Franchise Growth in the Hindi Film Industry: Day 1 comparison

The last couple of years has been quite poor for franchise films. Only Jolly LLB 2 has managed to make a mark, but that film had a major superstar like Akshay Kumar replacing Arshad Warsi and in ABCD 2 with Varun playing the lead.

The attempt to cash-in on franchise value when the first film itself hadn’t found acceptance, is being rejected outright by the audience. Tum Bin 2, Force 2, Rock On 2, Commando 2 – just to name a few – failed to recover investment, even though the films were made on bigger budgets. Rock On 2 was a massive disaster.

However, this year’s Badrinath Ki Dulhania has shown big growth over the first film in the series – which released in theatres less than 3 years before the first film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

When the star cast is almost the same, the first day collections is usually an indicator of how much the previous film was liked. It also shows the growth of stars in the industry, what with Varun Dhawan rising steadily through the ranks and Alia Bhatt turning into a phenomenal actress in a span of less than 5 years.

Check out the list (newer releases at the top, older releases at the bottom)

  1. Dabangg 2 – 33% (2 years after Dabangg 1)
  2. Badrinath Ki Dulhania – 45% (3 years)
  3. Housefull 3 – 22% (3 years)
  4. Raaz 3 – 150% (4 years)
  5. Kahaani 2 – 42% (5 years)
  6. Force 2 – 22% (5 years)
  7. Krrish 3 – 278% (7 years)*
  8. Dhoom 3 – 445% (7 years)
  9. Rock On 2 – 25% (8 years)


  • This shows that Varun dhawan is a much bigger star than Akshay kumar.
    Akshay Kumar movies are even failed to get initials.
    Varun dhawan > Akshay Kumar

  • Badrinath Ki Dulhania has Good WOM and Universal Appeal. Will be affected by Exams
    Lifetime: 95cr
    Final Prediction on Monday

  • Its opening is less than ABCD 2…Both are sequels, one thing is sure,Shraddha is way little ahead than Alia at mass centre, definately she is more beautiful than Alia.And acting ki bat karo hi mat…Acting kisiko nhi ati…Pahle nahi ati this,ab nhi ati,jiine aati hai unhe jagah nhi hai industry me..Industry hates outside talent,that’s the Chadda,Kangana Ranaut.They want only bubby girls.truly speaking there are many girls who are more beautiful than alia..She does represent the section of girls symbolically,no need to say phenomenal & all that till this morning,kya ata hai use,she knows only to smile,vo ladke ka awaj me Hasti hai..

  • Evey film is a 2nd part , every song is remix..
    Destroys the actual values of deserving 2nd parts and occasional chartbuster remix

    • Note: We have included movies in the last 5 years or so. Only those films which had equal cast has been included in the comparison. That’s why films like Welcome Back, Jolly LLB 2 and ABCD 2 were not included.

  • Best Opening Day Occupancy ever witnessed was for ETT and no other film has yet touched that Feat…. Let see which film breaks that….

    ETT – 32 crs in 3200 Screen.
    CE – 32 crs in 3600 Scr.
    D3 – 36 crs in 3800-4000 Scr.
    HNY – 36 crs or 40 crs or 44 crs in 4200-4600 Scr.
    PRDP – 39 crs or 42 crs in 4200-4500 Scr.
    Sultan – 36 crs in 4500 Scr.

  • @indicine
    Please make a list of highest grossing franchises/film series (collection of all films added)
    Also I think the reason jolly llb2/ABCD 2 is not included is because they had significantly different star cast
    If so why is dhoom 3 included?(aamir in dhoom 3 and hritikh)

  • SRK all set to making records in
    upcoming movie’s
    Raees hundreds pluy
    The Ring two hundreds plus
    SLB next 300 plus
    Aditya Chopra next 400 plus

  • Jolly series should be included indicine.its the biggest growth from 3 CR’s of first part to 13.2 CR’s of second part.when u included dabang,why don’t u include jolly??

  • Indicine post about DON 2

    DON 1 1st day Collections -4.65 crores

    DON 2 1st day collections-14.60 crore

    So it showed 214% growth post about it

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