Farah Khan to host ‘Bigg Boss’ special series

Farah Khan will be seen as the host of special series “Bigg Boss Halla Bol” and she is looking forward to build a unique experience for the viewers.

After engaging viewers for over 15 weeks, “Bigg Boss 8”, hosted by superstar Salman Khan, will announce its five champions on Jan 3, 2015, following which “Bigg Boss Halla Bol” will be launched.

Set to go on air from Jan 4, 2015, “Bigg Boss Halla Bol” will include not only the five champions, but also five challengers Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Seth, Ajaz Khan, Mahek Chahal and one more from the previous “Bigg Boss” seasons.

Farah said in a statement: “I have loved watching ‘Bigg Boss’ and enjoy everything about it. The ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ series is unlike anything that regular viewers of the show could have ever perceived.”

“Salman Khan has been truly entertaining as a host with his affable style and quick wit. I am looking forward to building a unique experience for the viewers through this venture and hope they enjoy every bit of it,” she added.

The champions and challengers will engage in a battle of sorts as they strive to stay inside the “Bigg Boss” house and move closer to the grand finale where a contestant from either party could claim the spot of the winner of the show.

Farah will be the guiding light for the champions and challengers while questioning their actions and decisions as the show races to the end.

Farah Khan

Farah Khan



  • This experiment appears crap (at least for me).
    Isn’t it unfair for them who have been staying in the house since last 3 months or more?
    If they are giving the equal opportunity to win to these wild card entries then somewhere they are doing injustice with the existing housemates.

  • Farah khan is not a good director but it’s mistake of srk to sign hny. Ranbir would not have signed such a bakwas film like hny. He always does quality films like jagga,velvet which will do more than fan,raees,prdp,bajrangi.

  • so 5 out of the current 8 will go into the bigg boss hall bol and all those 5 will b called champions who will face challenge from 5 contestant of previous seasons!!!

    I m.watching bb8 only for upen.moment he gets evicted I will wuit watching this show

  • Ok, off topic but can Indicine please post the box office collection of Hindi dubbed version of Rajnikanth’s LINGA? All the best to Farah Khan.


    She will add humour to the BB & also can be strict at times.

    By the way GAUTAM will definitely win Bigg Boss !!

  • @indicine I thought u r clearly blind about srk only and I
    see u don’t know what happening in the bollywood…
    u know that ddlj complete 1000 week but u don’t know
    Maine pyar kiya complete 25th year anniversary….
    mpk was sallu 1st movie…which released on 29th
    December 1989….which become all time blockbuster…
    collected 14 cr on boxoffice….
    plz update it being a Sallu fan…. bcoz it’s complete 25
    yr that’s why….

  • @ All
    Y R U GuyZ sOo bOorEd ..
    The show is yEt tO gO oN Air.
    U Must hAve pAtieNce & U Will Really Love mY hostiNg aFter wAtchinG That.
    Salman Is Tiger Of Bollywood & I Would Say King Sharukh Would Have Been Better But Try My New Taste ….

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