Funny Video: Obese man dances to the tune of Beedi (Omkara)

Its more than 2 years now since went online and its mostly been the serious stuff we have been covering like box office figures, news, lyrics, trailers and much more.

But we thought, its high time we also provide our readers with something to laugh and quite obviously it will be Bollywood related video.

We all love light entertainers and comic scenes, don’t we? Starting from today, we will be publishing one funny video everyday. Hope you, our dear readers like it and enjoy your stay here.

This is a video of an Obese man (with excess weight) dancing to the tunes of the popular Bipasha Basu item song Beedi from Omkara.

Check it out and do not forget to drop in your comments below, as that is the only way we get to gauge the response.





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