Exclusive stills and story line of Akshay Kumar’s Holiday

The makers of Holiday were kind enough to send us a few exclusive movie stills from the song ‘Blame The Night’ which is a part of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Holiday. Have a look. We also have the story line / synopsis of the film, which is a remake of South film Thuppakki.

Story: Captain Virat Bakshi, an army man comes back home to Mumbai for his holidays. His family takes him to see a bride, and he feels the girl is too soft and an introvert. Later in another occasion, he finds out that she is actually a boxer and is surprised by her personality. Having a police man friend, and the love he develops for this girl, the film revolves around the fun that happens among the three. Until at one point, an anti social activity in the heart of Mumbai city gets him involved into something huge.

Virat Bakshibeing a patriot and a special agent in the Indian Army, is dragged into a huge network of terrorism. The rest of the story is about him fighting against the wittiest of Terror head, and how he swipes out the city of Mumbai from Sleeper cells. The film ends with a dedication to the Indian Army.

Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar in Blame The Night

Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar in Blame The Night

Akshay Kumar in Blame The Night

Akshay Kumar in Blame The Night

Sonakshi Sinha in Blame The Night

Sonakshi Sinha in Blame The Night



  • it will be opening day above 20cr for sure. No one can’t stop HOLIDAY of AKKI. I hope, it will be release in Myanmar(YANGON or RANGOON).But i worry for It’s Entertainment movie. It’s Entertainment going to be FLOP.Akki save that film for flop.

  • Holiday will do 100 crore, but not more than that. 60 crores is a guarantee. Hope this film will help Akkis career.

  • I am very excited for Holiday lifetime final figur.

    I predicted 60.2 crores. My friends predicted 61.5 crores, 59.3 crores, 59.9 crores. Lets see who wins the bet.

  • akki fans are once again flying in the air but now a days its a habit for them..will see again..actor with maximum movie releases every year but still is behind 3 khans and hr in terms of success ratio…most inconsistent star ever…

  • Hope Marvel does not sign Akshay for Avengers 2 otherwise it will gross Rs 60 crore worldwide, from a budget of Rs 1200 crores.

  • my prediction: Opening Weekend (If WOM is Good to Mixed) : 52 crores. 1st week: 78-80 crores. Lifetime: 130 crores. If WOM is bad then Lifetime will be below Jai Ho!

  • according to articles published by leading newspapers and telecdasted by news channels,bollywood channels,wikipedia etc successesful films(semi hit/hi/superhit) at box office starring AAMIR KHAN are-Qayamat se qayamat tak,dil,dil hai ki manta nahi,hum hai rahi pyar ke,jo jeeta wohi sikandar,rangeela,raja hindustaani,ishq,ghulam,laagan,dil chahta hai,fanaa,rang de basnti,taare zameen par,ghajini,3 idiots,taalash,dhoom3. box office failures(avg/flop) are-aawal number,love love love,mann,1947 earth,mela,andaz apna apna,mangal pandey,dhobi ghat,raakh,tum mere hero,deewana mujh sa nahi,jaawani zindaabad,afana pyar ka,is ka naam zindagi,parampara,aatank,baazi,akele hum akele tum,tum mere hero. Successful films-18 Failures-19 success rate-48.64 success rate since 2001-81.81 Aamir Khan will always remain among top 5 legends in indian cinema ever.He has an amazing career success rate of 49% and an unbeleievable 82% in last 12 years.He has acted in around 8 cult fims and is the creator of 100cr,200cr,250cr club of bollywood.His laagan is the only indian film after mother india to reach in the top 5 of best foreign film category in the oscars.He has acted in around 7 national award winning films is the only star to not carry an image,sharukh is king of romance,amitabh is angry young man,dilip kumar is tragedy king,salman is bhai of bollywood but aamir is just aamir who camaflouges from choclate romntic hero to tapori to honest realistic cop to school teacher of a dyslexic kid to a college genius to a lrger than life macho hero in dhoom3.

  • @Floppy ahahahaha….Funny….Khush ab……Marvel….Avengers….Budget of Marvel was Arnd 1250Cr…..So leave Hollywood to wer it is….And about Holiday……It will be a hit for sure…..And yes yu are right….60Cr toh hoga collection…..Buh for the first 3 days….:)

  • even a good story line can’t save this film from becoming flop cause it’s an akki sir starer film.

  • To All Those Hater Please keep your mouth shut for Month let the movie release & we will see .
    This is gonna be A Real Kick on your face .

  • Khans only releases their films on holidays, EID, DIWALI OR CHRISTMAS… Why? are they afraid that if their film would be release at non holiday, it would be flope like JAI HO and TALAASH ? hahahhahaha Fans of khans should know this, khans only takes benifit of long holidays…otherwise they are not able to make their movies as big as ROWDY RATHORE on non holiday.

  • i think it cross 100cr b.cz of litl awaited movie bt hny wl earn double of holiday flopstar chamar :D

  • @indicine..as u did now…post story line of every movie that is getting released. can you?? make it clear of your intentions.

  • @Aakash: r u nuts??? better think before you write… if akki was such a bad actor o inconsistent den y d hell people approach him for a film… n dat too 4 times d no. of films ur khans r doing or HR :D
    Atleast accept that those people r for sure smarter dan u… grow up kiddo

  • Akshay has a very funny and weird voice. Everytime I hear i laugh. In the promo when Akki shouts “Shoot” i fell down from my chair laughing.

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