Ek Tha Tiger Review

It’s undoubtedly the biggest release of the year. The craze prior to release, the mad-rush for tickets, with theatres overcrowded with people – is something that we have never witnessed for any film before. The very fact that Salman Khan, the biggest box-office draw in India today, is teaming up with Katrina Kaif (who has a massive following of her own) and Yashraj Films, is the reason behind all the hype and excitement.

But what about the film’s content? Salman’s last two films, have set the box-office on fire, but quality-wise it’s been disappointing. Prior to release, director Kabir Khan promised a film that will go way beyond the initial weekend – ‘content will take the film a long way’ he said at a press conference.

Is Ek Tha Tiger worth a watch? Ek Tha Tiger Review below..

Story: Ek Tha Tiger is about a Indian RAW Agent codenamed Tiger (Salman Khan). He is on a mission to track down a professor, who is suspected of selling secret missile technology to Pakistan. Here, Tiger falls in love for the first time, with a beautiful young girl Zoya (Katrina Kaif). What happens next? Is it all about love for Tiger or will he fulfil the task on hand? Watch Ek Tha Tiger to find out.

Ek Tha Tiger Review

What works for Ek Tha Tiger

  • The film starts off very well, Salman’s introduction scene is something to watch out for. Director Kabir Khan has handled the love story beautifully, the moments that Zoya and Tiger share – their chemistry, innocence and banter – is a treat to watch.
  • The action sequences are brilliantly shot. The first one on the train, while a bit over-the-top, works purely because of Salman Khan. There are plenty of chase sequences which finally culminates in the climax, where Salman jumps straight from a bike onto a plane! It’s the same old stuff though, every bullet that Tiger fires hits the target. The villains, unfortunately, left their contact-lenses back at home.
  • The USP of the film is undoubtedly Salman Khan. Ek Tha Tiger is a celebration of Khan’s charisma and sheer larger-than-life presence. It’s also his best performance since Dabangg. He is in every frame – from start to finish – and does well in both action and romantic scenes.
  • Katrina Kaif is gorgeous. What do we say? It’s hard to take your eyes off her. Her expressions are slightly ‘blankish’ in the second half, but overall she does well. Her costumes are beautiful and she carries them off with grace and elegance. Don’t miss the ‘Mashallah’ song during the closing credits.
  • The music (Sohail Sen, Sajid-Wajid) is good – Saaiyaara, Laapata, Banjaara are all beautifully picturised. The cinematography is fantastic (Aseem Mishra).

What doesn’t work for Ek Tha Tiger (Negatives)

  • No logic behind the storyline or scenes: Your left with a lot of unanswered questions towards the end of the film – (possible spoilers, don’t read if you haven’t watched the film) why does the RAW suddenly decide to help Tiger towards the end? What is Zoya really after? Why is the ISI so casual and ever-so-forgiving towards her? The professor’s character is shut out completely after the first half. The script has a lot of loop-holes and the twists and turns don’t work.
  • Even though the runtime is short (134 minutes), the pace is sluggish in the second half. The plot is stretched way too long – there is nothing in the second half ¬†apart from chase sequences, with Zoya and Tiger always on the run.

Overall, Ek Tha Tiger is for Salman Khan fans. It has good music, lovely chemistry between the lead couple, mass-pleasing action sequences and they squeeze in a topless scene for Salman too.

As for the rest, it’s neither a intelligent film nor does it provide the necessary ‘thrill’. The story, eventually, turned out to be the biggest disappointment.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • Taran Adarsh said that it’s salman khan’s best movie! I am going to watch it in 15 mnts at cinema n wl come back with my review

  • Indicine,you r wrong always in giving reviews of any film,i follow ur site daily but u makes me upset every time at this particular movement. Guys phenomenal movie, yaar aisi movie hai ki man karta hai theatre se nikalne ke baad ek baar or dekhu. Movie is a pack of everythin. Only minus point i noticed is that mashallah song is at end of the film nd its short about 125 minutes. I never watch reviews before watching films. After that i always observe it. Indicine is totally given the wrong ratings. I will give this film undoubtely 4.5 stars out of 5. Yaar ja kar movie dekho phir dekhne ke baad kaho ge ki es or indicine ki review pe rehte toh itni awesome,phenomenal,outstanding movie haath se nikal jati.plz watch it guys.

  • @indicine I’m nt hpy wth ur rating , D rating should be 4.5/5. This movie is only for Sallu Bhai Fans nt for srk fans, U dnt watch our sallu bhai mvi’s . Star power dnt need gd story, den wat is meaning of star power?. Sallu bhai has gvn 4th consequent ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTERS wich v hv never sn b4 bollywood history. Definitely the ETT LL collect above 200cr net in india and it ll emerge as biggest mvi of Bollywood history.Sallu always rolled d boxoffice U remember srk fans………….

  • This movie is only for Sallu Bhai Fans nt for srk fans , U dnt watch our sallu bhai mvi’s . Star power dnt need gd story, den wat is meaning of star power?. Sallu bhai has gvn 4th consequent ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTERS wich v hv never sn b4 bollywood history. Definitely the ETT LL collect above 200cr net in india and it ll emerge as biggest mvi of Bollywood history.Sallu always rolled d boxoffice U remember srk fans………….

  • came back from cinema now, a good film, enjoyed watching it.. at least it’s better than those crap films which Salman did and became some super hit, block buster films and in fact, they didn’t deserve one penny or a dollar for me! I mean films like Ready and Bodyguard!!

    ETT is a good interesting film with a good story and with good action scenes and songs ( not like cartoon action in Wanted or Singham!) and it did hv a logic and story.. wonder why some said that there’s no story in the film!! what do u all want from any film?!!

    It’s a new subject, a new script with good performance by Salman/Katrina.. oh yeah.. I think I realized now why some ppl couldn’t digest this film..hmmm yeah.. because honestly it didn’t offer some shallow comedy scenes of Tushar and his group.. it didn’t have any dirty jokes which many ppl like and there was no Vidya Balan with her dirty dancing in the film or a hot item song like Malaika Arora does! nothing of all that in this film, and Salman wasn’t cool enough because he was very serious in this film!!

    Ok.. anyways.. this film worked for me, if it didn’t work for others! I would give it 3.5/5.. I just didn’t like the last scene when Salman jumped from a bike to get into the plane, wonder why directors do such unrealistic scenes!

  • say whatever u wna say. . But i know salman is the best. . And rest are pani kam chai. . Ha ha ha salman rocks. . Go and watch d movie to set d new record

  • This movie is good for everyone.. even kids were sitting next to me in the cinema were enjoying the comedy and the action scenes.. so it’s not only for Salman’s fans.. it’s for everyone.

    And the run time was perfect for the film, not short.. ( Indicine team I think u love 3 or 4 hours long boring films.. there4 u considered this film as short!!)

  • salman khan was my fav act but now i hate him because being a muslim he act in a film against pak.
    Pak is not a terrorist country. Muslims are not terrorist.

  • salman khan was my fav act but now i hate him because being a muslim he work in a film against a muslim country
    Pakistan is not a terror country
    Muslims & pakistani are not terrorist

  • Ek tha tiger wow what a awesome movie…for a dumb..and blind people…salman u most put good story in movie……

  • Hmmm. I wonder if I watched the same movie as this reviewer. Spoilers in my post for those who havent watched

    For those negatives that are mentioned:
    1 RAW helps Tiger because he tricks them into thinking that he has accomplished in turning Zoya and they think she wants to defect.
    2 ISI and RAW both have priority of reclaiming their agents. They are not being soft
    3 The professors character is gone because it is no longer necessary for the plot.

    The movie was well written though slightly predictable. I had guessed Zoyas identity 5 minutes after her introduction, and known the direction of the second half with the way the interval happened. but otherwise brilliant movie. Well worth the watch.

    As for performance Khan was as usual but I would comment on Katrina. She did well. Infact I would think one of her best

  • if someone says this movie is great then i think he needs a check up!!! its not all that rubbish but cinematography is good and some of the action sequences, otherwise salman’s star is working for him. its just because of him the movie has made money!!!

  • Another “not good” Sk film. And i agree as indicine said there is no story. Acting: Katrina did OK, SK as usual another useless performance, really why is he loved in India is still a mystery for me. Rest of the film too was not good. But for SK fans everything is excellent, be it nonsense or be it good(sorry, there is no “good” in SK films). And before his worshippers start lashing out comments on me, i want to say that this is just my opinion. It is not for SK fans but for the people who don’t know him.

  • I just knew that. Yash raj banner wanted to bask in the stardom of Salman. They didn’t have story so they targeted him. Easy shot! I tell you. I watched it with my friends at Wave Cinemas, Raja Garden just to see what’s there in the movie that it’s going super-duper hit. Yes, action is good, no doubt! But I should say Katrina’s action were more solid than Salman’s…if she’s done it herself.

  • Salman khan is not a super star i think salman chechori harkate aur acting karta hai super star nahi ho sakta 20 sal me thoda fame hona koi big baat nahi.I think Emran Hashmi is the king and Super Star of Bollywood Industry.Emran Hashmi starting se hi Famous tha ab bhi Popular hai Especially in Youngsters me Jaisa K Film Murder 2004 ki Hit Movie thi

  • Got to see Ek tha tiger only yesterday. I really loves the movie. Yes, there was no sense in the movie, but still I enjoyed it. I regret that I didn’t watch the movie in the theater, even though I had a chance to watch it. Since Indicine review was not satisfactory and because I don’t like Salman I was waiting for the DVD. But after a long time (think after dabanng) I enjoyed a Salman movie. But it’s not because of Salman, but because of the action, story and more than all of them because of GORGEOUS KATRINA…!!!

  • I think Emran Hashmi is one of the best actor in bollywood.His Acting His Kissing ,His Work really very Amazing.I think most of the people tired to see salman khan’s Acting.I think Emran Hashmi is new,Young and Most Talented Actor.I think Emran Hashmi is much better than Salman Khan

  • I was just searching for this itinrmaofon for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site. I wonder what’s the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative websites in top of the list. Generally the top websites are full of garbage.

  • @ indicine- watch it again you will find it was better movie. why should director answer all of questions ? this kind of movie make you more clever.

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