Ghajini Box office Report

The box office Tsunami – Hurricane – Cyclone, call it what you want to, has arrived and has sucked the entire nation into Multiplexes and single screens from every nook and corner of the vast country. Clearly, something like this has never been witnessed before and most certainly will not be witnessed in the near future. Unless of course, Akshay Kumar’s Chandni Chowk To China manages to garner the same amount of hype.

If you compare it to the other releases this year, most pale in comparison. The hype and curiosity is 2 – 3 times higher than the next biggest release of the year. As spoken about before, with such hype comes huge expectations and Ghajini has certainly lived upto all the expectations. The reviews from most critics that matter has been varying from good to excellent. The initial few who have managed to watched the movie during the paid preview shows have given their verdict – two thumbs up – to Ghajini.

While many feel Ghajini is not upto the usual high standards set by previous Aamir Khan films like Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen Par, one must not forget that Ghajini is a hardcore masala pot boiler, something that Bollywood is quite famous and known for. Aamir has proved that he isnt purely the King of classy intellectual films but can easily carry off mass entertainers like Shahrukh, Akshay and Hrithik do.

Now lets end the talk or lecture as some in the comments section call it, and let the numbers do the talking.

  • The paid previews on Wednesday generated 7 crores, something completely unheard of.
  • Day 1 collections worldwide on Christmas i.e 25th December – 33 crores (gross)! Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi managed about 18 crores worldwide on Day 1.
  • Day 1 collections in India is around 10 crores (nett gross) while Rab Ne.. managed 7 crores.
  • Ghajini is expected do somewhere between 38 – 40 crores in its intial weekend. SRK’s Rab Ne did 25 crores.
  • The full 7 day week nett gross of Rab Ne was 44 crores, Singh Is King was 43 crores and Golmaal Returns was 38 crores. Ghajini is expected, if it sustains on Monday, to hit 65 crores in its extended first week (8 days).
  • The percentage of occupany, which is very close to 100%, can only be compared to the 2001 blockbuster Gadar – Ek Prem Katha. While Gadar released on 290 screens, Ghajini has released on 1100 screens!!!
  • The overall Nett gross in India could touch 100 crores for the first time. Om Shanti Om (2007) with 86 crores and Dhoom 2 (2006) with 85 crores occupy the first and second spot currently.

On the other hand, unfortunately, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which was enjoying a decent run at the Indian boxoffice in its 2nd week, has been badly affected by the Ghajini storm. Will Rab Ne pick up after the Ghajini intial remains to be seen.

All in all, Its Aamir Khan all the way at the box office during the last week of the year!



  • Aamir khan rocks man….

    This movie is gonna break all the records for sure. Only Rajnikanth’s movie will create the stir what gajini is doing now..

    Aamir keep Rocking man.!!!!!!!!!

  • I saw the movie yesterday and then later saw the review by Khalid Mohammed in Hindustan times. As I found the movie simply great with greatest performance by Aamir, I am surprised to see Khalid’s negative review in contrast to positive reviews in other newspapers and in all TV channels today.

    For under-rating the performance of Aamir in the review, I would like to thank Khalid Mohammed for making us understand that reviews are actually fabricated and used just to misguide the readers according to the reviewer’s personal agenda (tying up with SRK camp or paid reviews or newspaper not being part of offical sponser lists, etc).

  • aamir khan has proved that he is really a marvelous and the legend in the history of bollywood.i wish he will be remained excellent in all the fields of life

    it is really superb movie regarding acting ,story, suspense , and should be given the ultimate,grand award of bollywood

  • aamir khan is the best in bollywood. the only other actors who can compare is hrithik rosan and maybe sanju. asin is really gorgeous, you can only wish for a girl like that. her hindi is so good, and so is she ;)

    i am an aamir fan, but the movie is not that good, by any real standards. of course, its the BEST HINDI MOVIE of all time, but ioutside india, nobody would care much.

    still the best. if you watch the love story, and songs in this movie, you cant get a better massala film. aamir now has the best pysique as well and put it on course for action rather than salman whose a typical girl in every movie. srk is not even a man. you make a stern face at srk and he will run away to mommy all scared. he’s still a kid.

    i think box office wise, it will take a while for all audiences to get a hold of this movie and by the time the whole audience gets to watch it, it will probably cross 100 crores. its the best hindi movie of all time, its a brave attempt, but not good a movie if you think realistically.

    action is a slacker, its good, but of course, not much in it. plus its too much of a psycho movie at times.

  • amir is a name of polished edged personality .

    He had already proved that but

    he is beyond all the remarks in GHAJINI.

    He is style icon 4 all young.

  • The movie is good…but not Aamir’s best. The story is a nothing great, we have seen this kind of mindless violence in numerous Indian films. (ladies and children will not enjoy the movie). But Aamir and Murgadoss’s presentation is very good. Asin is no big deal, Jiah Khan looks very ordinary.
    Overall, I would any day prefer a ‘Rab ne..’ over Ghajini in these violent times!

  • ghajii createed a never before hype
    it met the expectations but gave nothing more than that
    a very predictable movie
    but suely a blockbuster
    top three things in this movie
    1.aamir knan’s acting
    2. asin’s acting (better than expected)
    3. superb direction by a.r. murugadoss

    this movie is a must watch

  • ultimate movie.. must watch.. leave die hard fanning of any star.. just see the class of work.. be sacular.. fullly entertaining.. must see exellent.. yhumbs up

  • Abe sunny tujhko tu koi taste,, hi nahi hai…..sunny deol…tu gaya bhad main…..
    aamir khaan tu ever green hai…agki baar Aamir ke bare main kuch bolne se pahele 100 baar soch lena…

  • what more needs to be done by aamir to be given no.1 status. he is my no.1 hero. shahrukh khan sucks ………… telling himself to be no.1 brand. ………do lata mangeshkar and sachin tendulkar call themselves no.1 ……….no, they are humble and know that u don’t need to proclaim urself no.1 if u r really no.1 ……….this reflects shshrukh khan’s growing insecurity……………..

  • hello guys please watch original tamil version of ghajini , music is better, actor surya did extraordinary perfomance pl note surya is average height and average coloured actor.then compare ghajini hindi.
    but aamir is excellent actor. please watch more tamil movies since many movies remake in hindi.

  • d ones who r saying dt rab ne ….is better dan ghajini…need to see..rab ne its literally cheappppppppppppppppp..wd almost no sense of humour in it ..

  • Ghajini is good in first half,especially the scenes between asin and amir.

    but second half is a drag especially the end.too much unnecessery violence. it could have been edited.

    and suspense :who is ghajini ? should have come in the end,as to have more suspense.
    rather than revealing after the interval. then it would have justified its title.

    THE Suspense is revealed very early in the film. the plot could have been better if audience would have been made to guess who is GHAJINI? 15 to 20 minutes before the end,the suspense should have been out as to make it more intersting. and keeping the viewers to edge of their seat.

    what do you all say? any comments.

  • all amir but no story.just imagine ghajini without amir? presentation was not bad but story should hav been much better. a bit of suspense towards d end(may b regarding ghajini) was a must.

  • amir khan is my favourite actor since my childhood when i first saw him in QsQt. so my expectations 4m him is always very high. no one can compete him in acting but i also want him 2 select the best story which made me a bit down.

  • Well, all i can say about the Ghajani is collection of following: –

    1. Extraordinary acting of Aamir and his commitment to his role.

    2. Asin’s adorable acting (may be one of the best debut in bollywood).

    3. Excellent direction & screen play by Murgadoss.

    4. Breathtaking action sequences & a strong Villain.

    5. Above average music by AR Rahman.

    I feel Aamir is better actor than Shahrukh because of the variety of films he does. Whereas, Shahrukh and Yash Raj has made the habbit of making people fool again & again by same family drama & same emotional blackmail in most of his films. Even the public around is also responsible for promoting such films to status of hit or superhit. If i compare Ghajani to RNBDJ the only thing i can say Ghajani is completely outnumbering RNBDJ in all aspects.

    I respect every actor in industry but I want the audience to be more choosy while choosing a film to watch. But i’ll strongly recommend people to go & watch “Ghajani” and join the Ghajani Gang.

    all the best to you guys.

  • Amir khan is my favourite actor but i have expected more from him..

    The story is same as tamil film but the claimx is totally different and very interesting… Amir has done excellent job at the end of the fiilm.

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