Gen-x reality in Cocktail

Cocktail, the recent release starring Saif-Deepika-Diana, has found acceptance amongst the urban audience and hence it is doing good business across the high end multiplexes.

Co-written by Imtiaz Ali, director Homi Adajania has brilliantly highlighted the Gen-X attitude and mentality.

We all are influenced from the Western Culture obviously as they are the highly progressive countries. So we pretend to be having the so-called ‘Mod attitude’. The most common day-to-day dialogs you hear will be : ‘I wanna be myself’,’ I am an independent person’,’ I live life on my own terms’,’ I enjoy life to the fullest, who cares about tomorrow’ and the list goes on.

The people in the developed countries of America and Europe are actually like this and the environment in which they have been brought up matches their thoughts perfectly.

But our real self is not what we are trying to show. Every Indian from inside wants to be dependent, wants to change himself/herself, wants to willingly compromise/sacrifice someday for his/her loved ones. That’s the beauty of our culture and that is what I liked about the message conveyed in the movie. I would love to see a day when we proudly come out openly propagate what we are.

Veronica (Deepika’s character) might be an ‘I don’t care’ attitude NRI girl but from inside she also wants a family life, love and the bar scene, where she breaks down, has been filmed perfectly. Gautam (Saif’s character) also realizes the values when he gets close to Meera (Diana’s character). Diana is very impressive in portraying the character of an innocent girl.

I have not seen Being Cyrus but loved Homi’s work in Cocktail. Also the writing by Imtiaz Ali.

Note: This is not a review of the film. Just my views on how I have taken one aspect of this movie. Do share your views too.

– Abhishek Sharma



  • Read ur point of views and found it doesnot excite me..u knw ur view is parallel to aspect of the film so wont like it..anyway u r a good reader and writer..

  • @Soudip.. I dont think you understood the article at all. What Abhishek is trying to say is, Indians are trying to emulate western culture, especially the youngsters. I think it is just the inferiority complex that most of have. We need to be proud of ourselves, our culture, the love we have for our parents.

    Recently, Orpah made a comment that ‘Indians still eat food with their hands’. What I don’t understand is, what’s wrong if we eat food with our hands??

    They look down upon us and we look upto them. That has to change.

  • Very well written article. I have been following all your articles and have liked them all.

    About the topic.. I somehow feel your an NRI. Reason I say this is.. I think NRI’s value Indian culture much more than people back home do. I live here in the US and we have all sorts of programs to make us feel at home.

    I would love to marry a girl like Meera :D :D :D

  • Does that mean Americans don’t know how to love and they don’t have a culture? How pathetic some people are. Man they have some values in their lives too. It’s just that they are not over dramatic and emphatic about everything as we are. Those guys are sophisticated and way more mature than we ever will be. I am an Indian and I love it but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I should be proud of it and indirectly telling others that how our culture is greater than other countries. This is the exact attitude which has kept us from improving in each field.

  • @Suninder: Brother. The whole world eats with stick and fork but Indians. There’s nothing wrong about eating with your hands but neither is anything great about it. It’s just that they find it unusual that we still eat with our hands.
    And you should be proud about things which you have accomplished not about being born in specific country. Cuz you have nothing to do with it, it’s not any kind of achievement.
    And about culture. What does that even mean? Define culture. Why do Indians always think that only they have culture? Well christians too hav their festivals, they also love their parents(it’s just they don’t show it every time). They have their things going on which makes it their culture.
    And youngsters are attracted towards it because there is reason behind it. It’s not like Americans came to your country and started selling their lifestyle. We copied them because we liked it. The whole world is accepting the better things then why only we are so reluctant about it? Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Let those be whatever they want them to be. Peace out!!

  • youngster likin it becoz thy want chnage..instead pretendin to be conservative better to be wat thy want….

  • Thanks a lot Suninder and Rocky :)
    @ Atul : Its not that I am trying to degrade some other culture. Only thing I am trying to say here is , in the back of our mind.. there sometime comes a feeling that ..ours culture is not as superior as the western ones

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