sensible. EXIT

  • @Sunny akkiholic
    I m Sayar, I dont know who are these Thug and Aisha, I m Sayar only Sayar , I dont know. I never mean to bring Akki down, dont misunderstand.

  • Now suddenly MD music according to these jadooians are boring and Rustom’s music was a rage … wow
    But before release MJD was epic once in a lifetime bla bla bla and Rustom’s music average…!!!
    Even their great personality shri shri great a’nipun’ma says this …
    Ab kya ho gaya bhai

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