Everybody knows I am a limited performer: Salman Khan

In a emotion-filled press conference during the launch of the trailer of his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’, Bollywood megastar Salman Khan said his acting capabilities are limited, something which – he said – everyone knows. But having his real-life brother, Sohail Khan, in the film helped him emote better in the film.

“I am a limited performer and everybody knows that, but because Sohail was playing my brother, maybe that’s why I was feeling very emotional… The film was an emotional journey and I felt emotionally drained after shooting some of the scenes that narrate that my brother is no more..

“In fact, during the dubbing of the film also, being a grown up man, my tears were coming up… it was really bad! And coming from us (Pathans) is really bad” he said.

The actor also narrated a story when his family visited him in jail.

“When I was in jail, one day my mother, father and one of my uncles came to see me there, and seeing my condition, my uncle started crying. So my father told him, ‘kaise Pathan ho yaar tum, roh rahe ho’” Salman said.

The actor is gearing up for what is being touted as his best and most emotional performance to date. While Salman’s on-screen acting histrionics has always been under-rated, the actor has delivered several top-notch performances in films like ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’, ‘Tere Naam’ and even in the more recent films like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

Check out some pictures from the trailer launch:


Salman Khan at Tubelight trailer launch

Salman Khan at Tubelight trailer launch

Tubelight trailer launch

Tubelight trailer launch



  • bhai we know you are limited performer but we love you every second of our life coming back to tubelight when teaser came ithought it is going barfi way and was bit dissapointed but trailer is awesome just changed everthing missing my brother already he is in india just love him as much you love sohail back ground music was awesome scale looked grand and film looking really emotional like bb could be more slow motion scene when you running with sohail was pick of the trailer and the one you weeping made me numb teary god bless you

  • Everybody knows that you are a non-actor who can’t act at all. Aakhir khud kabool kar hi liya apne muh se. good

  • TRAILER really exceeded my expectations might be first 300 crore for shahrukh sohail looked real good for me he was awesome in heroes salman looking really qute and funny cant wait for eid……….and ready to get emotional like bb already

  • That is not true. Salman is one of the greatest actors of all time on par with AL Pacino, Robert de niro etc.

  • As an actor he is improving alot… as a fan i don’t care about it ..i just want to see bhaijaan performing….

  • Bhai ur speech z as emotional as the trailer.
    N ur level f acting z beyond the expectations….love u bhai

  • Its not only about performance bt the sheer charisma of this man…which makes him different from nawaz or manoj bajpai…in acting department he dies not even come close to them bt his onscreen presence or the charisma is way vetter than them…that us why he is a superstar…also same goes for aamir shahrukh and akshay…they are also giod actors and better than salman bt their on screen presence make them different from irrfan khan or manoj bajpai

  • Who cares as we only want to see that part of your acting that excites us most which is your immense charisma n innocence….! Keep delivering your best n we will keep watching your movies…!

  • Just Outstanding Eagerly Waiting !! Hopefully it will Salman Khan Sir One of the Career Best Performance as well as It will create Record tubelight will Cross 400cr insha allah make my ward

  • His performce may be limited… not upto the range of AJ…but king salman brings unlimited naturality to his acting

  • The film was an emotional journey and I felt emotionally drained after shooting some of the scenes that narrate that my brother is no more..

    I’m just glad Bhai is not feeling like raped woman this time.

    Jokes apart that trailer was dope

  • No no sallu bhai..don’t underestimate yourself ..you are the biggest mega performer of this world..you intentionally said this line on press conference .isn’t it so tat everybody say the opposite…bhai you will get 50 oscar awards after tubelight ….greatest performer like rajesh khanna is nothing know front of your acting abilities .for eg. your acting in kyun ki or yuvraaj or marigold or jai ho or veer or London dreams will remain the greatest performances ever….love u bhai ..

  • Believe me after watching tubelight trailer I can say with guarantee tat it will earn 50000 crores in india only….jab indicine jaisi site itna phenkti hai to main bhi thodi is phenk loon….

  • No matters? what people says or critics says, he is a darling of the crowds, collection of his movies proved it.

  • Seriously bhai role in tubelight will be the greatest performance ever in a mental role so much tat he will become mental in real also .be ready to see fake collections like 5000000 crores etc.its nothing new for indicine. .online hatred has no effect on bhai popularity…

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