End of Shiney Ahuja?

Shiney Ahuja who made his debut in the brilliant Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003) and followed it up with the c-grade softcore flick ‘Sins’ in 2005, is in deep deep trouble.

The latest is that, medical reports have confirmed the sexual assault by the actor on his 18 year old maid servant “We have received the medical report of the victim and it has corroborated (with) what the victim has alleged against the actor in the FIR. The actor’s house has been sealed after people from the forensic department visited his residence to obtain more evidence.” said Miket Kaushik, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Yesterday, Ahuja had confessed to having consensual sex but completely denied the rape. There are also doubts over the girl’s actual age, as even consensual sex with an underaged girl is an offense.

With TV channels predicting a lifetime imprisonment for the Gangster actor, is this realy the end of Shiney Ahuja?



  • yes indeed it is..the public support is towards the maid who isnt lying and as honest citizen of india he will admit to his mistake and accept the punishment ..the new generation and the present scenario makes the new found wisdom among the people makes tthem admit their mistakes ..

  • Wats d hell is wrong with himm if he really wants to b doin it y dnt he get a wife to b doin dat with haba….is he okk…am so so ashmaed of him sleepin with his maid servant den talkmore of raping her……..crappppp

  • As the director Anurag Basu ( I don’t know if this is his correct name) said during an interview yesterday, about Shiney that he can’t believe that he did it only if he heard him admitting and saying it, me too.. can’t believe that he did it as the housemaid got a boyfriend who’s broke and bad, so it could be a plan between the 2 of them. Shiney’s family were away, so they trapped him, she probably seduced him to sleep with her, then tried to risist.. to show it as a rape case. No one knows but for me, it’s hard to believe that Shiney is a rapist.

    I loved 2 of his movies.. Gangster & Zindagi Rocks.

  • sure…..shineys career is over. shiney will not be shining any longer !!!!!!!!!!!

    at least the maid is now famous ! i wonder what she looks like, is she good looking, does anyone know ?? need to establish the reason why shiney had sex with her.


    how is nepal ? and ‘tora real naam ki ho ?’ !!?? – ”mori saina !!”

  • no no ..it’s incredulous ..he can’t atleast rape a woman ..never..frankly , i dun even think it cud hav bin consensual..the police too , i am pretty assertive want to have their fame by trying to defame an eminent actor..its horrendous..how can they say that shiney has admitted to having consensual sex with the maid , when his wife is saying it’s a rumour ..the police n some cheap n unreliable news channels, in all possible ways are trying to make shiney appear as the GUILTY..
    i have faith in him..
    may god bless him n give him the courage to persevere …

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