Emotional moment as SRK gets blessings from elderly couple

Shahrukh KhanA comedy show usually leaves one with laughter, but superstar Shah Rukh Khan went through an emotional moment on “Comedy Nights with Kapil” when he received blessings from an elderly couple on the set.

While everybody in the audience was mesmerised by the 47-year-old’s charm, one couple in the crowd got up and blessed him.

Shah Rukh became emotional especially since they day of the shoot, July 1, coincided with actor’s late mother’s birth anniversary. Shah Rukh’s parents had passed away when he was quite young.

The couple told King Khan that he should never feel alone, and that their blessings will always be with him.

The actor stood up immediately and shared that it was actually his mother’s birth anniversary that day. He then went over to the couple in the audience to seek their blessings.

“Comedy Nights with Kapil” airs on Colors.



  • plz update on hrithiks brain surgery
    Hrithik Roshan to undergo brain surgery in Hinduja hospital, Mumbai

    BREAKING: Hrithik Roshan to undergo brain surgery in Hinduja hospital, Mumbai
    Nishant A Bhuse


    Bollywood’s muscle-packed hearthrob Hrithik Roshan is currently admitted in the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai, and is slated to undergo a brain surgery, the actor’s secretary has confirmed exclusively to Dailybhaskar.com.
    On Sunday morning, around 10am, Hrithik was being taken to the hospital. And right now, as you are reading this, Hrithik is inside the hospital premises, getting ready for his surgery. “It is confirmed the surgery is happening in Hinduja Hospital through scopy method right now,” confirms the actor’s secretary, while taking him to Hinduja.
    Hrithik’s brain surgery was decided a week ago. Since then he had been spending entire time with his children and family. Last night he is learnt to have very politely told his both children about the surgery and asked them to pray for his recovery.He also updated all his major SFX job of his next sequel Krrish. Hrithik is accompanied by his parents and wife Suzzane to the hospital. His sister Suhana also beside him.

    Hrithik, reportedly, has been maintaining a low profile past few days. He did not even go to IIFA – an awards ceremony he usually attends every year and even performs a breathtaking dance performance. But Hrithik chose to rest. The actor has also not been making any public appearance for a while. Sources say his deteriorating health is one of the main reasons for this.

    Hrithik has posted following message on his facebook page today before leaving for his surgery –

    “We all know that we create a life of joy using the power of our mind. I’ve had the privilege of creating wonders with this amazing gift given to us called the brain. Occasionally one must look within and realize its value. It gives us the power to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, it allows us to conquer fear and create courage to do things we never imagined. Maybe it’s time for me to feel the power literally. I am going to go through brain surgery today and want you to know that I am going in with absolute power to recover fast. My thanks to all of you for using the power of your mind to contribute to my life. Love you all.”

  • proves that if u truely loves ur parents they would never leave you alone even after their death and will come to bless u in different ways ..

    God bless shah Rukh

  • It was emotional, but SrK, He is, truly a Rockstar. AMAZING. Awesome show with awesome laughters. :)

  • That’s the true achievement of King Khan! He’s completely self made and rose above toughest circumstances. He’s truly an inspiration. I’m sure his parents must be proud of him, wherever they are…

    Now their son became the world’s beloved! :)

  • Every parents think srk as their won son. The whole world love you srk, hats of you, a self made superstar and the badsha of bollywood.

  • I remember tweeting him dt day and say if u want to see ur mother just pray with pure heart and believe that ur wish will come true , i think he did that :) be4 i say.

    god has its ways always :)

    I wish him all the world happiness , he deserve it & may god give him what he wish always.

  • Nothing strange in it bcoz the audience in such shows r paid audiences and they do such things for money.

  • Nowadays every reality shows and comedy shows r fixed and judges gets money for laughing and praising while audience gets money for clapping and doing such acting.

  • Srk is a selfmade superstar in bollywood and one of iconic people in bollywood i ever seen my life god bless you srk

  • Yea srk paid them as being human paid u to go and watch their movies, comment more than srk fans in srk pages and to look like an idiot all the time LOL

    get a life stupid :D

  • look at our(salman’s fan) sick mentality……..the fact that someone is not having a mother is very amusing for us.

  • Lol…. Again over-acting. Can this creature ever behave or act normally and be genuine and not be so plastic & irritating? That’s why millions and millions of people hate him and i will not be suprised if this particular episode got the lowest trp rating for this kapil’s show.

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