Filmfare Awards Telecast

The 54th Idea Filmfare Awards which was held last weekend was a grand event with fabulous performances and deserving winners.

We have received many email’s on when the Filmfare Awards 2009 will be telecast and what exactly to look forward to from Bollywood’s most prestigeous awards ceremony.. Here’s a brief

  • Farhan Akthar and his Rock On team, once again performanced and rocked the stage!
  • Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor as the main hosts will be a refreshing change. The two managed to pull off quite a few antics, their spoof on Ghajini (Imran as Sanjay Singhania)  and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Ranbir as Surinder Sahni) was funny.
  • Shahrukh Khan was present at the Filmfare just days after his shoulder surgery. He sat with the Bachchans.
  • Eye Candy: Katrina Kaif’s performance
  • Jacky Bhagnani, the newcomer who makes his debut with Kal Kisne Dekha later this year, performed on stage for the very first time.
  • Shahid Kapoor’s dance performance is always something to look forward to.
  • Slumdog Millionaire kids were present to cheer the winners.

Hrithik fan’s will be disappointed though, as the star couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony. His mother Pinky Roshan suddenly fell ill, just hours before the Filmfare Awards took place. Says Hrithik’s dad Rakesh Roshan “We were all getting ready for the Filmfare awards, looking forward to Hrithik bringing home another trophy when my wife complained of uneasiness. We couldn’t take a risk because she has had a heart scare earlier. We called the doctor home and her condition was under control after medication. Anything could’ve happened that night. That’s why we decided to regretfully cancel our evening at the Filmfare awards. But I’m sure there will be many more occasions for Hrithik to get awards.”

Filmfare Awards 2009 will be telecast on Sony Entertainment Television at 8PM Indian Standard Time.

Do come back and post your views on the overall quality of the Filmfare night! Talking of quality, the Academy Awards was so full of brilliance, class and elegance… can any Indian award ceremony come close? We hope the Filmfare does, afterall its known as Bollywood’s equivalent to the Oscars!



  • I am watching the Filmfare right now.

    I dont understand why the industry needs the Oscars to recognise a living legened in the industry. AR Rahman deserved the standing ovation that he got at the Filmfare, much earlier.

    Anushka Sharma lacks attitude, style, grace and looks.

  • Asin is looking gorgeous and deserved the best newcomer.

    Am really hurt to see Rajeev Khandelwal totally ignored at all awards. :( Its so unfortunate.

    Ranbir looks better than SRK as Surinder :D

  • Hi all …
    in my opinion. filmfair is the best of the best award function in the whole year.. becz of its to old n gold..

  • hello

    king khan , deepika , ranbir , bebo , ash , kat , asin , bips , imran , priyanka , konkana ,

    farhan and rekha were all looking stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very good award show. The hosts were really terrific even Karan Johar. I was happy to see nobody was insulted. Flop films were never mentioned. The humour was clean and funny and enjoyable. Bravo! I hope this will continue and we will not see a situation like last year again.

    The best item was Katrinas dance. She was dressed decently in all her dances.

    If we want to match up to Oscars, the stage should be made more elegant. Less or no flashing lights,less dances also and more musical performances. I am glad Sukhwinder requested Filmfare to let him perform next time. He should be given a chance as should other singers. Also EVRYONE attending this function must follow a dress code, esp technicians and directors. Such an event must be a Black Tie event for everyone. If this happens we will surpass the Oscars.

    Manjot singh was adorable. Also I was very happy with the honour given to Slumdog kids.

    All in all this was one of the best ceremonies Filmfare has ever had. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • hi ABD
    For ur kind information this year not a good year for filmfare becz of the host of function is not macht like shahrukhkhann n saif ali khann so u dont say that the function is best of the best … ok dear … i think when shahrukhkhann the host in last so many time the function is so papular n so meaning full but in this year its not a much papular becz of shahrukhkhann not host the show … imran n ranbir do well but not well as shahrukhkhann n saif did last so manay years ok dear so plz dont say that agian thanks
    its me khann

  • My Dear Khann,

    You are so so right. Indeed the telecast was soooooooooooo boring and lifeless because it was not being hosted by SRK and SAK. Ranbir and Imran were so unsure of themselves. Certainly it is verrrrry unfair and my heart goes out to you. We all should have switched our TV sets off, the minute SRK and SAK didnt come up on stage as hosts. It was boring to see nobody getting insulted, nobody being laughed at, no jokes being cracked on Dostana and gay people etc. This was a complete travesty, doesnt filmfare know that people like you and me give up valuable time in which we could earn hundreds and thousands of dollars to watch their show? Shouldnt they be curteous enough to make it interesting by bringing SRK and SAK on stage so that our time is not wasted? Really I am sooooooo upset. To make it up to you, I will send you a complete DVD set of all the previous Filmfare shows in which SRK and SAK have hosted. This will arrive @ Peshawar Pakistan at 12 noon tomorrow. Please pick it up from the local DHL office and remember this is a treasure which you must never part with. Keep the set under your pillow at all times. It will bring you peace and sweet sweet dreams of SRK and SAK.
    Love you Khann.

  • But ofcourse Khann, SRK is the Sun and the whole world HAS to revolve around him. To remind you of this, I am going to send you a globe with SRK’s picture stuck on each and every country. Keep it on your nightstand and before you go to sleep, give it a good ole swirl, let it spin and spin and let that remind you of SRK’s greatness. This will arrive @ Peshawar at 12 noon tomorrow. Please collect it at your local DHL office. Luv u Khann.

  • 54th Idea Filmfare Awards Ceremony

    I was fortunate enough to watch the telecast of the above ceremony on sunday, March 08th.

    This year’s ceremony was miles ahead in dignity and sophistication as compared to last year’s pathetic event. Indeed Filmfare and Idea deserve credit and commendation for this.

    These are my observations, some positive, some negative. I pray that the positive will be enhanced year after year. I also pray that my negative comments will be examined minutely, and if there is any merit to what I am saying then an effort will be made to change these into positive aspects next year.

    1. The stars were dressed beautifully with many of the female stars sporting haute couture gowns from designer collections. Many of the male stars, especially newcomers, looked debonair and dashing in their fine suits, cravats and neckties. This was indeed a refreshing change from the shows of the past. However, as my friend ABD has pointed out, technicians and many of the directors including Ashutosh Gowarikar and Yash Chopra were poorly dressed for such a function. My fashion police radar picked on the following:

    Best Dressed Female – Sonam Kapoor
    Best Dressed Male – Arjun Rampal

    I must also mention that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Asin, Anushka, Katrina Kaif, Shreya Goshal, Tabu and above all, Rekha were all perfectly turned out.
    This is why it was very disappointing that the telecast began with no red carpet moments. Sony Entertainment Television should make note of this.

    2. The hosting of this year’s show was EXACTLY RIGHT! Karan Johar was more restrained than usual and mindful of what he was saying. This worked in his favour as this year he was the best he has ever been. Deepika was a little bit wooden and needs to settle her nerves and act more freely but as this was her first time, we can overlook this and say she made an excellent effort. Konkana and Farhaan were very good. But the show was stolen by the wonderful Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. What an extraordinary pair! They were articulate, well prepared, and above all very funny and entertaining. I could not help but laugh at some of their antics, especially the Blush awards and the PP and the manner in which they received A.R.Rahman on stage. As Shabanaji said, they were a real riot and gladened everyones’ hearts. They also presented the categories with very nicely chosen words especially for the Best Actor female and male and recieved recipients on stage courteously and made them feel special. A real coup for Filmfare and Idea to have selected these two as hosts in place of you-who-know. Also I would be failing in my duty if I did not thank Ashutosh Gowarikar from the bottom of my heart. His annoyance and anger at the Star Screen Awards played a significant role in Filmfare deciding to clean up its hosting act. So, many thanks to Ashutosh.

    3. Filmfare and Idea, this year, have really really made a mess of the Critics Awards. Is this why the jury was never introduced? Manjot Singh, although he made an adorable speech, had a role shorter than 15 minutes in the film Oye Lucky Lucky Oye [OLLO], so how can he win the Best Actor Critics Award? An award which in the past has been judged very discerningly and has gone to performers like Sanjay Dutt [Munna Bhai], Amitabh Bachchan [Black] etc. I DO NOT AGREE AT ALL with the choices made here. Surely, Naseerudin Shah was the ideal choice. Similarly, how can Shahana be given the Best Actress Critics Award. She was in a Supporting Role in the film Rock On. Really, really WRONG! The only worthy recipient was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Can anyone put their hands on their hearts with God as their witness and say that Shahana was better than Aishwarya? Also Mumbai Meri Jaan was not deserving of the Best Film Critics Award. A Wednesday and Aamir were better choices. Why have filmfare and Idea made a joke out of the Critics Awards this year? What is going on? I would not have minded if Manjot and Shahana were given certificates like Pratik and Purab were but to give them Best Actor male and female is highly atrocious!!

    4. Filmfare and Idea should ensure awards are being given on merit. However, it seems that instead of merit as a criteria, an effort is being made to “keep everyone happy”. This is WRONG! For example, at the Oscars this year, Slumdog Millionaire swept away 8 awards. The Academy let this happen because this was right. Filmfare is too afraid of the backlash from various camps and therefore tries to distribute awards so that every camp is satisfied. This results in many wrong judgements. Here are some of the glaring examples:

    a) The costumes of OLLO were no comparison to the costumes of Jodha Akbar and Fashion, yet OLLO won Best Costume Award. It seems names were put on folded pieces of paper in a box and one name was just picked out. I feel bad for the costume designers of Jodha Akbar and Fashion who broke their backs for these films but in the end were told that the designers of OLLO were better than them. This is shameful!

    b) Jodha Akbar, Ghajini, Rab Ne and Fashion ALL had better dialogues than OLLO so how could the Best Dialogue Award go to OLLO?

    c) Best Cinematography and Sound Design should have been swept away by either Jodha akbar or Ghajini and yet the awards went to Rock On.

    Filmfare should realise that awards are a reward for hard work and should go to DESERVING recipients only. So what if Jodha Akbar were to sweep away ten or more awards? If they deserved them, they should get them. This did not happen because of bias. No wonder the public feels awards are fixed when such obvious mistakes are made.

    5. The entertainment items at this year’s ceremony were very good. I would have preferred at least one traditional/cultural dance to have been included. Also, A.R.Rahman and Sukhwinder could have been asked to perform Jai Ho since the latter did not get to go to the Oscars. In addition, more singing items would be an added bonus.

    6. SRK made a very touching gesture by calling and honouring the kids from Slumdog Millionaire. I commend him for this. Ofcourse being SRK, he had to slip in a jab or two. Saying that Anil Kapoor’s enthusiasm was like that of a small child’s was not very nice. How would SRK have felt if Anil Kapoor had announced that SRK’s excitement was like that of a total teenager blowing kisses on the stage at the Golden Globes? He also made jabs at Ashutosh and Om Puri. But at least, for the most part, he was politically correct. I thank God for that!

    7. I am very happy that this year the awards were given in the correct order with the penaltimate award being for Best Film. I hope this will continue and not revert back to the final award being for Best Actor just because SRK is winning that year. It was very disappointing that Hrithik did not come for his award but we understand his predicament, thanks to the information given by the Indicine Team. However, it was rude of Ashutosh not to say anything when collecting this award on Hrithik’s behalf. He should have spoken a few words about Hrithik’s talent and perserverence. Also Sony TV/ Filmfare could have tried to obtain a quote from Hrithik later on for winning such a hotly contested award. This was done in the MAX Stardust Awards.

    I take this opportunity to thank Almighty God for giving the main awards to the deserving candidates and I pray that he grants courage and patience to those candidates who deserved awards but were deliberately not given. I also pray that next year we will see this changing for the better and a very special prayer that next year, even the nominations are decided on without fear or favour, and as per merit. It will be indeed very disappointing if SRK is nominated for Billu or if Akshay is nominated for Chandni Chowk to China. Nominations should be such, and so carefully made, that if any of the nominees win, nobody can argue because all nominees were the creme de la creme, encompassing the BEST performances of the year. In this way, credibility will slowly return to Filmfare. They have made a good start this year and I wish them success in their endeavours in upcoming years.

    Allow me to sign off now…

    PS: word of caution to my friend ABD, DHL is very costly and these are times of recession so I would advise you to use registered mail instead. *wink*

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