FAN Dialogue Promos

‘Fan star ke peeche bhaagtha tha, Ab star Fan ke peeche bhaagega’ says the first dialogue promo from Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN, which is being touted a film where a superstar’s biggest fan, becomes his biggest enemy.

In the second dialogue promo, Shah Rukh is seen warning his team and the media “Mein aap logon ke zariye sabko warn karna chahta hoon, woh kabhi bhi kisiko bhi chot pahuncha sakta hai” (through you people, I want to warn everyone that he (Gaurav) can attack and harm anyone at any moment)

FAN releases in theatres on 15th April 2016, exactly two weeks from now.



  • They are the same as in the trailer. Why don’t you share the videos from fan official twitter account. SRK did some challenges requested from fans. And he fooled them in his charming way

  • Just a feeling that this film won’t work.. Nothing about it is looking interesting. Weird expressions, the VFX work is tacky and sub standard.

    I would be surprised if this crosses 125 at box office.. Who would be interested in watching a story of a fan chasing his favourite actor.. trying to destroy him.. boring and unrealistic.

    I’ll wait for Raees.

  • Even though these promos are already present in the trailer but its good that the makers are not giving away any other things as fan is thriller.
    People will watch this not for srk only but for unique storyline.

  • Wonderful promos ! I hope YRF will have a good marketing strategy for the next two weeks, FAN deserves a great opening… As for the constancy, it will depend on quality and WOM.

  • Same what it was in Trailer..
    So its Basically Darr with SRK playing both Pshyco SRK and Juhi Chawla.. and Audience will be Sunny Deol who will Thrash this Left and Right..
    The Basic Idea of Thriller is that No1 knows whats gonna Happen Next,But in case of Phan You can see it coming from Miles..

  • this is how you should promote and market your movie
    concept is good , trailer impressed us , their were some amazing scenes but I believe the best and more exciting scenes shouldn’t be thrown away for the sake of publicity

    everyone is lyk where is the hype , its not looking lyk a regular srk movie .., but it is actually not regular srk movie
    I think this is how aamir markets his product

    all the best srk , I know content will drive fan to never seen before b.o record for such movies

  • nothing new. these were already in trailer. buzz for fan is on a decline. didnt expected this from a marketing genius like srk.

  • Actually I m happy tht film is not overly promoted.

    The way it’s been promoted is perfect.

    Also film is like a obsession like any other movie just like darr here all three roles of sunny juhi srk role is donned by srk.

  • So many amazing dialogues/ moments in just a small trailer. Hoping there are many many more in the movie.

    So glad that April has at last started. Feeling a bit better now. But still wait of 2 weeks to meet Gaurav Chandana.

  • King is coming in just less than a fortnight.
    Can we wait? NO!!! Can we try ? Yesssss no option remaining!!!!!! Love you Raees!!!!

  • Yeh dono dialogues film ke trailer mein bhi the. Mujhe lagta hai unhe koi dusra promo release krna chahiye.,jisse film ko lekar hype badhe

  • Indicine said Fan is losing buzz and asked for dialogue promos. Now they got it (but no new footage). This is how promotion should be. Never give away too much in promotions. Audience must enjoy everything in theatres.

  • Superb promos… without any songs & Heroine i m sure that fan will create highest non holiday…
    I really waiting for First first show with my 30 classmates in calicut crown for Fan…
    April 14 is Vishu celebration in kerala… April 15 Celebration for All SRK fans….
    Eagarly Waiting for Fan… only 14 days left…
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • These 14 days are going to so tough😢.
    Looking at the trailers I feel public’s sympathy will go to Gaurav.The scene where he screams seeing Aryan just proves why srk is the best actor of this generation along with Aamir.

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