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Small and medium budget Bollywood films these days seem to have found a winning formula in the form of Bromance of Buddy films. Films made with this theme have done particularly well. So, it wasnít a surprise when Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani decided to bankroll a comedy film about 4 boys in trouble. The trailer was good and the expectations from this film immediately sprang up. But the promotions have been low key. Letís find out if the film managed to meet the initial expectations.

Story: Choocha (played by debutate Varun Sharma) has weird dreams at night which Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) somehow construes and makes up a number and wins lotteries. So when they are about to fail in School for the third time running, they devise a plan to get the question papers beforehand. Two more friends Zafar (Ali Faizal) and Lali (Manjot Singh) join their plan to fulfill their own ambitions in life. They take a loan from the boisterous Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chaddha). The story then begins as the boys get into trouble and madcap situations arise.

Direction: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba got it horribly wrong with his first film Ė Teen Thay Bhai. But in his sophomore effort, Mrigdeep gets almost everything right. The story is fun, the situations are even funnier and the dialogues are the funniest. Most of the credit goes to the Old Delhi setting. Choochaís antics may have been inspired by Mrigdeepís real life friends considering how neatly etched out his character seems to be. All in all, the film flows with a swift pace with no major intrusive speed bumps. This film should keep everyone hooked till the last frame.

FukreyFukrey Movie Review

Miscellaneous: The production design of this film is particularly impressive with most of the action taking place in real locations across Delhi NCR. Shooting in real locations wins half the battle for you, as they say in film school. The cinematography keeps pace with the action and almost makes you feel a part of the happenings in the film.

Music: Ram Sampathís music adds another layer to an already impressive film. The background score and songs set the mood of the film. They are high energy and make you move your muscles. The title track is particularly fun. The song has been shot in a zany way too. Another song which will stay with you is Ambarasariya (sung by Ramís wife Sona Mohapatra).

Acting: The film works because the acting works. And the casting director needs a pat on his back for such inspired casting. Pulkit Samrat plays his role diligently. Ali Zafar and Manjot Singh are also good in their respective roles. But it is debutante Varun Sharma who steals the show with his antics, funny dialogues and all round awesomeness. He reminded me of a friend I had once. Ah, good memories. Richa Chaddha is also a show stealer with her Bholi Punjaban act. Priya Anand and Vishakha Singh are great. The girls in this film are as good as the boys. No surprises there.

Conclusion and Box Office Potential: The film doesnít fail to impress and meets the already high expectations. Itís funny and somber at the same time. It takes you back to your high school days and makes you want to relive those glory days. Go watch this film, you wonít be disappointed.

The film has taken a poor opening thanks to the poor promotion, and faces tough competition from Man of Steel. As much as I want this film to work, I just canít fathom how this film will work. But good on Farhan and Ritesh for producing a film like this! A little more marketing would have been appreciated.


  • The acting by all the actors
  • Varun Sharma and Richa Chaddha
  • The Delhi dialogues and setting
  • The lively music
  • The humour of the film


  • Promotion should have been better for a film like this

Rating: ★★★★☆



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