Farah Khan exudes power, the respect she garners is amazing: SRK

After working under his friend Farah Khan’s direction in Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om and now Happy New Year, superstar Shah Rukh Khan knows what qualities make her a success in the male-dominated Hindi film industry.

“Farah has a lot of self-confidence, which is amazing. Whenever I think that I will direct a film, I find myself lacking the self-confidence. Also, unlike her, I don’t have the clarity,” Shah Rukh, who feels he can imbibe the quality from Farah, told reporters here.

“I genuinely think every world has a male-dominated area. It requires intelligence and guts to be in a man’s world and say it like it is. Farah exudes power. I think women are respected here, but the kind of respect she garners, is quite amazing,” Shah Rukh added.

Their forthcoming project also features Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

King Khan, as SRK is fondly called, has several friends in the film industry. But he says he doesn’t get ample time to spend with them.

“I’m working at most times. You get to make friends during the time you are working. I have not worked with Karan (Johar) for the last two years, so I have not spent time with him. With Farah, I’m working from the last one and a half years, but before that, for two years, I didn’t spend time with her.”

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • This is the reason Srk has many professional friends but few personal friends.Srk has no time for personal friends.

  • negativity already created about hny bcoz of farah khan.
    everyone talking this is farah movie. everyone remembering her last film tmk. that’s why people r waiting for review and then people will watch.
    and one more thing is film length goes over 3 hr and too many songs affecting this movie.

  • the positive thing about hny is..people are not expecting grt content..so if content will be avrg atleast..thn people will not dissapoint..so i think this is positive for movie..as we have seen before..people were expecting much more from bang bang..even ra.one was average..but expectations were to high..so people get dissapoint..this is my view.

  • sm bhabhitards/tingutards r saying dt farah khan is d worst dirctr nd she gave a huge film in d form of tmk..

    bt dey forgot dt she wz d only directr who made a main hoon naa wch wz based on d neutral/friendly relations bw ind-pakistan
    ns dt movie wz a huge success nd gained many positive reviews frm top critics

    oso also got many positive responses frm d critics nd audiences…

    tell ur bhaijaan to do sm content based film nd tell him dat he shud nt depend too much on south movies…

    i also dont like aamir much bt atleast he do some gud content based movies….

  • I expecting great content nd great performances but the main reason to watch movie is that its srk’s movie. To watch srk movie is always a treat. Love u srk.

  • Don`t waste your money on crap directors and crap movies. All of Main Hoon na, OSO and TMK were crap. Better save your money for movies in November. I`m sure some of them would be better value for money. Think about it

  • @bollywood fan ungli is definately one of them.
    Ungli will be the best film of 2014. Emraan hashmi ‘s performance will be remembered for decades just like awarapan,jannat1,2,ouatim,dtbhj , tdp,murder1,2. Etc etc

  • I am not interested in the antique washing machine at all! It looks too boring and had nothing but disco lights as Sachin11 says and some six losers wannbe heroes. That too, committing chori for their selfish ego to be called smart people. If any friend of mine gives me free ticket, I may consider to watch it just to post my awesome review of the movie here!
    It’s an unofficial remake or plagiarism of Hollywood’s movie, Lewis Milestone’s Ocean’s 11. Dekh Le Na! Plus, it was blended with Cash+Players!
    And his next, Fan, is a remake of Kunal Khemu’s SuperStar. As usual, unofficial Remake!!

  • Hard to believe the “garnering respect” part… after TMK, Joker, Humshakals, Himmatwala… its tough to respect anybody in her family as a film maker….

  • @chulli

    Stop living in denial you orctard…. Saying films like MHN were content based is an insult to the word content…. It was an inspired film with nothing original in it… I liked the film for its entertainment value not bcoz of its content- typical masala film poorly made but value for money and I still dont mind watching it today… Face facts- oso was a poor rip off from karz which had strong content- farahs oso had better entertainment value and after that film TMK was again absent of content… Teesra Khan makes films for entertainment n wouldnt know content if it was staring her in the face- shes oblivious to it so bear that in mind you orctard…

  • Reema Kagti, Divya Khosla, Zoya Akhtar and Kiran Rao have all excelled in recent times with strong content led films but sadly our Teesra Khan insists on plagiarisng from films n making shabby plot-less films that go nowhere… Which explains why our King loves working with her as he too goes nowhere fast with his acting…

  • looj at tge trailer Of Happy New Year aisa Lagta Hai 1990 Ki srk Ki Movie Hai ..

    happy new Year Is The Worst Deciaion.Of Srk

  • @navin knows about content more than the ppl in bollywood. . I wonder if he is Joss Whedon in disguise. . Are you ?
    If you dont’ respect a person. . fine .just Don’t insult them . First accomplish even a fraction of what she has acomplished and talk . My friend.
    @indicine In a article u defended Salman . Gudd job . However , you need to do it for every actor. I dnt’ go to other stars article bt’ srk’s article so talking bout’ just that. All the comments of ‘Legend khan, sachin11 etc ‘ say srk a buddha , overactor , nostar power , sarkar , etc . . Dont’ you feel obliged to defend him and/or delete/suspend those comments ?? It just shows your irresponsibility . I hope you respond soon Indicine .

  • hahaha our very own @navin uncle is bashing Farah for “plagarizing films” and making “content less” films, the very things that kept his bhai afloat when he copy pasted content less south masala craps like Ready, BG, JH, D2, Kick etc. He is becoming hypocritical just like his arch nemesis @nipin hahaha Too much fun lol.

  • @rehmat

    Ever heard of tit tat…. BTW we just mock our self proclaiming king whereas some of your fellow lovers of global king abuse our bhai jaan but irrespective of that we love coming to sarkars articles and reading the prophecies about ‘Avatars record in danger’ or ‘King will win Oscar’ etc etc- PS you more than welcome to come to a bhai article where the language shall we dare to say is abit more liberal and unrestricted…! You will be amazed to read some of the pleasant peaceful stuff that leaves the mouth of ‘SSS Lungiwaale’…! :-P

  • @chulli : Salman highest grosser before Kick was ETT which was not remake of any movie forget south renake. What more proof you need you idiot ?????

  • He praised Rohit Shetty before CE, now Farah during HNY & dont be surprised if he praises Maneesh Sharma during Fan release !!!!!!! nothing wrong in praising your director but why cant he remember or praise them when they direct other actors ?????

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