‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari reminds me of my dad’ – Sanjay Dutt

Apart from the forgettable Department, 2012 has been good for Sanjay Dutt so far, as his character ‘Kancha’ in Agneepath will be remembered, watched and loved for a long time to come.

Dutt will be seen in this week’s release Ferrari Ki Sawaari, and the actor says, the film reminded him of his late father, actor Sunil Dutt. This is because the movie is about a father who thinks about nothing but his son and his dreams.

“It’s an honest film. It’s full of values, bonding and about father-son relationship. It reminded me of my relationship with my dad. My dad was never really physical with me. He took very long to say he loves me. I obviously knew the love was always there” said Dutt here in Mumbai.

Sanjay shared screen space with father Sunil Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Munnabhai M.B.B.S.’

Sharing some fond memories from the 2003 classic, Dutt says “There was a scene in ‘Munnabhai’ where he had to hug me. He had met with an accident that day, his shoulder was jammed and he could barely raise his hand to hug me. We all saw how much pain he was in.”

“In fact, Vidhu (Vinod Chopra) even asked him to go home and rest. But he insisted that he wanted to finish the shoot. And he did. Believe me the way he hugged me in that shot, it was so tight and full of love, it wasn’t acting.. it was for real. This film is that real and reminds me of my dad.” concluded an emotional Sanjay.



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