First look: Akshay Kumar in Airlift

Akshay Kumar’s look in his upcoming film ‘Airlift’ has generated tremendous curiosity after it was revealed that the film would be about the biggest evacuation in human history.

The actor, who has now made it a habit of releasing multiplex-targeted and stylishly shot thrillers as the first big release of the year, has been cast opposite the talented Nimrat Karu who impressed both the critics and the audience in ‘The Lunchbox’.

Since the film is set in 1990 in Kuwait, during the time when Saddam Hussein invaded the Arab country, the entire setting was recreated perfectly to look like the 90s.

Sources say, Akshay plays Ranjit Katyal, a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman, who finds himself and the lives of his loved ones in danger. Eventually, he becomes a real-life hero who helps evacuate 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait.

The film is currently being shot on an old street of Ras-Al-Khaimah, which supposedly looks quite like Kuwait in 1990.

Akshay Kumar's look in Airlift

Akshay Kumar’s look in Airlift

Akshay Kumar, Lena Airlift on location

Akshay Kumar, Lena Airlift on location



  • Sure best movie of 2016. Now akki sir choose content oriented movie.
    Akki sir will be rockz this year and next year. Best of luck…..

  • Thank God Akki sir is Choosing Good Movies now.. He almost lost His Stardom with those Crappy Movies nd i used to feel Bad For Him.. Baby,Brothers and Now Airlift.. I hope Gabbar is also very good and he really should drop Singh is Bling Because Prabudheva is just a Disaster..

    After Salman Sir ,I like Akki and Aamir khan the most.. So best of luck Akki :) :) ..

  • Akshay doing movies more than 23 year
    now, he should do better cinema like salman otherwise akki should retire.

  • airlift’s plot looks promising
    i hope it opens well… akshay is facing this problem from quite sometime now. holiday special 26 n baby were multiplex targeted n well made films which was proved in its smooth run.
    he should work on marketing his films.. can take shahrukhs help

  • I’m shocked!!!yesterday, i bought DVD of Dabangg, 3 idiots, Wanted and PK with Myanmar dubbing. When i ask DVD seller, when out PK Myanmar dubbing? DVD seller say after two week release in India.
    Now Myanmar, huge increase fans following of Salman, Amir and Akki but decrease fans following of srk and hr.

  • @myanmar yangon dont lie I know ur indian and u r lallu and amir sir fan and dont write about khans on akshay sir article
    I am srk fan but I respect both akshay and amir
    Akshay airlift will be urs third 200 hundred club film after gabber and brothers

  • @myanmar, it’s not a surprise that salman and akki has more fans in states like bhojpuri, rajesthan and undeveloped countries like myanmar, while SRK have more fans in countries like US,UK,UAE…

  • Why not a single top actress is willing to work with Akki?
    Everybody knows the reason. ;)
    Akki keeps telling he works woh new comers to enrich Bollywood.

  • Now something has to be differentiated.akki selected good films that are only based on action only or some kind of semi thrilling entertainer like this film is also seems same like as baby.I know akki will never dare to do a movie like MNIK/HAIDER.because these movies totally HIGH INTENSITY ACT+entertainment less PURE CLASSICS and can be considered WORLD CLASS MOVIE not a typical masala entertainment Indian movies.MY salute to KING KHAN and Mr.Shahid Kapoor to show their IMPACT ON ACTING.not only to them some other actors like Irfanji,Raj Kumar Rao,Nawaj and many such Gem actors due to Bollywood seems so glorious.

  • @Saad, I’m Indian but i stay in Myanmar. My grandpaa of grandpaa came from india in 1915(exactly i not remember).I’m not bring khans on Akki article but strange i’m get Myanmar dubbing movie of Salman and Amir.

    @Shaheer, Yes… Myanmar undeveloped country but i’m not Jaahil, Gawar and Besharam.

    @Vera, Because Akki don’t want top actress unlike your srk.

  • @sheer idiot

    We are still unable to locate the whereabouts of 99% of Kings Global fanbase as history tells us king has no more than 20 million fans in India (DDLJ after 20yrs run just about had 20 million tickets sold) and recently in China no more than afew hundred thousand people saw Kings craps….! So in 2 countries with well over 2 billion people King has fewer than 1% of fans so the hunt to find over 3.5 billion fans in the remaining world population of 4.5 billion is still on. Dont think US is a big market as Aamir dominates there….

  • @uncle ji
    you have already three in your hit lists. i would prefer to be in INA terrorist list rather than your hit list…
    Please muje chodtho,i am nota kinda person …

    Yes, small correction for you, it’s not Amir, amir films dominates overseas.
    If you search google SRK greats fans in Germany, USA, UK etc…you can see a larger crowd around him. not indians…

    You never see that with Amir, Now you have to say Amir dont go to abroad or see fans, that’s why….just begin….

  • @myanmar gangon,ha ha look at your grammer,spell mistakes.even a ukg drop student can write better than you.what’s this—-“(exactly I not remember)”,”I’m not bring khans”,” I’m get Myanmar dubbing movies”.ha ha this resembles the standard of your literacy who once tried to point out my small mistakes due to hurrily see bhojpuri your mistake.

    Yeah exactly every salman fans are that I mean jaahil,ganwar,besharam.

    Who told you DP got 1st blockbuster with KING KHAN in OSO.then Her career destroyed by your floppaki in big films like cctc.then anushka career also most destroyed in Patiala house.big actress like as in also flopped in khiladi 786 due to floppaki.and you’re saying our floppaki don’t need any big actress.floppaki has only one blockbuster that also due to due to south remake and sue to sonakshi who also gave our bhaijaan 2 blockbusters.

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