Enter Bigg Boss House with Salman Khan (Video)

Here’s your chance to be a part of Bigg Boss 6 and join superstar Salman Khan on the popular reality show.

In 2010, Salman was first roped in as the host, in 2011 he co-hosted the show with Sanjay Dutt. This year, Salman returns solo for the 6th season of Bigg Boss.

Unlike the first 5 seasons, which were filled with scandals, abuses and a lot of back-biting, the 2012 edition promises to be cleaner. Apparently, it was Salman Khan who suggested a ‘family-friendly’ Bigg Boss.

The first episode will be aired on October 2nd 2012 and the show concludes with the grand finale on 7th January 2013.

Keen on being a part of Bigg Boss 6? Watch the promo below, to win a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house!




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