Gabbar Is Back vs Holiday: Box Office Collection Comparison

‘Gabbar Is Back’ and ‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’, both Akshay Kumar films, were released about an year apart. While ‘Gabbar Is Back’ released on a holiday, ‘Holiday’ did not release on a holiday!

In 4 days, both films have collected about the same – ‘Gabbar Is Back’ has collected Rs 46.55 crore and ‘Holiday’ had collected Rs 48.44 crore. Not much to choose between the two films, but ‘Holiday’ managed to sustain much better on Monday and was outstanding on Tuesday too.

Released during the ‘Post-IPL’ period last year, the A.R. Murugadoss film went on to collect Rs 113 crore at the domestic box office. If ‘Gabbar Is Back’ has to match or beat the lifetime business of ‘Holiday’, it has to collect as much as the latter over the next few days.

A couple of other points:

  • Holiday was outstanding in Week 2, showing excellent growth in business on 2nd Saturday and Sunday. The reason was the multiplex business of the film at metros was excellent after a slow start. It will be tough for ‘Gabbar Is Back’ to match up, because Akshay’s latest film is more massy and should fare better at single-screens.
  • In Week 2, Holiday was competing against a small film like ‘Fugly’. ‘Piku’ takes on ‘Gabbar Is Back’ next week.

Will the collections of ‘Gabbar Is Back’ hold up? Will the film go on to cross the 100 crore mark, thereby becoming the biggest grosser of 2015.. bookmark this page for daily updates!

 Gabbar CollectionsHoliday Collections
Day 1 (Friday)13.0511.62
Day 2 (Saturday)11.3512.39
Day 3 (Sunday)15.0516.58
Day 4 (Monday)7.17.85
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.37.08
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.786.26
Day 7 (Thursday)4.255.68
First Week Collections60.88 crore67.46 crore
Day 8 (Friday)2.804.27
Day 9 (Saturday)4.206.32
Day 10 (Sunday)4.508.68
Day 11 (Monday)-3.1
Day 12 (Tuesday)-2.89
Day 13 (Wednesday)-2.76
Day 14 (Thursday)-2.6
Second Week Collections-30.62 crore
Lifetime Collections72.38 crore113 crore




  • Gabbar Is Back Review by Nipun:

    Akshay Kumar’s latest material GIB is a typical masala remake which has been made like a B-grade film with a social message. Many people think the so called “social message” in a film should be regared as the yard-stick to judge a film and this is the reason why some fools consider movies like Jai Ho and Gabbar as quality films. But it’s not fair at all. Social message in a film depends on its genre, but not on its technicality. So, considering all the films,based on social issue as great is not right at all. Gabbar is based on today’s corruption and a man who is fighting against it like a superhero(but, without supernatural power) .

    The worst thing about many of these typical masala films is that they can cross any limit of manipulation to make the audience emotional. The hospital scene as well as the murder scene of the most corrupted officer,the father of a boy of Gabbar’s team are not fully convencing even though they may make you emotional( particularly the former one).

    I don’t even want to go with the logic because most of the movies in this genre are illogical. But, main problem with Gabbar is that it diverts too much. The comic scenes work sometimes, but mostly they offer nothing. The dialogues are sometimes clap-worthy . The cringe-inducing scenes are many. Remember the hospital scene where the wife of a dead husband says, “mera pati jeeteji jo kam nahi kar paya tha, woh marne ke baad kar diya”? This dialogue should have been replaced by a better one because this scene created a comic timing when you are serious and emotional. Gabbar is so silly that you cann’t take its things seriously. They are like jokes.

    Moreover, Gabbar offers nothing in terms of performances. Akshay Kumar has done a good job here and I feel he is better than his contemporaries(salman and Ajay) in this genre. He delivers mass-friendly dialogues, fights with his enemies, does some over-the-top actions and walks like a Boss. But, how many times we will watch Akki in such roles? It gives him a different looks, which looks good. Shruti Hassan looks extremely beautiful and sexy, but here she has overacted badly. Kareena Kapoor’s special appearance is easily forgettable. She just comes and disappears. Many won’t even remember about her timing after watching the film. A masala film should contain powerful villians. But in Gabbar, villians look too dominated. The actors in the police character have done decent jobs. I wonder why Chitrangada Singh agreed to do such a B-grade item number which is more a body show than than a dance number!

    Music is average. I liked Teri Meri Kahani. Background score is some times irritating and some times decent. The cinematography provides nothing great.

    So, Gabbar is an easily forgettable film. I liked three things about Gabbar. First, Akshay Kumar. Second, the song Teri Meri Kahani and third, the climax. Gabbar ends in a satisfactory way. Masala filmgoers are likely to be satisfied by Gabbar thanks to its climax and the hospital scene and it can be enjoyed in Theatre too if you prefer watching films leaving your brain. But don’t expect too much from it. It is Jai Ho of 2015, although it has better performances. So in my final word, Gabbar is easily forgettable, manipulative and a bit dated. I am going with a generous two stars(ofcourse! It’s not even a two stars material, but I left the theatre with a smile which is why I felt like it had satisfied my heart,if not mind at that time).

    RATING: 2/5

  • Holiday had bigger growth on Sunday and better hold on Monday (which also wasn’t a holiday in parts like Gabbar) so Gabbar will finish below Holiday and most likely under 100 crores.

  • I think such films should stick to being pure entertainers. If they’re going to try to tackle social issues, then they should be done properly and realistically. Gabbar being a superhero killing people as he pleases with little resistance doesn’t make much sense.

  • Interesting comparison . Both are good movies but definitely Holiday is a better movie than Gabbar Is Back . Holiday did 113 CR so i expect GIB to do at least 100 CR . The 4th day collections of GIB are very good and they indicate that it will be successful . If it maintains like this it can perform much better . Holiday faced competition from Fugly in 2nd week, Humshakals in 3rd week and Ek Villain in 4th week . Gabbar Is Back will face competition from Piku and Kuch Kuch Locha Hai in 2nd week, Bombay Velvet in 3rd week and Tanu Weds Manu Returns in 4th week . So in this comparison Holiday had an advantage . Fugly and Humshakals were flops . Piku is looking good but whether it will be successful or not only time will tell, Bombay Velvet is not looking good for me but first 3 days it can do business, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is a comedy . I don’t think it will work but it will take a good start at single screens . Tanu Weds Manu Returns is looking like an entertaining Rom Com and i think people will really enjoy it .

  • Not interested. Both are crap remakes of south industry.
    It’s better for akshay to again stick on multi-starrer movies otherwise saif & shahid may overshadow him in next 2 years.

  • Nice comparison! I quite liked Holiday.

    BTW, Mr.Perfectionist all set to produce a film under his banner, tentatively titled, “The Secret Superstar” So we will have two Aamir films in 2016!!! Excited!

  • @nipun Such a poorly written review. You should write reviews for c grade films, not bollywood films. Just coz you like Lootera that doesnt mean you can become a readable critic. Your ‘review’ seems to be written by some 12 year old kid for school essay competition lol.

  • Nipun’s review will definitely win 1st prize or at least 2nd prize at Junior School essay writing competion. Students in the school would hear the word ‘Manipulation’ for the first time in their lives lol.

  • Nippon thinks that his review is a masterpiece like kriss 3 and this useless is posting it everywhere and indicine is publishing it…

  • At first i thought that this guy called navin is so harsh towards nippon but slowly slowly i understood that this guy is a garbage that deserves it

  • Gabbar review not actually review my experience…. Bcoz review deneke liye…
    Na hi me @nipun hu, na hi me @thullu hu, na hi me @arjun kapoor fan hu, na hi me @sss hu, naam se villain, kaam se hero main hu common man not review man…
    well 1st half hr is little bit bore. Next half hr is decent after interval movie pick up his pace…2nd half is awesome after watching 2nd half I forget 1st half minus points…
    performance — akki hats off no one can do better role than him…
    shruti hasan — waste of time Even Kareena gives better performance than her
    sunil grover — acted really well
    overall one time watch movie…
    rating — 3.5/5…
    must watch akki fan…

  • What’s wrong with Nipun’s review? The film tried to tackle an important issue but went about it in the wrong way. What Gabbar did never happens in real life and is silly. That wouldn’t be a problem if it was just an entertainer but it tried to be a serious film.

  • And how Monday collection change now?
    7.1 cr?
    Monday collection is 6.75 cr not 7.1 cr
    @indicine whats wrong with u?
    r u ok? I mean yesterday also u revise this fig…and today also…
    @indicine go n check ur health to doctor…
    u need it…
    by the bb trailer attach to Tanu weeds manu 2 …
    shame on u even u didn’t know this..

  • Both movies are remakes and that means it doesn’t need much acting. its just needs copy paste.

    Hopefully Akki will go back to Bangkok and revive his career as a chef and waiter before its too late. Akki has really a talent for cooking good food and serve but no he can’t act and his position is not in Bollywood.
    By the way, feel sorry for Akki fans who wasting their precious time with this crap film. An utter waste of time and money. May all involved feel ashamed especially Akki

  • Don’t know but I am not interested in GIB since its title changed, have to see whether I found it entertaining or not.Holiday was a fantastic film though it lacks repeat watching but a well made film.I don’t think GIB can cross holiday but its interesting to see will it cross 100cr. Best of luck.

    @gj007 it may be rumour but if it is correct than another gem is coming from Aamir khan productions.

  • us from manipulationar fans!!!! This jadoo boy every article post crap reviews and our indicine published but my comments awaiting for moderation.
    Gabbar sure surpass of indicine predict one. Hit hai boss…gabbar gabbar gabbar.. i hope this comment publish.

  • Gabbar better than manipulated K3, bing bong, papa path and mosquito spray.
    Gabbar 4 star
    Baby 4.5 star
    Entertainment 3 star
    Holiday 4 star
    Boss 3 star

    Bong bing 0.5 star
    Manipulated K3 0.0 star
    Papa path 1.0 star
    ZNMD 2.5 star
    Mosquito spray 0.0 star.

  • First off all
    there is one more film kuch kuch locha h nd I m going to watch that bcos of sunny Leone so don’t neglect this films ! it has more buzz then piku !!

    Nd gabbar released on a holiday ?? go get a sleep !!! …….

  • Gabbar collected 13.1 nd Holiday 12 cr on opening day bt in Mumbai holidays collections were better then gabbar ! u can check on BOI So for wht u r saying it got benefit from Holiday as holiday was only ib Maharashtra !! if it really have got benefited from Maharashtra holiday then it’s collection in Mumbai would have been more then holidays collection in Mumbai .

  • 100 cr looks difficult from here..but hope it will touch that bollywood will get thr first clean hit..and yea nipun..bakwas review

  • @nipun . please for God’s sake stop torturing us with ur shitty reviews , u pretend to be an unbiased reviewer but u end up being biased , had manipulationik roshan done gib instead of akshay u would have given atleast 4/5 , looks like u took training under ur idol rajeev gay masand , don’t post ur crap reviews again especially for srk & akshay movies otherwise we will stop watching jadoo movies .

  • @gj007,yeah seems like too much funny.secret superstar means how to depend upon multiple stars/big brands /hiking ticket prices are another criteria or you can say secret way of declaring someone superstar as per our looking towards next CHRISTMAS will be a clash with out hirani/big brand,let’s see when half actor will release the other torture in next year.

  • lets keep it simple…
    BUDGET – 75 CR…,
    PROFIT… AKKI DELIVRING MONEY CONSISTANTLY…. from holiday… entrtainment.. baby to gabbar….
    ALL IN PLUS…. this is consistancy… nw he need clean blockbuster…. n BROTHERS is coming … sabse bada..khiladi

  • @ nipun
    few suggestions for best reviews
    1- dnt write reviews even longer than film scripts..
    2- dnt call heroin sexy
    3- dnt called accepted film as B GRADE…
    5-dnt behave like all simgle screen audience is brainless n only.multiplex peple knws about gud films…
    6-dnt reveal dilogs n plot of film much… NOW LETS WAIT FOR UR BOMBAY VELWET REVIEW … TOO MUCH FUN…

  • @ rockstar RK…
    U must be multiple id syndrom victim…. only u cn say that saif will overshaddow akshay….hats off to this idiotics…

  • @ nipun logic…
    1 st line—gabbar offers nothing in terms of performance . ..
    2nd line.—AKSHAY as gabbar performance is even bettr than salman n ajay devgn…. HAHAHA ..

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