Get Ready for Salman Khan!

Ready is releasing this weekend and the Salman Khan film is likely to break some serious box office records. Even before release though, the film has broken a couple of records. One, it will be the biggest release for a Bollywood film ever, with close to 2000 prints all over India. Two, the advance booking is mind-boggling, especially on single screens.

The ‘Ready’ wave is also likely to affect films like Haunted, Ragini MMS and Stanley Ka Dabba, who have held on with pretty steady collections in the last couple of weeks. They will be left with just about 1 – 2 shows a day at multiplexes.

Wanted did great business on Single Screens, Dabangg was a universal blockbuster and now with Anees Bazmee at the helm, if the content is good, get Ready for yet another Salman Khan blockbuster!

So with 2 days to go.. Will Ready break box office records? Can it do better business than Dabangg? Or will it fizzle after a good initial? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • It will be a big flop.. mark my words.. It doesnt have actiong of Dabang and its not a total comedy also like No Entry..

    No Entry was a hit because of Anil Kapoor.. This one will open with a bang and will fall big.. This is a big test for salman.. i dont think star power wise he is in the Top 5 even..

    He has more flops than hits!

  • suniel -starpower wise he is the biggest..despite flops and shit movies he can give the biggest opening.that is starpower. says:

    suniel -starpower wise he is the biggest..despite flops and shit movies he can give the biggest opening.that is starpower.

  • We have seen the trailer of Ready on the cinema and it looks promising and Fans of Salman should be impressed. The film is all set to be released in Pakistan. We feel the film would take a good start, but there is likelihood of some variation on box-office collections later as there are other good bollywood flicks and some productions made with more advanced 3D and sound stage; and doing pretty good here. We shall post initial turnout report. Dabangg and Wanted had peculiar bullseye content, something out of ordinary and did well, but if this film should witness that keyflavor only then it may outshine other films otherwise the film may turnout to be a standard fare. Salman Khan being our favorite for so many years should click well this time also, but the audience on this count would determine the worth of this title.

  • @whatever your name is.. (the dude who posted below my comment).. Lets see if Ready can beat opening of Tees Maar Khan or 3 idiots.. I dont think it will come close to dabang which was a hit only because of music and action….

    Ra 1 and Dhoom 3 will kick all movies :D Salman is a bacchu in front of srk and aamir… in his last 10 films.. 8 are flops

  • salman is the biggest superstar forever……shahrukh is the flop forever….fuck u shahrukh and ur karen johar…hahahahahahaha

  • reddy is biggest film of the years………………………………………………………………

  • salman is again best actor of this year
    great salman bhai………………………….
    next movie……….My Love Story & wanted2,Dabbang2
    rock salman khan…………

  • ready is a huge blockbuster of all time and it is also better than any other film in the bollywood.

  • Fuck salman and all its lover srk is the universal superstar and if anyone has the guts to oppose me than try it i promise that i will make you regret you decision

  • Very Good star Salman Khan in one very bad movie. except one song the first, rest of songs are horrible. Severe over acting by over a dozen bunch of noisy tuds who destroy the already thin plot. Comedy was overdone and was repulsive at times. If Loud and irritating comedy lines are trade mark of Bazmee sahib, then we fear his next venture would be more louder and more irritating. Most lousy commercially successful box office super duper comedy film. And that is reality. Regards Irshad Khan

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