Fan Teaser

The biggest surprise of the year. The first teaser of Shahrukh Khan’s FAN. Watch and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan
Directed by: Maneesh Sharma
Produced by: Aditya Chopra



  • Excited For Fan…Looks very interesting! Teaser is not revealing many things and it’s good for curiosity!!

  • just saw the fan teaser.. why is king so good to us? but april of next year??? anyways it’s cool. this one will be epic..

  • Raees mein dialogue delivery aur attitude dekhna.
    Fan mein innocence aur bharpur acting dekhna.
    Dilwale mein charm aur style dekhna..

  • Duniya ke sabse chhotu Superstar ka sabse chhotu fan. Starring Aamir Khan In and As Fan.. #IfOthersDidFan

    Inder Vihar DDL Colony ke vasiyon ab aa raha hai aapke samne, Duniye ke sabse bade Superstar ka sabse bada Fan. *GOOSEBUMPS*

  • Acting? Expressions? Body language? Behavior of a fan? Shah Rukh Khan is going to show them what ACTING is in FAN. it deserves such views..

  • They said he’s nothing without festivals. So he’s going to show them what he *really* is with Fan on a non-holiday..

  • He gave biggest hit CE on Id.
    Will give biggest hit Dilwale on Xmas.
    Releasing Fan on a non-holiday.
    He’s also the Diwali King!.

  • Some one please ask Salman Khan to do a performance oriented movie like ‘FAN’ and ask Aamir to add his fans on a movie like FAN. Impossible things.

  • Fan & Raees in 2016 reminds me of Swades & Veer Zaara in 2004…. Content Rich cinema will be at it’s best & Awards will Rain like anything..

  • Haven’t Seen a Single Bad Comment or Bad Feedback on FAN Teaser (of course except craps fans of Bhai & amir, which doesn’t matter) Seems like Everyone is Waiting for SRK’s New avtar.

  • Mindblowing teaser SRK waving hands signature pose and not controlling fans.
    The emotional journey ever in history.

  • @Hafeez before all that first ask haklu srk to give a highest grosser of the year which he has been struggling since 2008. It’s impossible. Even this year BB has way more buzz than varunwaale. Aamir and Salman have way bigger fan following than srk. They dont need to all these fake drama movie to show their fan following which is not mythological which sarookh has in his 2 RS fans’ dilutional world of having some billions fans. Lol.?????????????

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