First look: Lara Dutta as Emily in Singh Is Bling

Lara Dutta Bhupathi who was last seen in Bejoy Nambiar’s action-thriller ‘David’ two years ago, is returning to the silver screen once again with Prabhu Deva’s next romantic comedy ‘Singh Is Bling’. The actress will be seen in a quirky, de-glam avatar in this Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson starrer.

Lara is playing an important character named Emily who creates trouble in Akshay and Amy’s love story. Her character is said to be very funny and quirky.

I play Emily aka Imli, a Goan, who is hired by Singh (Akshay Kumar) and his friends to be a translator for them to be able to communicate with Sara (Amy). Its funny but also quirky. I had to make an effort to look geeky and frumpy. My look was decided upon between the director, the producer and me and was executed by the films stylist Arun, Lara said about her character in the film.

Produced by Grazing Goat Pictures, Singh Is Bling is scheduled for October 2 release this year.

Check out Lara’s first look as Emily from SIB right here.

Lara Dutta's first look as Emily in Singh Is Bling

Lara Dutta’s first look as Emily in Singh Is Bling



  • Singh is bling a blockbuster in making….!!…

    Ppl missing out an out masala entertaining film for a long time…!!…

    Sib will b dat entertainer…!!..

    I know depressin ppl like Nipun will not like this type of entertainer… ,,, as he likes to watch crap flop films like Ddd,,tamasha,,BV ..etc…!!..

    Waitin for SIB trailer launch tomorrow…!!..

  • @neeraj karayat …

    What akki days gone???…

    Which varun film did more than akki’s???…
    Abcd2 was shraadha and dharmesh starrer…!!…

  • I request ppl to consider abcd2 as shraddha starrer…!!..

    What happened for brothers???… Where is sid female followin???… No female in brothers theatre…!!..

    Female audience is dumb low IQ…!!..
    They like to watch dumb poor delicate low IQ films like abcd2,, hskd,, yjhd…!!..

    U cannot attribute abcd2,,hsks,,yjhd success to male lead…!!.. As female lead drawed d audience…!!..

    While in brothers,, SIB,,Baby.. It will be AKKI who is pulling audience widout promotion n cheap media tactics like paid review(abcd2,,ddd) …!!…

  • I m really hurt about the collection of brothers. Akshay is trully a gem now. The way he acted in movie or past some movies are really make him versatile. No one can argue. But past mistakes are coming out now. Faith is lost.and his charm is take by sallu now after doing wanted. Anyways some.credibility he has earn. If singh is Bling works then he bounce back. But if fails then really he has to think about choices of the movie

  • Akki has himself to blame for the poor performances of his recent movies.If he gives a movie like SIB or Brothers after Baby then surely nobody will watch the movies without reading the reviews

  • I m devastated by the failure of brothers.cant blv one can make such a pathetic remake of warriors

  • @nipun @navin ur idols did the correct thing by walking out of suddhi.
    now i m worried for varun

  • @ajinkya.. stop giving all the credit to female actors.. Varun films have opened well, whether it is Badlapur or ABCD 2.. The only advantage for ABCD 2 was sequel factor..

    I like Akki, but why do his fans keep predicting blockbuster for his next movie when no film has even become clean hit after Holiday?

    Entertainment, Baby, Gabbar were all average to semi hit.

  • Now the next movie of Akki is going to release. Let’s see what kind of buzz that film able to make on National holiday 2nd Oct.
    Baby- avg
    Gabaar- Semi hit.
    Brothers- flop/below avg
    If SIB not become hit than this year will consider preety average for Akshay though as performance wise he is superb in all 3 films which release yet but box office suffers.

  • @challa Who would have thought Brothers will get such negativity?? It was a remake of an acclaimed film with a director who had made a good Agneepath remake!!SRK made RaOne with his full heart,never for a moment he would have thought that it will go so wrong.
    Akshay should not be blamed at all for Brothers,he did his best in the film and for me the film is a nice watch.

    Yes,for SIB if it is like Action Jackson then Akki could be blamed but it is too early to call SIB a crap!
    Who knows it might turn out to be a good comedy…

  • @neeraj i rated kt 7/10 that means 3 stars in a scale of 5.and its now where close to most ppl found it avg which is nt wat was expected of warriors remake

  • @ajinkya yes in that way.
    Baby is Rana duggubati movie.
    Gabbar is Amzad khan movie as title belong to his iconic character.
    Brothers is Sidharth & jackline movie.
    Entertainment was the movie of doggy.
    Holiday was the movie of Sonakshi and A R murugdoss.

    Stop giving excuses, your foolish points can’t take credit away from Varun to his successful career so far in Bollywood.

  • @chameleon sambuddha:: You gave a 7/10 review of Brothers few days back and now calling it a pathetic remake of Warrior just bcoz it isn’t doing well at the ticket counter???

  • @Arjun Youngistaan Fan… which school did you learn maths? 6/10 is 3 stars.. 7/10 is 3.5 stars. Next you’ll rate a film 9/10 and call it 3.5 stars :|

  • Sure sib is going break pk , film bajrangi ‘s left right centre records
    specially every Khans silly records

  • I am not all excited for SIB . Prabhu Deva is a crap director . This is the comeback movie of Lara Dutta . Both Rajkumar and AJ were original movies and both were craps . RR and Wanted were decent entertainers but both were remakes . Let’s wait for the trailer to decide how bad it is or how good it is . Best Of Luck Akshay, Amy and Lara for SIB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @neeraj rating a film is nt like maths ki 3 out of 5 means 6 out of 10
    its a scale rating
    luk at imdb or any critics rating 3/5 us considered decent to good bt on a scale of 10 rating of 6 means abv avg.6.5 means decent

    Anyways such ratings and scale is beyond
    Ur understanding.

  • @kSHITij i m talking about general opinion of public. I found it decent bt public obviously found it avg thats y poor trending

  • @some buddha idiotwala

    Stop your whining- Sid does not beling in your floppistan team you village idiot…! I have told you many times before that hes part of my New Kids on the Block pop band. Along with Varun hes delivering smash hits on his own unlike your floppistan gunday arjuna, ranveer, imran n ranbir…!

  • The bengali village idiot clearly didnt go to school as his job from an early age was to be his villages resident idiot…!

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