I feel honoured to work with Shah Rukh Khan: Aanand L Rai

Filmmaker Aanand L. Rai has said he is “honoured” to direct Shah Rukh Khan in his next film, which is scheduled for theatrical release during Christmas next year.

“I feel honoured to work with him (Shah Rukh) and I will take some time for the film to move forward. I will take another year and a half. We are targeting 2018 December”

The director, who produced the recently released ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ under his banner, also said they would be announcing the title of the film shortly.

“Nothing has been decided yet but we will announce the title very soon” he said.

The ‘Dwarf’ film marks the return of the ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ cast of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. The film releases in theatres next year.



  • How bad is SRK’s script sense can be judged from the movies he rejected
    Kaho naa pyar hai
    3 idiots
    rang de basanti

    And I am not sure abhi kya gul khil raha hai

    No trust in SRK anymore. Everything on director hand

  • Its always honoured but this time they also have the presure to bring out the best from SRK and i guess he doesn’t do a bullshit movies in between with hurry..
    And spoil the eagerness

    • Yes, Padmavati is shifted to February, they wanted to clash with 2.0 but they fell pity on Rajnikanth as he would get massive heart attack. Ranveer Singh is on good form after recent blockbuster in Bajirao Mastani which he surpass SRK by massive margin. He will easily beat 2.0.

  • The downfall of SRK is pretty clear from the fact that his fans have started fighting with Akki fans instead of Salman/Aamir fans. That very well sums up that SRK has gone down.

      • Does your 2 rs flop star has any fan? That question would make more sense. Don’t worry about Amar’s fan following because his fan following is biggest and your 2 rs star doesn’t have even 0.01% of that. But since aamir fans are not jobless assholes like you so they don’t show up online as they have something called life which you losers don’t have.

  • He should have take Kangana & Bhumi instead of that very talented actresses Katrina and Anushka,if he really wish to make a class movie.
    He can take a perfect world one from actors,but what about katrina and Anushka,they have allready lots of talents ,that we have seen in Phillauri and JHMS this year and Katrina is the queen of acting.

  • ranbir kapoor set to beat overall superhit count of srk

    yes you have heard it right ranbir kapoor is set to beat the superhit count of srk in overall career.
    after ranbir kapoor’s debut with saawariya srk has 4 superhits( oso, rnbdj, ce and hny) while ranbir kapoor has also 4 ( apkgk, barfi, rajneeti and yjhd). and ranbir kapoor is now set to take his count to 5 with dutt- the biopic and he will beat srk in number of superhits.
    shame on those people who call srk a superstar. statistics prove he cannot even compete with ranbir kapoor.
    as far as alr is concerned i can only give sympathy to him. after winning with 3 times national award winning kangana he has to work with ghanta award winner srk.



  • Honour will go to ashes or asses once the movie again fails to collect 100 crores and once again the heavy budget of 150 cr will be failed…

  • We srkians really believe in you Aanand sir, please bring back the superstar that we live and give us a full entertaining movie !

  • I don’t like to say anything against Akki. But his fans are worst

    Check out their comments in latest Q n A

    Whereas in Akki’s birthday article I was praising Akki so much.

  • I don’t like to say anything against Akki. But his fans are worst

    Check out their comments in latest Q n A.

    Whereas in Akki’s birthday article I was praising Akki so much.

  • Srk should think 10 times to selecting any new script for his upcoming.

    He should try something different just like Aamir Khan.

    And Srk should avoid doing full flag romantic movie because now days people want something extraordinary movie.

  • ofcourse you hv to say nice things about any actr u r wrking with even if in reality srk is on same level of varun dhawan !

    • Listen u south movies side actor fan
      Ur idol highest footfalls 2.15cr

      SRK has 7 movies whose ffs are more than that

      PS If u think I hate Akki read my comments in Akki’s birthday article

      I like him. But fans like u are too much

  • Probably one of the biggest reasons for SRK’s downfall is that his directors are star struck! How will a director direct the film and maintain the creative integrity of his project when he feels honored to work with the actor. Might work with Aamir Khan due to his own creative brilliance but in this case, SRK is looking at these directors to help him deliver a masterpiece but most of these guys are just too smitten by SRK’s presence and aura on the sets and just go with the flow, rather than following a process. Someone’s gotta break the cycle. I have confidence in ALR’s sensibilities and hope that he will rise above being honored to work with SRK and actually make him work hard on the movie to deliver what he imagined in the first place.

    • So they are awe struck for months while working with him. What they took awe struck pills everyday . Have you lost your mind

    • +1 couldn’t have said better.
      Also Srk also needs to stop repeatedly working with the likes of deepika, anushka, katrina as audience likes to see new pairings on screeen. Nowadays srk is trying too hard to act, it doesn’t seem natural which has turned off a lot of the audience away from his movies.

  • SRK Is repeating same mistake of jhms by not announcing the title of his next film
    I’m a big srk fan but i was very happy when jhms get flop bcoz the kind of strategy srk and rce used for jhms they need the reality check bcoz By releasing title 50days early, trailer 10 days before release and songs at midnight WOW i mean wow audience r not ur slaves u taken us for granted and jhms got flopped badly

    Now i request srk plzz release the title

  • Biggest mistake of srk career was rejecting 3idiots n Robot and Choosing Ra1 n HNY also rejecting ETT cost other wise PK, Bajrangi in his pocket otherwise srk never face bad phase

  • Drawf film n Dutt Biopic are the class film of 2018 both become biggest blockbuster of 2018 respectively mark my words

  • highest grosser for srk is on the way so after rejecting some acclaimed directors like ashutush gowarikar rajkumar hirani and Shankar srk has finally got one right in place

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