Feroz Khan dead

Legendary Bollywood Actor-director Feroz Khan who was recently diagnosed of cancer is dead.

The 70 year old actor, who was critically ill for the last few weeks, flew over to his Bangalore farm house on April 21st to be with his family and his first love, his pets.

Feroz Khan was last seen in the 2007 blockbuster Welcome and his last directorial venture was Janasheen starring son Fardeen Khan. In the past Feroz Khan has directed films like Qurbani and Jaanbaaz. Filmfare in 2000 awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The industry will miss the legend, his fantastic screen presence and style of acting.

May his soul rest in peace.



  • i dont believe this !!!

    feroz khan was one of my favourite actors ever. he is one actor i have been craving to meet for a long long time. i had planned on my next visit to india to somehow seek him out and fulfill my lifelong ambition of meeting this great human being. not only was he a great actor and a true legend, but also a great human being who had done a lot for humanatarian causes. always willing to give up a slice of his wealth to the needy and poor.
    he was truly a mans man and one of the very few real human beings in bollywood. a man with a big heart, a kind man, a fearless man. he was also a very talented director and actor. he gave us one of the classics of bollywood in ‘qurbani’.

    iam very saddened by his death. my lifelong dream of meeting him will no longer be. i feel he passed away too early. he still had a lot to offer to bollywood., and didn’t really look that old or weak. damn the cancer. that is an evil disease. demons lair.

    i feel really bad for him and it seems really surreal that he is no more. i still can’t believe it.

    a great human being he was, and was one of the last few genuine people on earth. a real man. feroz khan was my hero.

    iam very very saddened. i hope and pray he is at a better place now, and he is at peace. i hope and pray his soul rests in peace. may god be kind to him and make him happy in the hereafter. feroz khan we will always remember you and love you forever. we hope and pray you are in a better place and with god. happy and smiling, away from the pressures and evils of this world. we pray you are gods chosen human being who he will be kind to. we will love you forever and we will never forget you. thank you for being a part of our lives and for all the wonderful memories. we pray you rest in peace and are in a joyous place.

  • He was one of the finest actors in Indian cinema history. He has shown the real Cowboy image in films. His style was natural and different too. He was looking handsome in his old age also. You just can’t believe that he can even die, following his ever green cool and dashing look

    RIP may God give him peace to him and his family too!!!

  • Oh my god, he passed away? please tell me this is a bad joke..I wanted to meet him myself..i lost my dad when i was a little girl and everyone said that he looked liked him and i was hoping that i could see my dad through him…damn it.

  • I really like Feroz-ji in Dharmatma. He was a talented actor and handsome man. My condolences… Eternal Memory …

  • This is really unbelievable. I did not know that he was that ill. All Bollywood fans and the industry is really gonna miss him. My deepest sympathies!!

  • its really sad that Feroz Khan died he was such an awesome actor he acted soooo good in the movie welcome. i will miss watching his movies but,hopehe goes to heaven…i will miss him.

  • In his last movies, he looked ill, tired and older than his age.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

  • It is very hard heard that someone passed the life. It is god nature, nobody can do anything. That is life. May God give him peace where his soul has gone. My deepest sympathies to his family. He was one of my favorite actor a cowboy.

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