First weekend Collections: Top 10 Priyanka Chopra films

Priyanka Chopra’s latest release Gunday is her 4th highest first weekend collections for any film, ahead of Barfi and Anjaani Anjaani, but below some of her most successful films like Krrish 3, Don 2 and Agneepath.

Krrish 3 is her biggest opener to date, as the film collected Rs 72.7 crore in its first weekend at the box office.

  • Krrish 3 (2013) – 72.7 crore
  • Don 2 (2011) – 48.9 crore
  • Agneepath (2012) – 48.45 crore
  • Gunday (2014) – 43.93 crore
  • Barfi (2012) – 34.7 crore
  • Anjaana Anjaani (2010) – 22.75 crore
  • Dostana (2008) – 17.42 crore
  • Krrish (2006) – 17.38 crore
  • Teri Meri Kahaani (2012) – 15.9 crore
  • Kaminey (2009) – 15.1 crore


  • DON & DON-2 are the two best priyanka chopra films….SRK-PC jodi rock in that….after dat she is called as Wild Cat…”Mujhe junglee billiyan bohut pasand hai”…nice dialogue by SRK

  • You have to see that Krrish 3 got affected by Dhanteras and Diwali during the weekend and still managed 72.7crs.

  • Krrish and Krrish 3 is the best..She worked 5 years for this 2 movies..
    Performance Wise she worked well in Barfi,Krrish,D2,Agneepath..
    Her character in barfi one of her best performance..

  • Akshay Kumar, who is currently shooting for Gabbar in Pune, opened up on his upcoming movies and the need to reinvent oneself

    Vrunda juwale and rajlaxmi arora

    When we reach Agriculture College ground, we do a double take. Is the guy sporting a beard Akshay Kumar, we wonder. As we are ushered in and he comes to chat with us after giving a shot, it is confirmed. We can’t help but compliment the Boss on his new look.

    Akki is casual, frank and vigilant at the same time. As he starts talking to us, he makes a gesture to someone in the crowd who is trying to take a video of him, saying in chaste Marathi ‘Ek Kanakhali Denar’ (Will slap you), of course all in jest! While he doesn’t divulge much on the film — Gabbar for which he is shooting in Pune, he nevertheless opens up on many things, including his career. Over to the Khiladi…

    Gabbar, the film and his role
    For now, all I can tell you is that I am playing a vigilante in this movie. I can’t reveal the plot nor can I tell you about my look and whether I am going to be sporting this beard throughout the movie. But what I can tell you is that through this role, I am looking to reinvent myself. I would say, I am coming as a newcomer in the industry (again).

    The need to reinvent
    There is no choice. Whether it’s your profession or mine, reinventing oneself is a must. I will be completing 25 years in the industry in 2015. It’s time to reinvent myself. But when I talk about reinventing, I am not talking in terms of genres but in terms of the characters I will be playing. And you could say that when I change myself and challenge myself, I prefer that genre at that point of time. I reinvented myself with Oh My God! where I played a god. It was a challenge which I accepted and I loved it.

    Moving away from the comedy genre
    It’s not that I have left comedy. Comedy is a part of me. I love to laugh. Since childhood, my parents taught me, whatever happens in life, we have to laugh. We didn’t have much money to go out and watch movies but we would tell each other jokes. Jokes are still a part of my life. I even make jokes and circulate them through SMSes to my close friends. Actually, they are my personal experiences which I transform into jokes.

    So if given a choice, I would say, comedy is my favourite genre. It’s a difficult one though. You can make people cry but it’s tough to make people laugh.

    But there are times when I get bored of comedies and then I go for movies like Special 26 where I played a conman. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

    Failure of South remakes like Boss
    Jitendra, Kader Khan and many more actors have done a lot of South movies, you know Tohfa etc. This is a genre which fades away and then comes back. Boss was my prior commitment, so I did it. I don’t want to get into that kind of movies again. I am myself bored with those gravity-defying action scenes and all. But as far as the business part of the movie is concerned, I feel single screens still love masala movies, it’s the multiplexes that have banned them.

    Other projects
    My new film Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is set to release in some time wherein I am playing the role of an MI (Military Intelligence) guy. It is a very intelligent film and I could not wait to shoot for it when I heard the script. The script is written by Murugadoss. That man is such an intelligent fellow and has done some great work in Tamil in the past. We didn’t start off on a good note, but hit it off quite well later and have ended up becoming the best of buddies. He doesn’t watch Hollywood movies or anything else, but he has violence on his mind. I even tell him, ‘You are the most crooked fellow I have ever met.’

    Martial Arts School for women
    I am starting this school in Andheri, Mumbai. I am not trying to create black belts overnight. I want to teach women, or anybody for that matter, to be prepared to handle difficult situations. You have to observant. I was in Bangkok and was being trained for a higher degree in martial arts. My trainer used to take me out for Thai movies. After the movie, he would not ask me about the character or story but minute details like the colour of the shoe of the protagonist in a particular scene. That made me realise the importance of being a good observer and I believe that every individual should be quite observant to avoid getting into unpleasant situations.

    Producing the next Marathi film
    Our next production is Astitva which is 50 per cent complete.

  • @akshay1111
    Priyanka is safe also in top actresses catagory,think about akhshy,he is not in safe position.After 2 flops,he can make hattrick by holiday,i also think,u like all akkian’s heartbeats tune is tick tock tick tock,flop’s ringtone

  • priyanka is the most talented beautiful sizzling hottest actress n now best dancing qween after ram chahe leela item song n asalaam ishqum her cabaret n also her music album is releasing this year as well as gunday rocking at the boxoffcie n mary up to be releasing soon this year n she has zoya akhtar’s next n 2 more projects which will be revealed soon by the production house of by priyanka herself she gonna rule in 2014 while she just received the zee cine award international star of the year recently

  • Priyanka’s best performance so far has been Kaminey. The character nuances she displayed was simply outstanding. She was unlucky that year as Vidya was superlative as the mom in Paa.

    I was very critical of the jury for not giving PC and preferring Vidya until i saw Paa.

  • @aeeyy,

    that was a very good post on Akshay.

    keept it up.

    Indicine is not bothered about stars like Akshay, Ajay etc., but we love them.

  • @aeeyy,what’s going on,this article about pc’s film and what you posted,have you out of your mind,will you really know no one is bothered about flop kumar,lol.

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