Ghajini DVD Review and Price

This film needs no introduction, does it? So without going into the details like the cast, director, music director of the film. Let us break the news, Aamir Khan’s biggest blockbuster ever has released on DVD but unfortunately not on Blu-ray. Here’s an exclusive Ghajini DVD review

Ghajini DVD Review

Most of you have already seen the film in theatres, but an Aamir Khan film is always a worthy addition to your DVD collection. The package of the DVD is solid, although the materials used for the exterior should have been classier, something like those used for the Taare Zameen Par DVD. Afterall, the biggest money spinner in the history of the film industry, deserves the best.

The film comes in a Double Disc (2 DVD) package, one contains the actual film with a runtime of 176 mins approx (2 hours 56 mins) and the other has the Special features which includes the following

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Aamir Khan’s Body Building Routine (which was shown in promos)
  • Making of the Ghajini Look
  • Making of the Film
  • Making of the Songs
  • Making of the Action Sequences
  • Aamir Khan’s Injury

The Deleted scenes are of about 9 Minutes and is nothing exceptionally great to look forward to. The making of Aamir Khan’s Body has been watched over a million times on television, during the extended pre release promotion of the film.

The Making of the Film, Songs etc are definitely worth a watch. The clip of the injury Aamir Khan suffered while shooting one of the action sequences was quite interesting.

The Ghajini DVD we received came with only the English Subtitles.

Ghajini DVD Price

The price of the Ghajini DVD is slightly on the higher side, but much cheaper than Taare Zameen Par which was priced at Rs 499, 100 more than the Ghajini DVD.

If you loved Ghajini on the big screen and wouldnt mind watching the masala entertainer again, the DVD is well worth the price you pay.

Price – Rs 399 in India ($8)

DVD 1 Rating: ★★★★☆ Movie
DVD 2 Rating: ★★★☆☆ Special Features

We hope the film releases on Blu Ray – like Om Shanti Om, Heyy Babyy and Jodha Akbar! Would you buy the Ghajini DVD? Let us know by posting your comments below!



  • I definately will buy Ghajini on dvd. In England it is priced as follows:………………………… 11.69 (846.041 INR plus shipping)………………………………. 12.99 (939.615 INR free shipping)…………………………….. 14.99 (anything up to.. 1,229.01 INR plus sometimes free shipping)

    HMV …………………………………….. 11.99 (867.521 free shipping)

    By my blonde estimation I’d say the carbon foot print of buying Ghajini from India is the same as buying it in England. It has already been imported anyway if you buy it over here, so if I ordered it from India it’s still coming on the same journey to my front door & even with shipping costs to England it’s still going to be less. One Ghajini from India please!

  • sandra – are you white ? do you understand hindi and how comes you are into bollywood films ?

  • Hello Raj From U.c.k.,

    Yes I’m white and English and I’m trying to learn Hindi (I have it on my ipod)! I have three times as many Bollywood dvds than I do English Language films and I have over 400 songs from my favourite films,

    Umrao Jaan,
    oi Mil Gaya,
    Aaja Nachle,
    Mujhse Dostie Karoge
    I see you,
    Rock On,
    Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai,
    Om Shanti Om,
    Daag the Fire,
    Dhoom 2,
    Dil Se,
    Jhoom Barabar Jhoom,
    Kal Ho Na Ho,
    Laaga Chuneri Mein Daag,
    Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,
    Namastey London,
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Rock On,
    Salaam e ishq………… etc etc etc!!!

    I have no idea why I love Indian Cinema but the first film I ever saw was late night on tv many years ago called “Henna”, and I was hooked. I get a lot of stick about it from my Asian collegues and they tell me I know more about “Bollywood” than they ever will! It’s become a passion of mine and I find a lot of people think it’s strange for someone “white, blonde and english” to like Indian cinema…..but I do. HRITHIK is my absolute number 1, followed by John, Arjun, Aamir, Abishek, Saif, Kunal (I wish he’d make more films!), Shahrukh, Akshay……..

    My interest, my love, my Bollywood!!!!!!!!

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