‘Ek Tha Tiger will be a landmark film for Salman Khan’ – Father

Salim Khan, the writer of films like Sholay and Deewar, feels Ek Tha Tiger will be a landmark film in Salman Khan’s career.

Recently, when director Kabir Khan showed the film to Salim, he was quite happy with the way the film had shaped up.

Salman Katrina Romance in Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Katrina Romance in Ek Tha Tiger

Kabir Khan tweeted “Showed Ek Tha Tiger to a living legend of screen-writing in Hindi cinema. At the end of the film he hugged me and said – ‘Ab sojao beta’. With a beaming smile he said – ‘it’s a landmark film for Salman’. It was the man whose films we saw and studied in film school. It was Salim Khan”

Ek Tha Tiger, produced by Yashraj Films, is scheduled to hit screens on Independence day.



  • Ek tha tiger must break three idiots record.and indicine delete hate comments on salman and his films..

  • Indicine is this possible that ek tha tiger can earn over 200 crores if content will only accptedby one section of people.?Please give your views!


    Box Office Predictions..
    Opening Day(All Over India Holiday Independence Day) 15th August: 30 cr
    Second Day Working Day Thrursday: 17cr+
    Third Day again Working Day Friday: 18 cr+
    Now Comes Saturday can be: 22 cr+
    thn it Comes Sunday Holiday: 28cr+
    GUYZzzzzzzz majorly films loses der collection from monday
    But for Ek Tha Tiger Monday again(All Over India Holiday EID) 20th August: 30 cr
    So Friends if we make a total of just 6 days..which comes out: 145cr
    If we get mixed response thn for 6 days turn to hmmm 130 cr
    thn 200 cr mark too easy for EK THA TIGER

    Dear Indicine if u want to correct u must do it…
    bcoz i also want to knw ur predicitons..

    I do respect to ur review…

  • bo collections of ett.
    1st day- 12 to 13crs
    2nd day- 10crs..
    Next three days 8-9crs.
    Mon on eid… 15crs…
    After that no good collections

  • love u salman khan plz pray pray and pray bcz NAZER NA LAG JAYE AP KO ,inshallah this movie gona big hit all the way songs are tooooooo gud its true magic song saiyara , and lapata love mashallah and awesome banjara so a complete pckage of salman , NAAM HI KAFI HAI MASHALLAH SE , LOVE U

  • @mailk grow up, this is a salman khan’s movie.. U r not talking about sum bloody Saif Ali khan or sum1 else..29-30crore opening is must. 130 crore wknd..

  • There is nothing spectacular about this film that we’ve not seen in Agent Vinod ! Kabir Khan’s movie have a documentary feel like New York, & Kabul Express so I do not expect him to go too much out of his comfort zone Katrina is her usual wooden self and Salman is trying too hard to reinvent himself. This film will be 200cr; it will barely touch 100cr

  • it will be 200 if word of mouth is positive and 170 if mixed.And those who have doubt about it are not aware of reality.single screen will accept it but only multiplex audience will decide the fate.
    Hope for the best.

  • Truly ! It would be a LANDMARK film in SALMAN’s career as well as 4 Bollywood. ETT will be earth-shattering ! GOD bless u all who is associated with ETT . It will rock. In it’s first 7 days it will do 150 cr+. InshaAllah

  • i think it will mostly collect 185-190 corores
    opening day-25-27 corore
    saturday-14-16 corore
    sunday-18-20 corore
    monday-20-22 corore
    total after 1 week-130-135 corore.
    but after 1 week it will take a huge dropout as u can see the 2nd week collection of ra-1,
    bodyguard,agneepath or don-2 as they collected around 80-90 in 1st week but then collected only 30-40 corore for lifetime.
    so in the case of 1 tha tiger, after 1st week it will collect around 60-65 corore for lifetime……………….

  • i disagree shkhar. if it’s liked by public it will continue it’s dream run. Remember 3 idiots.ETT WILL CROSS 202 CR NETT IN BETWEEN 2 WEEKS I GUESS

  • Hey guys
    My pick for top 5 Superstar are as follow
    1.Aamir,Salman,SRK (Alphabeti.)
    4.Hrithik 5.Akshay
    Great respect for Ajay but sorry he is not a superstar

    Khans are the ultimate No 1 from last 20 years.I dont think anyone is better than anyone.
    Records are pretty simillar BO wise & largest fan following also.Though sometimes Hrthik Overshadow them but he is not as consistence as them yet but akshay a very little bit because
    he is highly inconsistent.
    It doesnt need be your fav. superstar to be @ no 1 all the time.Srk has his times(still can comes) ,Amir post Gajni and now Salman having his moment.
    I am placing hirthik @ 4 BO records and Popularity wise &he can still grow because he has age but he need to do more films.But I cant believe it that Aksahy fan will say that He is no 1 hows that?????????????
    He is a superstar I like him but he has a very poor script choice.I put Hrithik above him because HR has 5 BB and Akshay has only 2 in his 20 years career 2 including welcome & RR.He has to prove himself for a longer time And for fan following go and serch net,look in twitter and ask your neighbours HR will be ahead of him.

    One should agree or not Khans era is gonna end after 5 years or so.Every beautiful things comes to end No matter how good they are.ANd we all know that Ranbir is the next superstar as he is very talented not all overhyped .One can delays Ranbirs stardom thats HR because he will be still there fact that he looks still young and all knows about his stardom & Acting talents but sooner or later RK will be Superstar but only after Hrithik.
    This is going a golden era in bollywood

    Though I dont like kachara movies like Ready,BG,RR,Ra.one.Singham,BB
    I will say that Ajay should get equal screens on release for SOS.

    But we should stop watching all South kind of masala movies no matter who acts in that movies.
    seriously who likes that not think as a crazy fan.Great that Its adding the commercial value but If that wont stop than bollywood is gonna end sooner or later as Hollywood movies started to dominating Indian BO.

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    Watch Srk’s next boycott — Chennai Express

  • Ek tha tiger opening day will around 25 to 27 cr.Overall the weekend will be in the range of 120 to 130 cr .Film will do betwin 160 to 165 Cr if the word of mouth is mixed.If good than it will do around 180 to 190 Cr .But the movie has to be very special with superb word of mouth than the movie can surely cross 200 Cr mark with overtaking the collection of 3I.

  • Nt posssible to cross 200 crore..
    A film has to be extra special to cross 200 crore..
    I m 100% sure that it won’t cross 200 crore..

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