Gabbar Is Back is not Sholay 2, Gabbar is a hero not villain: Akshay Kumar

At the trailer launch of his latest film ‘Gabbar Is Back’, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that the film is not ‘Sholay 2’ and Gabbar is a hero not villain.

“This Gabbar is very different.. that Gabbar was the villain and this Gabbar is the hero. This film has nothing to do with that film, this film is not Sholay 2. Both the characters are different” Akshay said.

The actor also said that the film has 3-4 songs and no song required him to dance.


“It’s not a dance-oriented film so you will not see Gabbar dancing in the film. However, there are three-four songs in the film as per the demand of the film” he said.

‘Gabbar Is Back’ is a remake of 2002 Tamil film ‘Ramanaa’, but the script has been modified to suit today’s generation and also the added element of ‘Gabbar’ – a character made iconic by the legendary Amjad Khan in Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay.

When asked about the kind of preparation that he did for his character, Akshay said ”I don’t prepare for my character. I just follow my director’s vision because he knows the best as he knows the script very well. I follow the director. If I listen to too many people, and give him my vision, that will create confusion. I have always believed that a film is one person’s vision and not many people’s visions. I always believe in being a director’s actor.”



  • Ramana was good movie n gabbar will be huge for sure…
    after 24 hr gabbar trailer
    views 0.6M, likes 10k, dislikes 390 only
    after 6 days Bombay velvet trailer
    views 3.5M, likes 10k, dislikes 3k
    look at the reaction peoples like more gabbar

  • Blockbuster……!! …
    May has couple of Promising films like Mastizaade, Bahubali in complete contrast wid ROY2(Helmet of bombay…) …along wid Akki sir Gabbar…..!

    1 may is blockbuster date…..

  • Blockbuster……!! …
    May has couple of Promising films like Mastizaade, Bahubali ……in complete contrast wid Bombay Velvet.. along wid Akki sir Gabbar…..!

    1 may is blockbuster date…..!!…

  • Gabbar is back is not sholay 2 but it will be highest grosser of Akki’s movie. Best of luck Akki……

  • Can’t wait for MAY DAY……………..
    This year Akki will be rocked.
    First BABY now Gabaar and next Brothers. Too much fun

  • Wow…Gabbar ko Akki ne Hero bana diya!!!!
    Now Gabbar buzz high so opening day will be around 15cr to 18cr.

  • Waiting for ….
    Mr.X (Best 3D film of India after raaz3 n haunted) !!

    Gabbar(Best commercial entertainer of 2015 ..)!

    Hamari Adhuri Kahani(Best film of 2015..)!!

    Mahesh Bhatt makes a smashing debut as a singer.. ‘u can call me x’ title track of Mr.x is worth a listen.. Mahesh bhatt is ambidextrous genius…!

  • then y first call it gabbar is back and then say uta not sholay2!!!

    akki us basically using iconic character gabbar and sholays popularity to hype his upcoming crap as all his recent films have got maximum abv avg opening

  • @sambuddha:: Hahaha ..any person having fair enough IQ will get to know that it is’nt Sholay’s sequel by any means..But leave it,it is too much for you to understand!!

  • @ultron: Some idiot journalist would have asked that question to him…Actors don’t start saying such things until they are asked in a press meet.

  • such down to earth personality, and I still wonder how he gets so many hatter’s. akki has always maintained his humility and excepts that khans and hritik are bigger superstars than him. They is no way you can hate someone like akshay, even producers and directors fined much easier to work with him because he’s so humble. You may acuse him of doing bad films but who doesn’t do bad films. It’s quite fanny even some are claiming Gabbar to be acrap film without seeing the films.and lastily this ajinka guy is just atroll who wants to create negativity for him.

  • Okayish trailer,not so good,same masala.
    Where is d creativity??
    Editing looks bad,akki’s dialog delivery seems manipulative.costumes r outdated,akki cud have wore a leather jacket like hro in bangbang,his beard has some white hairs which shud be black,
    I m going wid 2 stars even i m being generous here.

  • @shaggy too much fun reading your comments.
    from that 3.5 M people if an half million people visit theater to watch Akki’s movie he shouldn’t have a 9 or 10 crore opening and struggle to touch 100 crore.
    you akki fans, please watch this movie on theater and give him a decent opening; at least a 15 crore opening.
    You guys already insulted him by trending baby on twitter and fooled them all after the release. not this time.
    we can talk about BV later!!!

  • If a director is Sajid Khan or Farah Khan then you got problems but its a good policy for Akki to abide by but some actors with wealth of experience similar to him still would put forward their expertise n visions….! Akki too should offer an opinion on his character n where film is heading IMO- it may help him in future to not let a film head to ruins like a Joker or OUATIMD…

  • Gabbar is looking very promising movie, and the trailer was powerful and so impressive I hope that movie will easily get 100 crore at least

  • Again no song of Akki !
    Will miss his fun mastifull energetic dance moves with awsm expression !
    bt still gabbar lukin clear winner .

  • @sheheer: And if only half of you 3.7billion fans would have watched crappy new year in theatre,then cny would have surely defeated avatar’s record n not struggling to reach 200crs even on festive release date with high ticket prices.
    Also if 1% of u would have watched india poochega sss kaun,then it would’nt have got 0.4 TRP…lol

  • babaji, it’s not surprise You are badly wounded by that truth.
    We does not comment like that ‘see , our star movies trailer got xx likes more than yy movies, and we win…’lol…
    Btw please consider my request seriously

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