‘Even without watching ‘FAN’ teaser, I know it’s superb’ Salman Khan

Even though both ‘Sultan’ and ‘Raees’ are scheduled to release on the same day, Salman and Shahrukh continue to praise each other during media interactions.

The ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ star spoke about Shahrukh’s upcoming film ‘Fan’ during a quick media interaction at Anupam Kher’s play ‘Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha’.

Asked if he has watched the teaser of ‘FAN’, Salman said: “No, but I’ll go and see the teaser. But even without watching, I know that it’s going to be superb”

It was Shahrukh who first released the first look poster of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, saying “I believe Being a brother is bigger than being a Hero. ‘Bhaijaan’ coming Eid 2015. How do u like the first look?”



  • Teaser release before an year is good idea.

    First Ajay Devgan start with Shivaay motion poster
    Then Salman Khan with Sultan Teaser EID 2016
    Now SRK with FAN Teaser.

    Great it will be effect on movie’s profit

  • salman was ausm in comedy nights…
    salman is going to invite modi to watch BAJRANGI BHAAIJAN….
    khans rule…..

  • of course its superb. its srk in a character oriented role. will be another amazing acting performance from him.

  • I want that SRK will cross Amir’s total 5 fims collections which are 1000 crore

    I watched FAN teaser i liked that very much and eagerly waiting for FAN but i am afraid after saw FAN’s release it will be a non holiday release 15 April, 2016, so now i am afraid may be it will become hit but it can not earn record breaking numbes like 250 crore or 200 crore SKR need these numbers to cross Amir’s 1000 crore of 5 movies.

    I am wishing SRK for FAN RAEES and Dil Waale all three is much awaited.

  • Sallu bhai… It is easy to predict so……!!… U have to impress srk fans so that they will watch BB…..!!…

    Btw it is easy to predict that in 2016 … Following films will be bad n will bcum flop/disaster….

    jagga jasoos…
    ae dil h mushkil…
    Any arjun kapoor film….

  • when a movie doing good bussiness

    its good to industry and cinema lover

    that not good to amir or hr not doing more movie

    akshay contribution in industry is more than any one
    one atbb is not good in comparison 4 average movie in same time

  • Bhai Stop doing same movies everytime -_- Kuch naya nai karna to Har Eid par Bodyguard hi Release Kar Do
    Har Movie me Khudko Bade dilwala dikhana n gundo ko marna -_-

  • Both r big stars, gud to see them praising the other one!!
    btw, my prediction:
    Bajrangi bhaijan: 270 cr
    Prdp:230 cr
    dilwale:300+ cr
    fan:180 cr

  • indicine please upted some news of bahubali weekend collection
    i think they not baet pk or doom 3 hny collection

  • Fan would be the one of the greatest movies of 2016 and srk’s career..i don’t care about box office records ..the movie will touch hearts and will be remembered just like cdi,swades etc…

  • m wondering y salman talks so much Abt SRK whenever his movie releases…maybe to use SRK’s fame so that his movies gets promotion…noticing from last few weeks…its only ‘SRK’ in salman’ mouth

  • It is good to see that everything is fine between SRK and Salman . I wish fans learn something from them . SRK and Salman have always been good friends but there was a dispute between them . Har Dosti main fights hoti hai lekin woh dono aage badh gaye hai par unke fans ab bhi wahi ke wahi hai . I you visit Facebook, Twitter and Indicine the only thing you see Salman and SRK fan war . SRK and Aamir fan wars also happen but very rarely . There is no Fan War between Akshay, Ajay, Aamir and Hrithik fans . I hope people understand what i am trying to say . There is nothing wrong if you hate SRK or Salman but there is a thin line between Bashing and Insulting . We should not cross this line . If you insult an Actor you can’t expect others to respect your Favourite Actor . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Next 18 months will b huge for bolllywood.lot of big hits and blockbusters are ready to come while surprising hits and sleeper hits will continue

  • everybody knows about how good sallu bhai is in friendship.so don’t want to comment on it.just a simple advice to him “don’t try to mould us(srkians”

  • saterday i went to a government hospital for my wife’s sonography. they do 16 pateints sonography daily but when my number was eighth i didnt get token reason some rich people get that token without standing in que.they rejected many peoples for different reasons. only one identity requies for registration but they ask one lady for electricity bill. i shocked because they wrote one id proof requires and she had voter id. now i feel that Salman made meaningfull cinema for us like kick and jai ho and i hate government and those rich peopleswho always do injustice with poors.

  • Salman will say good for srk, ab ye those karega ki fan achi nahi hogi.
    This is for you @sht.

    Baahubali (Hindi) has done well over its first weekend grossing around 19.50 crore nett. More than than the weekend total its the trend on Saturday and Sunday that indicates that the film has found appreciation in some Hindi markets despite being a dubbed film from South India.

    The business was very good in Mumbai circuit, CP Berar and CI. The other circuits also picked but due to low start the overall collections were on lower side as compared to the above circuits

    The film has done record breaking business in its Telugu format grossing around 65 crore nett apprx across India. The all India collections of the film in all languages are around 98-100 crore nett which is on par with collections of Happy New Year including its Tamil and Telugu format. It is behind Dhoom 3 which was over 100 crore nett including Tamil and Telugu formats.

    But Hindi films can be compared against Hindi films in nett collections as release patterns are same, comparing with other languages it has to be gross as taxes differ for different languages and regional films have tax benefits in their local states. So in real terms which is gross collections, Baahubali has the fourth biggest opening weekend ever in India after Dhoom 3, Happy New Year and PK which is no mean feat for a regional film though the huge expenditure and release (on all formats) is on par if not more than any big budget Hindi film.

    @sht read carefully, I know hny Hindi figure were 1.5 cr more than but with all language d3 is only film who scores 100cr+. Read that with gross collection in account Bahubali gross is also less than Aamir’pk but ahead than CE.
    Moral- Aamir non holiday weekend release d3 & pk are still highest grosser in all India. And d3 is biggest grosser with non holiday over hny complete holiday weekend. Lul ho gayi tumhari life.

  • thanks bro! for liking my teaser without watching it. As you know that i always do same maa maa expression on all of my movies so there is no need to watch the teaser as i have already 3.7 billion fan to watch it. You only support me so that your fan’s also come and watch my movie and i can get the hgoty after 9yr which has been dominated by you and aamir. It is only due to my mistake in 2008 (you know what mistake i am taking about, as the whole world known, so i want mention it) i loose support from your fan. But now everything is alright between us so i am sure your fan will surely support me, and i also want media to ask the same question to legend aamir so that he will also say nice about my tease and i will get support from his fan. My fan say i have 3.7 billion but why my movie is not able to collect this much amount and only able to collect 227 crore that also by manipulation. So i beg you if again media ask the same question you can say that never seen before such a teaser only one word mind blowling

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