Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe Song – Satyamev Jayate

Every Sunday at 11AM, most of us tune in to Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate. What makes the show truly special, is the song that is played at the very end of every episode. This week, Satyamev Jayate was about honor killing, with Aamir asking us ‘Is love a crime?’.

For the 5th episode, the new song composed by Ram Sampath is titled ‘Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe’ sung by the beautiful Sona Mohapatra.

Watch the Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe song and do tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Song: Ghar Yaad Aata Hai MujheNaav (Satyamev Jayate) – June 3rd 2012
Singer(s): Ram Sampath, Sona Mohapatra
Music Director: Ram Sampath
Music label: T-Series



  • Love is not a crime ………… Ye sirf char akshron ka shabd nahi………..janab zindagi basti hai isme……. Ye ek sagar hai jo zindagi ki pyas bhuja de. Pyar kiya nahi ho jata hai……..i love ,love.:-)

  • Love is everything.Every person loves his mother,father,brother,sister,friends and many more.So,without love a person is alone and boring.LOVE ALL THEY WILL BE HAPPY:-

  • love is not a crime but if it is from that person who cares for u , understands u …. if u r sure for that person then tell to ur parents about him or her n parents also support them they are not supporting tats y there childrens r preferring to marry withiout there permission …. so understanding shold be from both the sides ……!!!! n amir sir u r osammm n no words for ur serial it cannot be define in words really its too good …!!!!!

  • E pyar main tuje kya naam dn…..
    Tu paas hai to lage hai ki Jindagi ko Inaam dn…
    Tune mairi Jindagi main naye rang bhar diye hai,
    Main kaise tuje kise bhoola dn….
    Manaa ki tu na hai aaj maire Saath par,
    iska ye Matlab ye nai ki ilzaam dn…..:)

  • Pyar karna koi gunah nahi hai.., our na hi isse parents ki image kharab hoti hai. pyar to inshaniat ki pahchan jis dil me pyar nahi wo to patthar ke saman hai…. our jo parants ise galat samajhte hai wo ye kyo bhul jate hai wo bhi kabhi na kabhi kisi na kisi se pyar kate the ya karte hai ………..

  • Na umr ki sima ho na janmo ka ho bandhan jab pyar kare koi to dekhe kewal mannnn…………………..

  • I lik da show n da songs aswel , gud dat real topics have taken da center stage. Best wishes ! For bringing some change on television , more over da change in human being itself !!

  • love is a beautifulllll gift…..god ne isse bohot sadgi se sawara hai…..isse samajhne main galti mat karo…..pls…..yuh do pyar karne walo ko alag karke milega kya?? Na wo khush rahainge na aap…unke pyar ko samjho or support karo…..pyar ka tohfa bhagwan ka diya sabse kimti tohfa hai…..kadar karo…….


  • Love is always right becouse without love we can’t live on earth so it is need to love after that you can be happy

  • pyar karne wale pyaar karte hain shaan se………..jeete hai shan se marte hain shaan se

    magar dunia jeene kahan deti hai………………..

  • As Aamir has dicussed about honor killing .He asked “IS LOVE A CRIME?”
    THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN CONTROVERSY BETWEEN ARRANGE & LOVE MARRIAGE.PARENTS THINK THEIR child is not matured about such matters.greedy nature of parents demanding high dowry if his son fells in love.boy’s father show lowerness to the girl’s one family.that’s why parents refused to marry
    them.but in love nothing matters like money,luxury,parents decision.then they have to takek the wrong decision which may sometimes become evil.
    maa baap ko samajna chahiye bachho ki khushi mein unki khushi h.aur children should also cares about their parents.

  • Love is like A Butterfly………. We Fly With colorful Dreams….

  • love is a great feeling that can change one’s life. I can feel it truely becoz i love someone at the cost of my life but he is always ignoring my feeling becoz of his “SAMAJ”

  • Love isthe gift of god……Humans have no right to stop it…..
    God Made Humans Not Religion And Castes..
    If U Stop or kill Lovers Den U r not Human..
    U r not beliver of god….

  • i m in love with dis (song)……..dis touch my heart…..this is not only happens .when some one is in love is not only fight for his love they have to fight for every thing which they need…….& love u……….mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

  • LOVE is not a crime,LOVE is just DIVINE………….Love can happen at anytime,anyplace and can happen to anybody………..It can be loving our parents,siblings,friends, or some1 who is really special to us……………… 4 me LOVE is not a crime,LOVE is just DIVINE……….:)

  • Lv is a gift which is givn by God… Pyar to ho jata h, koi cast dkh k pyar to ni krta.. Parents ko apne bcho ka sath dena chahiye….
    Luv is a beutiful feeling…. Agr pyar ni hota to zindgi m koi emotions nhi ek dusre k dushman hote..
    Lv is d only way to get God…

  • Love is love…:-)) Love is a great vartue of God…… all the people should support the love because we love our mom, dad,sis , bro,grand parents ,friend best friend……. so much but why we cant love which person who likes us… why our parents support us….. it does mean that we stop loving them…. they shoud think abut it …. we can live with the person happily it the matter of our whole life…….. love is life…. love is not mean gf n bf it is the great feeling which we feel to love someone… love has trust, joys,sorrows…. i belive in true love because it like a worship of god….. i must say please keep loving…….:-):-)))))….

  • first of al i salute to whole team of SATYAMEV JAYATE.

    Love is a most powerful tool to makes life happy even its other mater to them who have not feel about love so it become devil to those people due to which some people have to face it even the result is very bad as we saw in documentries.
    I saw more dangerous story on love relation and someday i feel so guilty why these people dont know to…,
    now i realise that this can be changed by only the youngster but also some old so we have to suport to all the lover to their right and i apeal to aal plz wake up wake up and wake up.

  • Amazing show, I never thought of seeing this topic on Aamir’s show, but indeed hats off to Aamir. Simply Superb presentation of this topic and I truly feel that such important topics/issues should be addressed in this way in front of the country.

    And no words to say for the beautiful song. In my life so far I never set a hello tune on my mobile but after listening this song I was not able to stop myself to add this as a hello tune. Brilliant job by Ram Sampath , Sona Mohapatra.

    Many many thanks for bringing this beautiful change in the television world.

  • Love is not a crime… its an emotion which only connect people. Love is that emotion because of which we never hurt our love-ones. its the most important n beautiful emotion or feeling anyone can feel….. Khuda ne hame sabse kimti tohfa diya.

  • pyar ak khubsurat sa ahsas hai ……ise crime batakar is pyare se ahsas ko kharb mat karo…pyar hi to h jo jina sikhta hai bina pyar is duniya me jina v koi jina hai kya.

  • Nice & heart touching song…. LOVELY SONA MOHAPATRA _ thank you ram sampath and aamir khan

  • love is not a crime and cannot be…………………!!!every individual have a right to chose his/her life partner and think about their life………….

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