Fans celebrate the success of Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan fans on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and even right here on Indicine, are celebrating the super success of Chennai Express.

Here is a video created by @Avanz. It has everything from short messages, letters and tickets — all dedicated to one man Shah Rukh Khan!

Some tweets from fans who have been waiting for an SRK film to break all existing records..

  • @Meenaa_Lochani: Komban area me aaj baaut bada celebration hae, illey! Merri shaadi ki nai! Chennai Express 200cr karti is liye!
  • @atulanandcool: After hearing #200CroreExpress Feeling like we won the ipl again @iamsrk
  • @rssrk: Mere dushman samajh rahe thay. Main abb kabhi laut ke naa aaunga.. Abhi baaki meri kahani hai..Puri duniya ko jo sunani hai
  • @atulanandcool: nothing more satisfying and exciting than dancing to #Lungidance in the theatre :) thank you @iamsrk
  • @iamSRKp: All the SRK & Rajini fans, don’t miss the chance- Do This! Lungi dance, Lungi dance, Lungi dance..Lungi dance..Lungi dance! #200CroreExpress
  • @IAMVISHG: #200CroreExpress is a tribute to the man who has been entertaining us for decades. I dedicate this day to my superstar SRK
  • @iamamna20: CE #200CroreExpress ,mera bhi contrabution he isme ;) pure 200rs


  • tell aamir we gona celebrate for many years and even if he breaks ce lifetime with d3 it doesnt. because picture abi baki hai. srk will take it to next level 300 cr club. lolzzz not like aamir 3 idiot ke 200 cr ke baad dhobi ghaat aur taalash di jo 100 cr bi kar na saki and d3 is franchise and built on other actors fame. 3 idiot was a fluke its main reason for such sucess was rajkumar hiranis grat vision.

  • Wow its just awesome Ce is the fastest movie to cross 200cr in just two weeks and today it will break three idiots record double treat for srkians and to all idiots 3 idiots wasn’t Amirs solo movie and its took too much days to reach 200cr don’t you know you were singing that all is well now you sing nothing is well kyunki Talash to hit nahi hui aur bas ek hi record that wo bhi tut jaega an wo kahenge Dhoom 3 willwill break all records of Ce but in your dreams only

  • One more thing in 3idiots there was great story from Raju hirani and very good supporting actor as well but in Ce the first and the main thing is Shahrukh khans acting and in that wonderful comedy

  • @ SRK BADSHAH Aamir fans celebrated 4 years ago without any competition and It only works with very good movie content but srk situation is so different 2 WEEKS 200 CRORE WITH TOUGH COMPETITION.

  • Yes yes Shhrukh gone past all Salman movies Ready, Dabangg, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2, Ek tha tiger now where are Salman fans who used to say that Shahrukhs movies won’t be able to break the record of just one movie Ready ha ha ha now Salman and his fans can just try but they can’t beat our Badshah Khans record kyunki Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi name mumkin hai.

  • The biggest achievement of a masala film like CE is to cross 100 crore in overseas. This shows that no other star can even come close to SRK

  • Everytime a Salman movie earns well his fans say that SRK is finished !
    So now Salman’s career is officially finished !

  • srk, the mega superstar. Others are just star. Now i am only waiting for happy new year. I am sure srk-depika jodi again rock the world.

  • @Fazil Talaash was suspense then also did better then flop know srk fans are scared like Hell bcoz D3 will create records shich will take another 5 yrs for him to break haha itsike Hayden lara record hayden broke it & Lara smashedit again in just 4 months like Dhoom3!!

  • @niks no body tell salman not to release his movie nd by da way u should thank GOD 4 that bcoz if his movie would released this year it would nt be in top 4…..

    @sam why we wait 4 mental, u should wait 4 as we r busy in celebrating AllTIME BLOCK BUSTER EXPRESS…..

  • All Amir fans, get onething clear! 3 Idiots was a landmark film. But by no means was it Amir khan only film. It was a multi starrer! But not taking anything away from it, it was infact one of the best of bollywood!

  • why SRK(Chennai Express) is superior then Amir khan(3 Idiotd)?
    I agree…contentwise 3 Idiots was way better then Chennai Express. But after 4 yrs, people who keep praising it remember it not for Amir Khan…but its content and directions and other things. In simple words, 3 Idiots wasnt solely Amir khans movie like Chennai Express is SRKs.
    Lets see what makes both movies watchable ….not including amir-kareena and srk-deepika and songs and directors.
    3 idiots — boman irani, sherman joshi, r madhvan, that balatkar speech guy.
    CE — none.
    It means 3 idiots got hit not only because of amir but also the supporting cast which gave such strong performance. On other hand, CE has only Srk and deepika all over… dont recall or know other cast member even.

  • Whats this nonesense from childish SRK fans? I bet most of them are in their teenage years. Matter of the fact is that records like the one movies like CE set, is not because of someones stardom only. Its due to several factors.

    You need the following factors

    A superstar
    A well known director
    Release on a holiday
    Several holidays in the first two weeks of the movie
    Little competition in the first three weeks (OUATIMD was panned by critics and audience a like)

    The record was not set due to the movie being extraordinary, or due to SRKs superstardom alone. IT was set due to several factors. If you look at the record breaking movies over the years, CE is certainly one of the weakest, and a record holder soon due to several things being done right, rather than it being a good movie.

  • Aamir khan hasno star power like srk or even salman khan. Aamir khan movies runs based on the story n not for him otherwise his last solo release talaash or dhobighat should have reached atleast 100 crores. 3idiots was fluke of aamir sucess infact the movie was so good that the supporting characters are simply elevating aamir khans role… now again with dhoom3, it is already a success franchise but again people will compare to hrithik dhoom2, ifthe scrpt is week it will be flop bcoz of huge budget even 150crore is average for dhoom3.

  • really…celebration time for us…..and hats off to all srkians that they have replied all the haters in a very polite manner…else they could have replied them in their own way…and haters, remember one thing that if we wud come to bashing then u won’t have any option else leaving…
    A big congo to all srk fans, gewone,imam,romance express,noam,ce rocks ,aryan,danish,syed and many more(i am sorry if i missed some names)….
    And at the same time, i apologize that i was nt available to comment in week days…bt good job guys…keep it up..
    Srk rocks..
    Ce rocks..
    We srk fans rock..
    And haters….??
    U better know..:p

  • @niks plz boxofficeindia again you will see 115cr hit with negetive review.
    talash 90cr semi hit with possitive review.
    So, amir or hritic is out of the compition thats is the only reason srk and sallu fans fight with each other because they know both will be beaten by both. K3 and d3 just a huge franchis, otherwise nothing like race2 or ouatimd. Rember my last word dhoom3 is not 3idiots, its a typical type of action trailor like don2.

  • Well said @aslam
    poorly said @baapji…
    Remember how many holidaezzz fell during ett’s release last year…
    If u dont remember let me remind u..
    Independence day
    Compare it wid Ce only eid n sunday…
    N independence day wazz on d last day of itzz first week.but stil we wil count on dat but den also u shd count dat outimd released…on d very same day n it wudnt hav released ce might hav collected a couple of crores more… Isnt it..??
    So beside dese only raksha bandhan fell on itzz 2nd week n believe it or not it wazz film’s capability which made it dis large…!!
    Oderwize compare second week collections wid recent movies of salman like ett n d2… U will get ur ans..

  • @srk fans and all ..
    Gimme d answer
    Is Srk CE is better than aamir’s
    Is RDB is ur fav movie or CE (In
    terms of Critics, story, msg,
    acting n all)
    I m 1000% sure, RDB is d
    favorite movie of 99.99%
    peoples of dis country and also d
    fav movie of 99% die hard
    A crap movie like gadar and CE
    with no storyline earn 200cr
    An excellent movie which also
    delivered an unforgettable
    message to the youth of this
    country ws earned only 50cr
    Its not amir vs srk battle
    its movie vs movie battle
    its ce vs rdb battle

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