Fatima Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra to play Aamir’s daughters in Dangal!

We reported a couple of days ago that the casting team of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ had auditioned more than 20,000 girls.

Now, there are reports that the makers have signed Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra to play Aamir’s daughters in the keenly-awaited film.

Mumbai-girl Fatima has done a television serial and a couple of small roles in films. Sanya is trained ballet dancer from Delhi.

Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra

Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal will feature Aamir playing the role of a 55-year-old wrestler, who dreams of his daughters fulfilling his unfulfilled dreams.

The film releases in theatres during Christmas next year.



  • @babaji Ka Thullu Aka Khsitij ShriVastava …..
    Very well said…. Can’t agree more… Legend Aamir ACE khan movie should not b missed at no cost….!! ….

    But there is some
    AIB actor (????????) called Arjun Kapoor…. He movie should b missed at all cost …..!!… Do u agree babaji ???….

    All d best Aamir ace khan.. The Legend Khan….!:..

  • wow both looking super cute just desperately waiting for dangal @babaji u are right bro Aamir,s movie are not to be missed

  • @Babaji Ka Thulllu.. ….
    Yes, we agree wid u…..!..
    Aamir ace khan movie should not b missed at any cost ….!! .. We totally r in favour of ur cmnts…..!! ..
    AND i would like to say to u @Babaji ka thulllu .. That there is one supporting actor(=really?) of AIB called Arjun Kapoor !… His movie should be missed at all circumstance….!!… His movie is head-ache giving n torture …..!!..

    Best of luck Legend Aamir….!! ..
    For dangal ……!! ….

  • lets see now what aamir has in store for us..
    his movies are really one of its kind..umm eagerly waiting for it though i still believe shahrukh is far more better
    though aamir’s sense of script selection is excellent..his daughters are cute

  • I love aamir’s movies becoz his overacting makes me laugh for long time …..
    But i hate him becoz he so jealous and emotional human that’s why i hate u.

  • Srk plss cast deepika else it will be flop , this is not 2007 that the film will work and u r also not capable alone to make film hit even .

  • Aamir is targetting 400 crore club in 2016!
    I hope aamir’s mental dangal pandey enters 600 crore domistic and 1000 crore worldwide ….. !!! Let’s see if he manages to do so? ???? But i have doubt it will be 4th highest grossing movie of 2016 .
    Raees biggest hit of 2016 .
    Mohenjo daro 2nd biggest hit of 2016.
    Tamasha : 3rd highest grossing.
    Dangal : 4rd biggest hit …
    Shuddi : will be all time rejected movie like marigold > which collected 1 crore in its lifetime lolsssss…….. !!!!!

  • I hope this won’t be a rumor.
    Next year all top 4 superstar had a film to watch out for.
    Aamir with Dangal.
    Salman with Shuddhi.
    Hrithik with Mohanjo dark
    Srk with Raees though for me its not more than Don 3.
    But undoubtly Dangal will be most intriguing and its Christmas favorite Aamir release so expecting a huge film on the cards.
    Aamir rocks I am sure year 2016 will belong to him too.Moreover want a classic film from him after PK.

    who cares about which is ur favrate stars….if u like ranbir n arjun more than salman n aamir… then thats nt our problem…its ur internal chemical locha….
    im waitimg for @ sss cmnt … the official sajid khan of indicine…..
    about film…any 1 can bark…. even if u me or any 1 cmnt watevr gud of bas… AAMIRS PRESENCE IS ISI MARK OF EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCT….

  • @javed

    You are starting to seriously p*** me off with your stupidity- Mangal Pandey is a patriot of India and some patriots need to be respected- what he did doesnt deserve the ‘mental’ tag you have given him even if you have no idea what rubbish you are spouting- he lived in a time when there was no independent pakistan or India but was fighting for the whole of the subcontinent- leave his legacy well alone you imbecile- I know indicine have allowed users to mock Mangal by referring to Dangal as Dangal Pandey but this Javed is mocking a national icon and for that it irks me alot.

  • Guyz guyz,recently it revealed —-amir/nitesh is secretly is doing the unofficial remake of Dharam-sunny-bobby starrer film ‘APNE.only thing is Dharam sir replaced by perfaketionist and his two sons replaced by 2 daughters.that’s all,APNE-2 on the way is coming soon with some perfect overacting by perfaketionist.

    While the director/amir promised they will surely give the same entertainment/torture that they gave during.mangal pandey-the 1st installment.and they are indirectly told irrespective of hiking ticket price everybody should be fool once again after watching OMG2.

  • For me dangal pandey is nothing but the unofficial remake of film APNE.

    In APNE,the dream of DHARAMJI as wrestler to win remained unfulfilled which fulfilled by his younger son boby.same here nothing different.I can’t even imagined amir will play Dharamji’s role soon, that means whatever he said truth-that he’ll retire soon,as peoples are no longer interested in his movie after talash as long as he would not have associate with brand dhoom/raju hirani.that will be a big achievement for bollywood to loose another more overactor who has midget contribution to Bollywood.

  • With Dangal Creditchor Aamir will try to cross 90cr for the first time own his own shoulder. nothing can save it except Christmas this time.

  • Why he is going to play their father role? Nangamir Khan should play their Dadu’s role as he looks like dada ji… even using botox since 2005 couldn’t help him to look like their father at least.. Buddha

  • I heard After doing nude and sex scenes in PK for publicity now Pee Expression Aamir Khan is going to do sex scenes with his own daughter in Dangal to cross 100cr for the first time on his own shoulder..

  • I thought with Dangal Aamir Khan will try to cross 100cr for the first time on his own shoulder but he approached big/famous heroines to cross that mark.. once again he proved he is chota actor same like his height and will always be a chota actor… #DependantAsUsual

  • no one is interested to see 51 years old buddha Aamir movie anymore if the movies’ director is not Hirani or if it is franchise movie!!

  • Indicine looks like posting about Aamir Khan can’t help you to get more views.. the less comments below this post shows that Aamir Khan is such a tiny star. better for you to stop posting about him even it would be more better if you will ban him from your site.. he is wasteless for you actually for everyone…

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