Even Aag 2 will be a HIT with Salman Khan – Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his wicked sense-of-humour, especially when it come to his own film – Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag which was his own version of Sholay (remake or tribute, whatever you call it).

Reacting to Salman Khan’s superstardom after the record-breaking opening of Ek Tha Tiger, RGV on Twitter said “Salman Khan has become such a big star that even ‘Aag 2’ might become a hit with him.”

Quite funny, but considering the craze around Khan in recent times, anything he touches is likely to turn into box office gold!



  • When it happens at that time we will talk. in my opinion it is not. before 4 films earlier this Salman khan’s major films where flops. like Veer, Yuvraaj, London Dreams, Main aur Mrs Khanna, marigold, God tussi great ho and many more. these films are better then that Ram gopal verma’s Aag.

  • Ram gopal varma has become mad.
    Lets Look at Expendables 2 delayed because of Ek Tha Tiger. Which was going to release 17th august in india has postponed due to Ek Tha Tiger. Thats absolutely proof of Salman Khan’s
    But look like Ram gopal verma not learn from Expendables2’s makers .

  • salman is at the peak of glory and shahruk at the bottom nothing else could be said and i don’t want salman’s name to be connected with tapori chap movie like aag.

  • I juz luv 2 see the gr8 combo of these two personalities working in a film whatever may be the result.Salman is my lifetime fav hero & Rgv is my only fav director.Eagerly waiting for a film by these both dont care damn attitudes.
    Thank’s varma sir for the compliment to our Tiger.

  • My bogus #Emperor Khan dont use my ID and dont notorious Salman’s fans by giving such a senseless comments.

  • Woow expansables 2 hot delayed in India because of Ett. It was suppose to release on the 17 th but now moved ahead because of Ett. That’s Salman power for u in India over Sylvester, Jason, jet lee, Arnold, Bruce Willis, church Norris, van dam and many more.

  • @nice post: lolz….! I think u r talking abt the wrong film.. I was mentioning abt “The Expendebles” & u were referring “The Expansables” Wch language film is that? is it a film or a name of science experiment at high school..!”! hahaha..:p

  • @prince.. Dude using I phone right now and might have pressed wrong alphabets and the iPhone corrects it automatically. I meant expendables 2. -:) and I also meant chuck Norris not church Norris lol

  • What Are U Thinking Indicine team about the statement…???
    RGV Is trying to said..
    Agar Salmaan ne Theater me haag bhi diya to dekhane sab jaayenge…
    Btw I liked Movie and fan Of salman.

  • Rajesh khanna in the making!!He will remain for five years in the top and then people will get bored of his action again and again(as noone of his fims that donot have actions can actualy work).

  • @nice post: Dude i too use iphone.. And lolzzzz.. Dont make excuses then,read what u r going to post before posting.. And wt is the coll of ETT in US,UK by the way? Is it more than “The exp-2”? And one more thing, its not a capital I..:p

  • wat u people think Ek Tha Tiger will do 32 cr business day everyday ? wat non sense ? Dis is d first time any movie has managed 2 get such business ???? 13 – 15 cr on working days is excellent figure !! wat u expect 20 cr on working day …..???? does it make d sense ? and on dis basis u decide future run ??? hahahahaahah

  • ek tha tiger lifetime 175 cr.wont be more than that.its a huge collection.every movie cant be 3 idiots.

    budget-75 cr earning-175cr profit-100cr


    budget-60cr earning-140cr profit-80cr


    budget-135cr earning-115cr loss-20cr

    don 2

    budget-70cr earning-106 cr profit-36cr


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