‘FAN’ has shaped up well says Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has tweeted that one of his keenly-awaited films, Yash Raj Films’ FAN, has satisfied the team that has been working hard on the film.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, ‘FAN’ was delayed by 8 months to give the makers enough time to complete ‘never before seen’ visual effects for the film.

The superstar tweeted “Woke to a message from Team Fan after they watched the film. I am relieved that my life has not just been a breathing exercise. Thanks & love Maneesh”

Shah Rukh will be seen playing both the superstar and his fan. The film releases in theatres on April 15 2016.

If you haven’t yet watched the teaser of ‘FAN’, check it out now. It was released in the second week of July 2015.



  • It does not matter what the movie is all about..if there is SRK then it must be seen on first day!!!! I’m a big fan of srk, who donates 10000 Rupees if his ipl tan wins…and a crazy fan who books the daily two shows for first week and one show each day until it is seen the last day. Also I have a record of watching Rab ne banadi jodi in every screen and in every theater played in Dubai!!! Such is my respect for him!!

  • FAN is an only movie of SRK i am waiting for.

    There will be no EID DIWALI or CHRISTMAS. So its very tough for SRK that without huge holidays which kind of response SRK will recieve frm audience.

    I hope that FAN will become highest non-holiday grosser and beat the record of Rowdy Rathore.

  • SRK in content/character oriented films (KHKN, Dil Se, CDI, Swades, MNIK, Paheli etc) is always brilliant. People will love SRK in Fan and Raees.

  • I think it will gonna be average..
    He suited both for superstar and fan roles…The story looks awful to me…because of his double role…

  • not really interested in so called “FAN” . . .it’ll be boring. . .but waiting eagerly for “DILWALE” & “RAEES”. . . . . both film will be a huge hit. . .but not this one “FAN”

  • I have loathed Shahruk Khan with a vehemence since his Kuch Kuch Hota hai days. I think SRK is an abomination set upon the Bollywood watching public to atone for the cinemetic sins of the 80s and 90s. Every time I am forced to watch a SRK movie by friends and family, I cringe like a man with a terrible itch in his back which he can’t scratch. The smug demeanor, the exaggerated and melodramatic dialog delivery, the scratchy voice, the hamminess, the predictablity of it all in every movie has made him intolerable to my sensibilities. The only movie of his in the last 10 years that I have managed to sit through, without jumping like a cat on a hot stove, is Chak De and even there I kept thinking throughout how much better a job a real actor would have done with the coach’s role. I am hoping that Dilwale will be a colossal critical and commerical disaster which will diminish futher the declining aura of this fake superstar and eventually will make him go away.

  • i always wanted to hear from a reliable source that how has Fan shaped up..along with Raees this is one of the most anticipated films of next year and i seriously hope that we get the old SRK back who used to give path-breaking performances in outstanding scripts

  • More than the collections of this film, it will be more interesting to see whether SRK can break Dilip Kumar’s record of 8 filmfare best actor awards.

    Can he make it 9? He surely can with both Fan and Raees releasnig next year. But the biggest hurdle he will face is from Hrithik in Mohejo-Daro as Gowariker is known to extract best performances from his actors like Aamir, Sharhrukh and Hrithik in Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar.

    Still content wise 2016 will be a good year with more content and performance oriented films to release.

  • I can say with full confidence fan is best bollywood movie of all time
    Also he will first Oscar award movie of bollywood

  • Yes, Table Fan has really been manufactured well no matter if it is made in China or not. Table Fan is the Recycled material of Kunal Khemu’s Superstar!

  • Looking forward to Fan the most out of SRKs three upcoming films, very different to what SRK has done before, if it hits the right notes with ‘fans’ of superstars it could turn out to be a massive grosser.





  • Srk: Fan has shaped up well.

    srkfans: Really???…. (all run to the mirror)…..but from which angle?? lolz…….

  • will be a disaster
    that’s why he started promoting this movie 8 months before its release because i think he is not sure about FAN

  • Abki Bar Dilwale ke FAN or uska Reees Darbar…jo hoga…500 cr ke par…jo lallu or tingu ke aukat ke bahar….

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