Golmaal Returns Movie Review

Golmaal Returns is the sequel to Golmaal which released in 2006. The first part did hit business and it really wasn’t a comic masterpiece that its made out to be. Nevertheless, some of the characters in Golmaal really stood out. Tusshar Kapoor’s character is a favorite of many. Sharman Joshi, who will be most definitely missed in the second part, delivered a great performance with almost perfect comic timing. The funny trailers of Golmal Returns have succeeded in creating hype and curiosity around the movie.

For Golmaal Returns, Sharman Joshi is replaced by the equally talented Shreyas Talpade. Rimi Sen is missing instead we have Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Celina Jaitley and Anjana Sukhani to add to the glamour.

Gopal (Ajay Devgan) with his wife Ekta (Kareena Kapoor), his sister Esha (Amrita Arora) and a crazy brother-in-law Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) live a happy life until one day Gopal and Lucky come across Meera (Celina Jaitley).

In their attempts to save Meera from some bullies Gopal and Lucky end up spending a night with her in a yatch which becomes a fodder to Ekta’s suspicion. To escape his wife’s fury Gopal tells her about a friend Anthony Gonsalves, whom she has never heard of before. Not so convinced by his tale for his night out, Ekta invites Anthony home. Gopal somehow finds out about his wife’s plan to catch him red handed and convinces his junior Laxman (Shreyas Talpade) to act as Anthony. To add to his trouble, Anthony who lives in the address given by Gopal lands up all of a suddenl. When he struggles his way out of this misery, Madhav (Arshad Warsi) a police officer, investigates Gopal and Lucky about a dead body that was found on the yatch on the same day they spent a night with Meera. All become the prime suspects for the murder and this leads to a confusion. How the mystery is solved forms the rest of the tale.

Golmaal Returns Review

If you expect Golmaal Returns to be a fast paced roller coaster ride, filled with funny one liners, rib tickling sequences with brilliant performances by the lead stars; you probably will be sorely disappointed. Its the extremely poor script that lets the whole movie down. Some of the sequences are so poor, that its just a pain to sit through this, it really is! Also a few would probably even feel offended by some of the scenes that even goes as far as to make fun of the disabled.

The first half is silly and has nothing much to offer in terms of entertainment, the pace too is quite slow. The least you would expect after a torturous first, is a better second half. And as it turned out, the second half is no better, infact in the last hour the movie dips to an all time low. Seriously, what were the makers thinking??

Coming to the music. the only song that stands out is Tha Karke.

The only saving grace of Golmaal Returns is the decent performances, yet cant match Golmaal. Tusshar Kapoor is brilliant and delivers by far the best performance. Shreyas Talpade is great, as always, with his superb comic timing. Arshad Warsi is wasted. Ajay Devgan does a decent job. Kareena Kapoor looks gorgeous, acts well. Amrita Arora, Celina Jaitley, Anjana Sukhani have nothing much to do except look good. The rest of the character actors, support ably.

Overall, Golmaal Returns is a huge Diwali disappointment. With expectations so high, you probably will walk out feeling extremely disappointed from a movie that promises to be bigger and better! At the ticket window, the opening is expected to be huge, but poor word of mouth should affect the collections from Monday.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Other notes: Fashion directed by Madhur Bhandarkar has also released today along with Golmaal Returns. The review will be out soon. Do visit us again to go through the other review.

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  • I was so dissapointed that i just walk from the film after 1st part….SO poor……..How can rohit shetty can make this kind of film and how can ajay agreed to played in it….I want my 150 rs back…so poor….It is better to sleep

  • Oh so bad movie :( Me and my family watched it and noone liked it. Waste of money

    Dont dare watch it. Its more of a sleeping pill rather than a comedy.

  • Golmaal wasnt that impressive too so i didnt have much expectations with its sequel. Sensible comedies are out and senseless scripts are in… Your views are very interesting and i feel i rather not watch the movie.

    Good Review…

  • yes,i do agree completely with him who wrote this review.this movie is really a complete waste of time.its faltoo.its bakwaas.its hopeless.its useless.its an absolute waste of money.its better to sleep at home than to watch such useless movie.

  • I am big disappointed with this mindless film those who make and watch this type of film are very brainless. 2 times award winner ajay devgan is at his worst comedy role, shreyas talpade is good but not best, tusshar is hopeless, kareena is just a attitude showy, others are boring and golmaal is full bakwaas.

  • Waste of time and Waste of Money too . Unneccesary Comedy , Script too Weak , Tha karka is d only one good song , Acting wise Living Tusshar and Shreyas everyone sucks . . My Rating 4 Dis Movie is 1/5 . . Last Friday Release ” Heroes ” Is a Gr8 Movie Den Dis .

  • Srry people..I just review this film without sawing it ..But Today I went To see it…It was houseful…And i enjoy every minute of it…NIce movie…….People who go thinking abt story and script Donot go yaar…..It is just total time past…I think Who comment upper has not seen movie…It is in catogaries LIke No entry..welcome …etc…4/5 i can give..It is nicer than 1st golmaal

  • as i saw the movie .its so bakwas and wastage of time as well as money.so plz film industry walo band kro aise bakwas film banana.totally waste of time

  • Its an Comedy Movie n totally an entertainer but d script of d movie is too weak . v can assume wat is going 2 happen next easily . tha karke is d only one good song in d movie . acting wise everyone is just ok . this movie ll b a hit coz of kareena . . My Rating 3/5

  • i m agree with all of you…….its really BAKWAS

    its totally paisa wastage movie……i advise everbody don’t watch this movie.

  • Friends, I did watch the movie and it is not like what the reviewer has written. It is a total out and out comedy. The movie does not have a great story and just what a movie to be is out reality and why people always link realities when seeing a movie. If you want reality in any movie, please see your own life and nothing can be a better reality than that.

  • Indicine Team:

    I just need an answer to my question as I’m really surprised!! Did this movie really do well and it was a hit?!!
    Last night, there were no good movies for me to watch on the t.v. so I visited a website to select a movie online ( I do this only when I got nothing to do and I watch some out of my curiousity which I’m sure that they’re worthless but to know.. why ppl loved them and were some hit movies. So I’ve selected Golmaal Returns and I was really (shocked)!! how a good actor like Ajay Devgan and a good actress like Karina would sign for this crap..low.. kachra movie?! It’s the worst indian movie which I’ve ever seen.. couldn’t tolerate even 5 minutes and stopped it to see another movie ( if any movie is a torture for the audience.. so this is the one)

    And Indicine Team: How ( could you) criticise Shahrukh’s RBNDJ and say that Rabne had some major flops comparing to this crap horrible movie which is nothing but “flaws” and nothing else?!! How could u even give Dostana 2 and a half rating comparing to this kachra which should’ve been given a (0) rating!! Rabne & Dostana must be given 10/5 comparing to Golmaal.

    You all must be proud of some good actors and good directors which u have in bollywood.. just imagine if u had only like these directors which did the movie Golmaal, Welcome and others which r some black spots in bollywood.. a shame which ppl should’ve rejected and attacked the director or hit him with some tomatos and eggs for the lousy direction! but unfortunately.. the movie became a (hit) which means.. millions of audience loved it!!! applauded for this kachra ( now I do understand why they didn’t like Dostana.. coz Dostana isn’t meant for these ppl.. Dostana is for high class ppl as it’s a high class comedy as well as Rabne ( therefore Dostana was a hit overseas and there’s a huge response for Rabne)




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