Emotional moment as Anushka Sharma wraps up Bombay Velvet

Monday was an emotional day for Anushka Sharma, as she wrapped the shooting schedule of her upcoming Christmas release Bombay Velvet. The entire team of the film got together and organised a bunch of flowers, a bottle of Champagne and a cake with the message “Thank you Rosie, All the best to our singing star”

Over the last one and a half years, Anushka has been shooting for Bombay Velvet, directed by Anurag Kashyap, also starring Ranbir Kapoor.

Soon after cutting the cake and bidding adieu to the Bombay Velvet team, Anushka left for Jodhpur to join the next shooting schedule of NH10.

Anushka Sharma on the sets of Bombay Velvet

Anushka Sharma on the sets of Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet cake with the message

Bombay Velvet cake with the message



  • This film has been made with lot of hardwork and passion..its shooting has taken a lot of time.
    I hope the film is of highest quality..
    Ranbir,anushka and anurag are a good team..
    Bombay velvet shold rock bigtime.

  • Eagerly waiting for bombey velvet. .anurag kashyap,vikramaditya motwane and vikash vahl are 3 buddies and 3 classy directors.all the best to entire team of bombey velvet. .another good thing for me is that amit tridevi will give music. .and for the first time,he has got a chance for big project. .but will it clash with pk? ? Let’s see. .but hirani and amir shouldn’t have postponed pk. .it shows their selfishness. .anyway,i want clash. .i am sure that BV will do good too.

  • Wrap up of Bombay velvet and end of WC T20 are these just mere coincidence…
    Virat returns,Anushka completes BV..

  • @dynamic, lol legend srk ?? what kind of legend ?? legend of overacting ? legend of buying awards ? legend of manipulating media ? legend of betraying his friends ?

    Bombay Velvet is surely an intense film. they have done a lot of hard work. It must do better than PK, pk is only in news because of hirani-aamir comeback. well we will wait for both films’ trailers to decide. both films are targeted commercially and will have wider release.

  • No offence.. But it wil b very foolish of the makers of BV to clash with pK..
    Also mr kashyap hasnt a good bo track record.. Though his films are good.. Foh ex gow 1 n 2

  • i hope anurag will not change his mind about clash Peekay because iam sure Bombay velvet will be a huge super hit

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