Gabbar Is Back Box Office Collections: 5 days

Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back has crossed the 50 crore mark at the box office. But the film has dropped by around 25% on Tuesday, taking its 5-day collections to Rs 51.85 crore.

In comparison with Akshay’s last 100 crore grosser, ‘Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty’ had collected Rs 55.52 crore in 5 days and the first Tuesday collections of the film was Rs 7.08 crore – significantly higher than ‘Gabbar Is Back’.


The gap is likely to widen as ‘Holiday’ did outstanding business at multiplexes in its second weekend.

Overall, the trend over the last few days suggests that ‘Gabbar Is Back’ might find it difficult to cross the 100 crore mark.

Gabbar Is BackBox Office CollectionsGrowth (+) / Drop (-)
Day 1 (Friday)13.05 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.35 crore-13%
Day 3 (Sunday)15.05 crore+33%
Day 4 (Monday)7.1 crore-53%
Day 5 (Tuesday)5.3 crore-25%
Day 6 (Wednesday)4.78 crore-10%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.25 crore-11%
Day 8 (Friday)2.80 crore-34%
Day 9 (Saturday)4.20 crore+50%
Day 10 (Sunday)4.50 crore+7%
Day 11 (Monday)2.25 crore-50%
Day 12 (Tuesday)2.00 crore-11%
Day 13 (Wednesday)1.80 crore-10%
Day 14 (Thursday)1.65 crore-08%
Day 15 (Friday)0.70 crore-58%
Day 16 (Saturday)0.90 crore+29%
Day 17 (Sunday)1.15 crore+28%
Day 18 (Mon) to Day 21 (Thu)3 crore
Total Collections85.83 crore


  • Bombay velvet stands no chance at single screen n multiplex…
    Bv songs r completely stupid and useless…..

    So gabbar will continue to run at single screen as BV looks very lacklustre and shitty …

  • Collections will be bad for coming days also.. Becoz people r sad n they will boycott movies. No 100cr movie for bollywood till eid.

  • Only movie which has a chance to do 100cr is bombay velvet others like tanu(may b superhit),ddd and hak has zero chance

  • 100crs looks out of reach now as bombay velvet will take majority screens from it in the 3rd week.

    I think you should now compare it with baby’s coll,more appropriate comparison.

  • @indicine: corrections there,that should be -25% and the total coll. should be 51crs

  • It can’t cross 100 crore..Will finish in 80+cr..
    My open challenge to akki fans that if brothers do 200cr then i will accept akki as a superstar..If not then keep ur mouth shut akki fans..

  • 1st week: 61 crores
    2nd week: 25 crores
    3rd week: 10 crores
    lifetime: 95-97 crores
    verdict: above average/semihit.

  • Looks like Holiday had stronger WOM. Gabbar needed a bigger opening (chartbuster songs could have helped). These films can’t do big business if their opening is low

  • Saw some shitheads comparing akshay and hrithik stardom…. u guys are really sick… both have nothing common despite the fact that
    both(and amir) are most versatile today..
    Now let us talk about BANG BANG….. the film had only one flaw that it had no story line, deserved a better director …rest it was an wholesome entertainer…
    It was 10 times better than Knight And Day…. only the last bike scene saved the grace of that movie.
    Can u mention the last film of salman khan which had good script….SRK’s last good film was chak de..8 yrs back..
    Amir’s last gr8 film was 3 idiots(pk only first half) 6 yrs back… remember ajay devgn’s last good film…?
    Only hrithik is one in bollywood who did class fims in last 6 yrs … Guzarish , Zindagi…., agneepath , K3, and somewhat BANG BANG tooo..
    So please shut up…

  • saw today..good movie..and specially climax..i was keenly waiting how its a good one time watch

  • indicine it should be -25 instead of plus sign, correct it and i dont think it will cross baby forget 100 crore.

  • Problem is all people who are watching movie say that it is awesome and then say it is one time watch while films of other stars like Salman(My condolense) and SRK say it is awesome and watch it 2 to 5 times.

  • @Ultron U should join comedy Circus .
    Ppl r sad ? Ppl nhi mostly salman fans Nd Salman fans only watch Salmans movie in theatre for 5-6 times so idiot stupid person there will b nothing impact of Salmans Case !
    there is
    Amir Fans too watch movies nd neutral audience too which r lukin happy that Salman will go to jail !! LOL

  • if baby can collect 95 crore gabbar will be more than 100 crore also it’s wom is stronger than baby.. It will be HIT that’s it and for brothers it will be blockbuster

  • @Hrithik Mania you are wrong dear!!!! PK was a great film. I don’t believe in so called first half and second half. I believe in quality. PK was the greatest film after 3 idiots.

  • @ ultron, i think you should also go to jail and watch bajrangi baijan alongwith with lallu khan in jail

  • 100% sure gabbar can’t cross 85cr.if it will happen my prediction will be right.
    My predicion was
    gabbar 65-85 cr
    velvet 75-110cr
    dilwale 195-245 cr

  • 3 idiots and the PK-dirty movies – Hirani and Aamir remains to show the poster mating male and female, the output of feces from the human body. Why not show the movie poster with male genitals? Discrimination … Then there will be a full cycle of physiological life …

  • as i told , movie is good but not on level of holiday or even baby.
    so will settle at baby range or may be between 85-90 cr.

  • @Raysa
    PK was the most acclaimed movie ever
    Average critics rating: 4/5
    Imdb rating: 8.4/10
    Box office: 340 crore (highest grossing ever)

  • people posting comments here praising the film are clowns.. they havent seen the film but what the heck no harm in posting na?? helped by the everzealous site owners they take every new release up with great expectations post false collections and try visitors to do the same..

    there are some busy sycophants also who have nothing to contribute except wow comments..

    indians are indeed foolish

  • @Raysa : Wants to see censored things. She enjoys watching Maya Memsaab, criminal song n conjum & bre@staking dialogues !!!!!!!!!

  • Gabbar deserve more collections… bombay Velvet will rule next week till then Gabbar will be at peak. After 15th may, Gabbar will be a parallel film in theatre. sure, it will cross 100 cr but slowly.

  • @indicine: highly disappointed with you. Neither u posted the collection for gabbar of friday nor saturday… dnt u think dats wierd!!! Even if u r not biased, bt such actions makes everybdy feel so… these kinda updates are required atleast wen related to weekends… cmon

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