Ghayal Once Again Movie Review

Ghayal Once Again is the sequel to one of Sunny Deol’s most popular films ‘Ghayal’ which released way back in 1990 and went on to be a box office blockbuster. The sequel was first planned for theatrical release back in 2012, but Sunny took over the directorial reigns and decided to produce the film himself.

The 90s superstar plays the iconic character of Ajay Mehra in the 2016 film also starring Soha Ali Khan, Om Puri, Sachin Khedekar, Tisca Chopra, along with a bunch of young actors who have important roles to play in the film.

The story of ‘Ghayal Once Again’ continues from the first film. Ajay Mehra has served his prison term for killing Balwant Rai and he now owns a news channel named Satyakam.

Enter Raj Bansal, a corrupt politician, who has druggie, arrogant and equally corrupt son Kabir Bansal. One day, Kabir ends up killing a man and evidence of the murder is accidentally captured by four college-going students.

Ajay Mehra takes it upon himself to save the four students and destroy Raj Bansal.

Sunny sums it up in one dialogue, delivered in a way only he can “Mein Bansal ke empire ko tabah kar doonga, usse sadak pe le aaunga, nanga kar doonga saale ko

Ghayal Once Again Reviews by Critics

Review: Like most Sunny Deol films back in the 80s and 90s, Ghayal Once Again is all about the actor himself. He single-handedly bashes a bunch of goons and takes on the most influential men in the country. The ‘Dhai kilo ka haat’ returns and to do justice to the film, we decided to watch it at a single-screen theatre rather than a empty multiplex.

The theatre wasn’t packed to capacity like it used to be during Sunny’s prime, but the atmosphere was quite electrifying. Every kick and punch that Sunny delivered on the goons were received with seetis (whistles) and taalis (claps).

Ghayal Once Again has its moments and Sunny Deol proves once again that he can give the younger generation of Bollywood stars a run for their money. The actor looks younger than his age (58) and performs most of his action sequences himself. Sadly though, the supporting actors in the film don’t quite match up. Everything from the dialogue delivery to expressions come across as forced and Sunny the director hasn’t been able to extract watchable performances out of his actors.

Technically, the film isn’t upto the mark. It has been shot well, but a few scenes are cut quite abruptly. Voice dubbing is shoddy and at time not in sync with the lip movement.

Overall, Ghayal Once Again is a one-time watch if you are a Sunny Deol fan.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Reasons to watch Ghayal Once Again

  • Sunny Deol
  • Action sequences
  • Dialogues

Reason to skip Ghayal Once Again

  • Poor performances from supporting cast
  • Predictable story
  • A film for the masses, won’t be liked by the city audience


  • Avg Reviews r coming up for #Ghayal ,
    But still want 2 watch DAT because of sunny paji.
    Best of luck sunny sir.

    70 days 2 go #Fan

  • I don’t think airlift will be affected this weekend also.
    Talking about ghayal once this film will only work because of sunny paaji.
    It will open well,drop on Saturday and will again jump on Sunday and then go on to put respectable numbers for itself.

  • We should show intolerance towards poor acting and films like Dilwale and shahrukh. We shouldn’t be tolerating such pathetic films.

  • The film would be 10 times great if it showed sunny paji beating up our intolerant Khan duo shahrukh and aamir.
    His dhai kilo ka haath will teach them tolerance. #boycottRaeesFanDangal

  • @Arjun Every big movie has an IMDb rating of above 8 on its 1st day provided it isn’t completely slammed by the critics since the fans of the lead actor vote in huge numbers.MSG 2 too had an rating of above 9 on its first day

  • Every critic saying that the movie isn’t in sync with the current generation and Sunny as a director has surely failed

  • Life for @IAMSUNNYDEOL fans doesn’t get better than this. Action, Emotion, Drama, Nostalgia, BLOCKBUSTER #GhayalOnceAgain

  • Sunny Deol and Powerful Performance are Siamese Twins. Made from each other. No Surprise this #GhayalOnceAgain

  • Really wanted him to return with a bang but tbh fate was already sealed for him!! over budget film!! but u never know how the audience react!! fingers cross for a miracle!!!

  • Finished watching #GhayalOnceAgain. @IAMSUNNYDEOL award winning performance. Superb Action, Dialogue, Performance. Not a single boring scene.

  • @challa
    Those critics also gave good reviews to suarrukh khan’s pathetic films like jthj and chennai express. They will give good reviews to Fan and raees as well.
    But still true Indians boycott such intolerant actor films.

  • Bollywood doesnt need intolerant khans.
    Hrithik’s krrish 3 244 crore is bigger than all suarrukh khans films.

  • Watching it in Evening… Good or Not,Watching Sunny Paji is di Film hai,Wekhni tah bandi hai Paaji :) :) , Pakistani aj bhi Major Kuldeep Singh aur Tara Singh se Darte hain :D :D BAAAP OF ALL ACTION HEROES ..

  • @True Pakistani It would have been even better if people like you do some constructive work for the nation rather than wasting your time by venting your anger towards celebritis who have done their bit for the society.

  • Movie is good.we love salman’s movie now a days.this movie also good.I think all salman akshay srk amir ajay and all big actors loyal fan should watch this movie.after all he is senior all of them and we should respect him.he deserve it.pls support sunny deol.

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